The People of Liberty Fairs, Part 1

January 21st, 2015

This week we’re live at Liberty Fairs – the premiere menswear tradeshow in NYC – hosting the “Articles of Style Gentleman’s Lounge”.

We’ve been shooting pool, pouring whiskeys, and documenting all of the stylish gentleman at the show – designers, buyers, editors, and menswear enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Here are some of our favorite looks from Day 1.

1. Yahdon Israel

mensstyleliberty (58 of 153)

One of our favorite looks from Day 1 comes courtesy of Yahdon Israel, blogger and contributor to Yahdon is bringing a unique, contemporary twist to a number of classic menswear pieces (felt hat, tweed topcoat, crewneck sweater, slim raw denim).

mensstyleliberty (59 of 153)Jelani (1 of 1)-2 copy640mensstyleliberty (60 of 153)

2. OG Frans

mensstyleliberty (150 of 153)

You may recognize this suave gentleman from our profile last year. Frans Nieuwendam has worn a lot of hats, from upscale nightclub doorman and custom clothier to art collector and all-around East Village OG.

mensstyleliberty (152 of 153)

If you look close enough you’ll notice the subtle paisley pattern on these trousers, along with the thin tuxedo stripe.

mensstyleliberty (153 of 153)

3. Stephon Torrence

mensstyleliberty (137 of 153)

Stephon Torrence works in Public Relations for JockHall, specializing in creative brand experiences. His outfit here is it’s own type of creative experience, and we love everything about it; the colors, the textures, and the non-traditional shapes.

mensstyleliberty (138 of 153)mensstyleliberty (139 of 153)mensstyleliberty (140 of 153)

4. Seiji Akutsu

mensstyleliberty (45 of 153)

Seiji, who works with a cool up-and-coming Japanese brand called The Nerdys, is going All-American prep here in a corduroy 2-piece and some worn-in denim.

mensstyleliberty (46 of 153)mensstyleliberty (47 of 153)

5. Ignacio Quilles

mensstyleliberty (122 of 153)

I absolutely love catching up with this guy. Chef, accessory designer, vintage collector, rule breaker, East Village icon. Ignacio is one of the coolest and most down to earth cats in the game. He showed up in a vintage bowler hat, vintage donegal tweed suit, harris tweed vest, and some of his signature old-school accessories.

mensstyleliberty (123 of 153)mensstyleliberty (124 of 153)mensstyleliberty (126 of 153)

6. T. Henry

mensstyleliberty (40 of 153)

Norwegian-based menswear designer T-Michael is one to watch. His own collection puts clever twists on clean minimal tailoring, and his work with hardcore outerwear brand Norwegian Rain is engineered to keep you dry in even the most extreme weather conditions.

mensstyleliberty (41 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (42 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (44 of 153)

7. Jason Andrew

mensstyleliberty (73 of 153)

Jason Andrew is a fellow Esquire’s Best Dressed Man nominee, and he proves why here in this awesome classic Americana mix. I love the high/low contrast of a white spread collar shirt and double-breasted blazer with a tartan plaid barncoat and worn-in jeans. Well played sir.

mensstyleliberty (74 of 153)mensstyleliberty (75 of 153)mensstyleliberty (76 of 153)

8. Matt Rho

mensstyleliberty (35 of 153)

Matt Rho of Richmond VA-based Shockoe Atelier has been flowing around the show in this awesome shawl/cardigan/poncho + denim on denim combo. Smooth.

mensstyleliberty (36 of 153)mensstyleliberty (37 of 153)

9. Brian Erickson

mensstyleliberty (141 of 153)

Woolrich recently released a more contemporary version of their classic heritage brand called Woolrich White. Their booth stood out to us, mainly because of Brian’s perfectly on-brand look.

mensstyleliberty (142 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (143 of 153)

mensstyleliberty (144 of 153)

10. Sebastian Ramirez

mensstyleliberty (26 of 153)

Sebastain Ramirez, as recently featured here, recently left the crew at Alexander Nash to focus on his eyewear brand DiRocco full-time. With a badass tailored-biker look like this one, nobody can stop him.

mensstyleliberty (27 of 153)mensstyleliberty (28 of 153)mensstyleliberty (29 of 153)

Thanks, as always, for reading. If you’re at Liberty Fairs today (at Pier 94, NYC) stop by the Articles of Style Lounge and say hello!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Wjr.

    Each gentlemen profiled here represented their style with perfection, I liked the attention of details to make each outfit blend well….have fun!

  • itsJLev

    Brand of the leather jacket Sebastian has? Very clean

  • Bono

    “…mainly because of how perfectly on-brand…”

    Lol. This blog has reached peak douchebaggery. Mazel Tov everybody. You’ve finally killed any interest I have in taking this shit or your opinions seriously.

    • Jeanscuffed

      Well sir……you don’t HAVE to be here :)

      • Bono

        Boo, Jeanscuffed. Boo.

    • tommyjohn_45

      ughh… you’re an idiot. He’s not talking about brand in terms of who designed the clothing, he’s talking about how his look perfectly represents the heritage/outdoorsy look Woolrich White is trying to represent. ie: it would be ‘on-brand’ if Sebastian was representing Woolrich White in his leather biker jacket.

  • tommyjohn_45

    Man, Ignacio always kills it. Hope to run into this dude roaming around East Village. While most looks aren’t something I would ever try and pull off, you definitely get a sense of individualism and uniqueness in each, while still incorporating classic elements. Good stuff.

    Also, at first glance, I was pretty confident Stephon was actually Mick Jenkins…

  • Jeanscuffed

    Jason Andrews’ look goes so hard it’ll have me curse up in this motherfucker. Well done sir!

    Yahdon and Rho’s looks are a hard tie for 2nd place for me.

    • Rob

      WTF? LMAO….next

      • Jeanscuffed

        Next as in who’s fit would I choose next? Sure, I would probably pick either Sebastian’s or Stephon’s as a close 3rd. Anymore you would like for me to speak on Rob?

  • Dave Coakley

    Frans looks amazing again. I also love Matt Rho’s poncho, i’ve been thinking of getting a garment like this myself for the UK winter-going into spring season, where it is not wet, but still a bit windy/blustery.

  • Vincent Nappi

    Nice selection of some interesting personal styles. Great to see a cross section of different people doing their thing.

  • Papi Moscow

    #2, 5 & 7 are well thought out outfits. Nice fits.

  • djsavenger

    Does anyone else feel that these are costumes for characters in the Capitol from THE HUNGER GAMES?

    • Alex Crawford

      Don’t sleep on Cinna though, he kills it in those movies.

    • Westley Dimagiba

      you’re reaching.

    • Jeanscuffed

      The movie costumes in the movie go hard as shit, especially Peeta and President Snow’s all white outfit in the promotional shots for the movie

  • Nick

    Some of these outfits are truly awful. Some impressively cheap and tacky looking shoes as well…

    • Papi Moscow

      seriously…..i damn near fell out my chair laughing @ this comment.

    • tommyjohn_45

      what’s wrong with cheap?

  • Miguel

    Some common faces here, some cool outfits and ideas, love the mixture, everyone is representing their style and twists, well done men.

  • cam

    tartan barncoat..done

    • Oliver

      Seriously, where do I get my hands on that? Any help, Dan?

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