The New Comfort Clothing

November 9th, 2015

This one goes out to all the guys whose weekend wardrobes consist of hoodies and sweatpants because they “just want to be comfortable”. It’s nothing new, man is a creature of comfort and convenience.

As the tailored aesthetic continues to become more and more popular, however, contemporary menswear brands are mashing-up everything we love about comfort clothing (soft, warm, stretchy fabrics) with everything we love about traditional menswear (the slimming effect, layering potential, convenient pockets placements, etc).

To get you thinking about dressing cozy (not sloppy) this season, here are three looks that look sharp and sophisticated but feel like wearing pajamas.

    Cashmere Oversuit


    It’s not too often you find an “overcoat-suit” made of cashmere. Once you do, good luck taking it off.


    • Cashmere overcoat by Our Legacy
    • Cream mock-neck sweater by Gucci
    • Cashmere trousers by Our Legacy
    • Watch by Rolex – vintage oyster datejust
    • Grey tortoise shades by Matsuda
    • Suede ankle boots by Jack Erwin

    Cozy Separates


    Fleece knit jacket with patch pockets, cashmere funnel-neck sweater, crushed velvet split-hem pants, marled wool socks…

    This is like wearing tailored blankets.


    • Knit jacket by Hardy Amies
    • Cashmere funnel neck sweater by ATM
    • Sunglasses by John Varvatos
    • Velvet split-hem pants Sample
    • Blue marled socks by Uniqlo
    • Brown suede captoe sneakers by Lanvin

    Weekend Robe Coat


    Rolling out of the house in a t-shirt and sweatpants is a whole different look when you finish it with a tailored topcoat, a chunky scarf, and a smart boot.


    • Loop terry t-shirt by Beautiful Ful
    • Navy robe coat by Beautiful Ful
    • Burgundy knit chunky scarf by Yokoo
    • Slim wool blend sweatpants by Theory
    • Suede chukka boots by Sebago

    Thanks, as always, for reading. 

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Caboom

      That blue overcoat (navy robe coat) is beautiful! Last look…that hidden front makes it so clean and a fresh take on a classic silhouette

    • Tom

      Are your suits fully canvassed?

      Half canvassed. Having a canvas in the bottom half of the jacket panels only adds unnecessary weight and stiffness.

      ???? Not true.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Hey Tom. Is this a question? To clarify on the FAQ, I chose half-canvas for AOS garments because they are soft-shouldered, unlined and designed to be to be flexible and versatile. In my opinion a full-canvas would add unnecessary weight and stiffness to the design (and not make for a great sportcoat) even though some traditionalists consider a “full canvas” as an automatic indication of quality… A consistent design aesthetic is more important than bells and whistles, imo. Have you a had a good experience with full canvas jacket that you’d like to share here?

        • somethingnottaken

          I suspect that the terms full and half canvassed mean different things to different people.

          By half canvassed do you mean the jackets have a sewn structured upper half and unstructured lower half, or do you mean a sewn structured upper half and fused structure lower half? I think you mean the former, but the term is often used to describe the latter.

          Often the term “full canvas” is used to mean whatever structure is present is sewn instead of fused – so a partially structured garment might be described as “full canvas”. When used this way, I believe it is the absence of fusing which is seen as an indication of quality.

    • Angus Reynolds

      Does anyone actually wear sweatpants? I’ve found the whole idea of trying to dress them up increasingly funny over the years because I’ve never known anyone to own a pair, let alone wear them in public.
      Here in Australia you see a lot of black nylon tracksuit pants, usually Adidas- maybe that’s worse.

      • TO

        Glad to hear from someone else who feels this way. I’m glad on one hand that designers are crafting fitted sweatpants so that they exist (I wear em around the house, occasionally on commute to the gym, maybe walking the dog) but I think it undermines the whole paradigm of dressing well in society in general. They should exist, but the current fascination with them among designers, etc. is dumbfounding and the bane of the term ‘fashion trend’.

        • Dan Trepanier


      • Dan Trepanier

        I’m in NYC right now (LES/Chinatown) looking out the window. The answer is absolutely.

    • Alexander R.

      I like all of the looks here, though, I will add in that I’ve always been a fan of Will’s style particularly.
      Great job guys, and thanks for the double post! Definitely makes up for the 4 day (or so) wait.
      Keep up the great work!

    • TO

      Over suit= matching overcoat + trousers? Cool. Love that it’s cashmere and the zipper cuff … Have heard Michael Kors say his grandma always said you can roll out of bed wearing anything as long as you throw a great coat over top ppl won’t notice.

    • Guccio1971

      Oooh, the popular misconception that “dressing up” is uncomfortable. I hear it all the time. What people don’t know is that getting your clothes properly tailored will give you that “comfortable” feeling that they’re missing. Glad to see the different spin that some designers are doing on the “comfort clothes”. Great weekend or air travel wear. I like all 3 looks but that first one is killer.

      • NickH

        I meet so people throughout the weak to say “How do you wear that? I refuse to wear or suit & tie.”

        I’ve tried to explain that perfectly tailored garments are just as comfy as sweats but I cant seem to get the point across!

        • Guccio1971

          Amen, my man, amen! I hear the same thing. Perhaps one day they will experience what they’ve been missing all along.