Holiday Party Styles

December 12th, 2014

It’s holiday party season, time to break-out some festive seasonal pieces and enjoy the company of family, friends, and co-workers.

Before you go spiking the egg nog at the company party, remember the old saying “the better you dress, the worse you can behave”.

Here are some outfit ideas for the upcoming party circuit.


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    There’s no better time than a holiday party to break-out that velvet dinner jacket that you’ve been waiting for an occasion to wear. Velvet is the champagne of menswear fabrics; it’s made for celebratory occasions.

    If you’re going with a velvet dinner jacket, go all out. I’m talking bowtie, dinner shirt, tux trousers, cummerbund, and an elegant overcoat like this faux-fur trimmed beauty.

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    • “Brody” Shawl Collar Coat by Reiss
    • “Jenson” Bordeaux Velvet Jacket by Reiss
    • White hidden placket formal shirt by Boss Black
    • Grey flannel bowtie by Zegna
    • Grey birdseye cummerbund Vintage
    • “Claridge” Tuxedo Trousers by Reiss
    • Black leather loafers by Bally


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    If the party attire is “semi formal” or “business dress” here’s a simple winning formula: charcoal suit, white shirt, black knit tie, stone grey mac.

    It’s similar to what you might wear to the office, but leaning more toward formal evening wear.

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    If it’s a casual get together, pull out that camel topcoat that we’ve been recommending.

    Throw is over a textured jacket, a simple jumper, and a casual-cool band collar shirt. Finish the look with a patterned scarf and some sharp dress boots and you are sure to be the best-dressed guy at the party.

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    Thanks, as always, for reading and Happy Holidays!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Male Extravaganza

      Great outfits!! My favourite is definitely the “Brody” Shawl Collar Coat by Reiss!

    • CeJae v

      While all three looks are very nice. There is no festiveness. I think that this looks are a little mundane for a Christmas party. This season calls for more fun and color.

    • MOZART5000

      I feel like the fur is clashing with the velvet on look 1. Look number 3’s the best for me. Great post.

    • Jeanscuffed

      I remember a post last year you did with a Wear Fur like a Boss. Well, the shawl collar coat is absolute BOSS! Really great post gentelmen! I recently went to my office party and this is what I wore. Feel free to bite or grab influence guys.

      • Bryce Lennon

        Dope bro!

      • Alex Crawford

        Great look, man!

      • R


      • Yannick Van Esbroeck

        nice look!

    • Vincent Nappi

      Really enjoy that scarf in the last look. Slick all around.

    • cam

      wow that reiss shawl collar coat!! i think you gotta have an option in there with a turtleneck though…such a sleek look for the holidays.

    • Miguel

      Great looks, I would rock all three, going to a Christmas party this Sunday, great ideas here.