Black & Camel

December 8th, 2014

As we’ve discussed, a camel topcoat is a wardrobe staple.

You can wear it to the office, of course. But when the sun goes down I suggest pairing it with black, whether you’re having a fancy formal evening, or just hitting the streets for a night out.

Here are two looks to get you thinking.


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    With Holiday parties and New Year’s celebrations around the corner, this is a good lane to be in.

    Tailored, timeless, regal. There’s no better way to close one year and kick-off another.

    640 (7 of 8)640 (6 of 8)640 (5 of 8)

    Late Night Casual

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    Whether you’re headed out for the evening, or stumbling home the next morning, a camel coat over a black t-shirt and waxed jeans is a simple look that is both edgy and sexy.

    640 (3 of 8)

    Shout out to our friend Alejandro doing great things with his line Beautiful Ful.

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    • Grey cashmere beanie by JCrew
    • Black scoop neck t-shirt by Alexander Wang
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Waxed denim jeans by Beautiful Ful
    • “Jodhpur” leather ankle boots by

    Thanks for reading. As always, you can use the Style Guide to uncover plenty more looks!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Frank Wilder

      To be grateful, is nothing more than to be full of what is great. What are you full of – Frank Wilder

    • Christopher_Arruda_LSC

      Look #3 is great with the waxed jeans and Chelsea boots.

    • Brett

      Nothing wrong with the second look at all.Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, also there’s a reason why David Beckham’s style is advertised and has become a style icon its because the man can dress well! I would only replace the waxed jeans with normal black skinny jeans.

    • Spartacus Lewis

      I am a big fan of the waxed jeans and the detail shot: the one show casing the watch too.

    • Kevin

      Hey Dan,

      Would you be able to provide any insight on the Height/Weight of William (and the jean size worn)? As opposed to the majority of comments, I love the jeans and was curious about sizing?

      Love the site! Thanks,

    • M

      The second look is fine for a 20-year-old…

    • LP

      As one of your younger readers (21), I really like the second look! Not sure why its getting so much hate, though I suppose your readership is primarily traditionalists…

    • TO

      A little inspiration from the Softspoken Gangster here? What a killer not-often-used colour recommendation. Absolutely love the “Semi Formal” look.
      The “Late Night Casual” look I am divided- with Mr. Howe I just wouldn’t have styled his hair that way under the hat and across his face (too “emo”-style, perhaps). Otherwise he looks good and I am down for the look. In general though, I wouldn’t advise guys to wear their pants that skinny. See it very often in the west-end of TO, guys rock awesome outfits but opt for ‘skinny’ instead of ‘slim’ when their legs are slim and not skinny.

    • Juan Zara

      I agree with Harrison on this one, the second look is wrong on so many levels.

      Waxed jeans have always come off as too similar to leather pants and therefore too tacky, and the long, flowy, “scoop” t-shirt creates that sort of new-age “cool” David Beckham-esque vibe that I hate so much.

      Plus, I’ve never been to LA so I’m not familiar with its weather (although I’ve lived in Buenos Aires for years and I assume it’s not too different), but it seems at the very least unlikely, if not ridiculous, to wear a lightweight cotton t-shirt under a camel hair, double-breasted, almost knee-length overcoat (and a beanie, which, by the way, doesn’t serve any purpose if worn like this.)

      The first look, on the other hand, is on point, although I have my doubts on the versatility of a hopsack, double-breasted black suit. I’m pretty sure a dark navy would work just as well.

      • dcPhil

        Calm down Mr. It’s not that serious. We understand it’s definitely not your style, but i appreciate the look. If the weather isn’t overly cold, a Tee under the coat is very understandable.

    • Harrison Krupnick

      Hate the second look. The sloppy black tee shirt with ill-fitting jeans and boots is too hipster to me. I can appreciate an aggressive taper from the knees down but I think the pants need to be hemmed perfectly for it to look good. They should’t be pooling by the ankles.

      • ChrisD

        He’s certainly pulling it off in my opinion – with the magic ingredients of having the face and body of a model, as well as wearing high-quality everything. No corners cut in this look.

    • Miguel

      Love that overcoat, Dan, thanks for fixing the issue, I can now see the website from work.

    • Mark

      That three-piece suit is so off-the-hook I can’t even see the camel coat.