The Dandiest Tailor in London feat. Joshua Kane

March 20th, 2015

There’s a young tailor shaking up the old-school world of bespoke tailoring in London. He’s not what you’d expect if you’re familiar with the traditionally conservative scene on Saville Row. He’s perfectly manicured, heavily tattooed, and his style icon is the legendary dandy Beau Brummell.

Joshua Kane cut his teeth at Kingston University in southwest London where he studied bespoke tailoring, then moved on to design ready-to-wear for some of the biggest fashion houses in England including Burberry, Jaeger, and Paul Smith. It didn’t take long for the custom business that he ran on the side (for a select group of friends and special clients) to gather momentum (thanks in part to promotion from friend, model and fellow tattoo enthusiast Jimmy Q)… Soon Joshua was running his own bespoke shop in London. The next year he added a full ready-to-wear collection for men and women, all inspired by his one-of-a-kind “Neo Dandy”, “Edwardian Punk Rock” personal style.

I’m not suggesting that you adopt his trademark look (although it could help you score a model girlfriend), I simply wanted to share my appreciation for a young tailor who’s created a unique aesthetic and brought a fresh point-of-view to the often-stodgy world of bespoke clothing in London.

We teamed up with London photographer Bart Pajak to bring you a closer look at Mr. Joshua Kane, the new age Beau Brumelle of Bespoke.


Like a true dandy, no detail is overlooked. Take a close look at the level of detail, and difficulty, here. The striped wing collar, the split-fabric tie, the manicured mustache, the crown shape of the hat, the 6×3 waistcoat cut from custom-milled cloth, the engraved pocket chain, etc.

I’m just glad we still have gentleman putting this kind of attention to detail into their craft.



Checks, stripes, and polka dots in the streets of London.




Here Joshua proves that a simple grey suit can be completely transformed with grooming and accessories.




Here Joshua proves that a simple grey suit can be completely transformed with grooming and accessories.




Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Joshua for participating! 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Jojo Remeny

    I will give Joshua kudos for trying to be unique and bringing In the 18th century dandy look.. But I can’t give him credit for him being a so called tailor… He is seen posing with a,14inch pair of shears and thimble for magazine shoot but I cannot find any videos of Joshua actually cutting or making a suit…

  • Jojo Remeny

    Joshua purports to be a bespoke tailor!…apparently a fashion designer /tailor. If you quickly look on his Facebook page it’s evident that it’s just a,marketing game to elevate his status to mix with the bullshit celebrity that buy his suits..
    One week he was film directing his new film lauch that took many days) weeks.. This is not an artisan who has been in his workroom with shears and thimble cutting suits on a daily basis…
    I’m a,fashion designer /tailor still learning my craft from various old master tailors including an 89year old tailor who won cutter and tailor award from Savile Row in 1957.
    I’m cutting the old traditional way, full hand pad stitched canvas suits with hand stitched buttonholes..
    I get exasperated when charlatans like Joshua jump on the band waggon like Victoria Beckham with no or very little skills and lie to the world they are designers, tailors etc….
    It’s evident in his suits they are factory made with no match up of stripes of collar with lapels or with the front part of sleeve which you should try and match.
    Too much suppression in all major areas :waist, seat as front fly is pulling on front, probably facing inside where zip is placed has not been eased on. Sleeve tight, sleeve pich looks wrong.. Etc….etc etc…

  • Kingandrew

    To state the obvious: I think the eyeliner is too heavy and distracting.

    But I really love the high-crowned hats. I wonder where he gets those, or are they are they part of his shop’s offerings?

    I love the watch chain and his willingness to mix patterns. I especially like the bold tartans he uses.

    And I am definitely simpatico with being influenced by both the Edwardians and punk rock. I really love the Victorian/Edwardian men’s styles and have never been afraid of wearing what someone else deems a “costume.” We’re all wearing costumes. The question is what does your say and does it match who you really are?

    But for me, the overall look (as with most “fashion forward stuff at the moment) looks way too small and tight, like it all shrunk in the dryer or he just hit his growth spurt after buying it.

    Creating a pair of pants that tight that you can actually sit and move around in does show tailoring skill.

    Props to Mr. Kane for pursuing his own unique look in a sea of slobs, brand-chasers, and other fashion victims. I would love to see this boldness cross-bred with a more traditional Savile Row fit, however.

  • Keep dandyism alive!

    I like the style but if you’ve got beltloops you should wear a belt and if george brummel is your example you should wear covered suspenders. The fabrics look cheap and his waistcoat looks odd. But like i said before: I like the look

  • Quantum of Style

    Thank God for the haters, of which in this comment section, there are many. If not for you the world would be a pretty boring place. But I do have to hate on you just a bit – when you have your usual reaction of hate towards something that is unfamiliar, how about recognising that and moving on from it? This guy built himself up and made something of himself based on his many talents and hard work, and now he is featured on this great site. How many of you can say the same for yourselves? Not many. Cue the hate.

  • Sam

    I love how clearly queer this guy is


    Lets all be honest with ourselves, if you looked in the mirror and saw this dude as your reflection you’d punch the shit outa your self!

    • Sam


  • Kyle Leon Norville


    While the first glance does indeed throw me off, and I think many would see these looks as more of a costume than an actual outfit, I actually like some facets of his style. It took me a 3rd look to actually look more into the details. I am not an expert at patterns, but I dig the looks. I do wish there was a ‘weekend style’ look for us to see. As I am sure there are days when Joshua puts on the denim and hits the street…

    If not that’s Ok too.

    But, that’s what personal style is right? Controversial?

    Just my thoughts.

    • Kurt

      “Costume” is applicable. Aside from the quality of material and tailoring, or all the quibbles of gender presentation, it’s perfectly fitting of steampunk Edwardian aesthetics in the world of speculative fiction: such as retro-dystopian anime starring (an “androgynous”, or Takarazuka-ready) shoujo manga hero.

  • AG

    Josh has to be the prettiest man I’ve ever seen. I don’t care how weird that sounds. Besides that he has great style

  • Joshua Kane

    Thank you all for you comments, I really appreciate all of your oppiyons and views.

    People taking time out of there busy lives to interact with my images is the biggest compliment of all, so I am flatterd. I was once taught by a fantastic cutter that to push invovation you must break the odd rule along the way.

    Things like that tend to stick with you. JKX

  • Ishandev

    I met him in London, his shop is in the Old Spitalfields market. I think he’s looks great and has a lot of style. he was fairly interested in my Nehru vest.

  • AFH

    Beau Brummell valued quality and subtle details.

    Ultimately he’s making suits for lairy City Boys who want ‘modern’, ‘fashionable’ stuff over Savile Row. I am sure it’s a good living and fair play to him I guess, but the whole aesthetic is pretty tacky.

  • Brent

    April fools come early? Guy Fawkes meet Saville row?

  • Vic

    Oh how polarizing style and fashion can be. Reading the comments shows how much articles like these are needed. Articles showing diversity and something different helps us learn to appreciate other people and their personal style. I won’t dress like this but I appreciate that some people will and that’s great. You’re doing a good job at AoS!

  • Dave

    For his age and experience, very good start.

  • Dave Coakley

    I have the build of a rugby player so this ‘Thin white duke’ rakishly thin androgynous look just simply wouldn’t suit me.

    ….but in an ever increasingly small world where everyone looks the same, isn’t it great that such a guy exists.

    I think he’s got tremendous unique personal style.

  • Mark

    Isnt it hard to be taken seriously wearing this. I admire this guys confidence, but if you’re having a conversation with him, wouldn’t it be hard to take him seriously if he has makeup on or if he’s wearing a jacket that can’t close. I think this is pushing the enveloppe to far for now. Maybe it’ll be acceptable later, but not now.
    However, like Dan said, we should all take a moment to appreciate what he puts into dressing. Wether you think it looks good or not, that’s a really well manicured mustache and the gradual chin stubble is pretty impressive.

  • Lasse Ellingsen

    This is just awesome! Not my cup of tea, but still awesome!

  • Jeanscuffed

    Dan I think these people are mad because they got a sneak peek of his lady lol. All three looks are dope to me and really pull a great interest from outside looking in. I mean I wouldn’t wear this to church of course but Pitti, fashion event or to work (of course at a tailoring shop). The intricate details and his attitude he exudes makes it work for HIM and makes it HIS look!

  • koreankid

    My favorite styleblog by far. I love how you guys post “real world” content that teaches men how to dress properly. At the same time, you have posts like this where it shows that style isn’t just about dressing “properly.” It’s about pushing boundaries and representing who you are through an outfit. Great post as usual. Looking forward to many to come

  • Khalid

    The sartorial details are interesting, but in every photo I feel like I’m looking at a moustachified Karyn.

  • Miguel

    I find it rather sad that most people here are hung up over the most asinine aspects of this man’s look. Gender is a social construct people, just because he does not fit your neatly packaged preconceived notions doesn’t mean he falters in the execution of his wardrobe.

    What’s even more frustrating about this site is the pretentiousness of the commenters. Is everyone going to seriously let some eyeliner and a curled mustache distract you from what is some really ballsy and extremely well executed pattern mixing. Yes maybe the exact aesthetic does not fit your fancy, however to let that inhibit your ability to appreciate the level of coordination in his outfit is just absurd. I mean just look at the post 2…the large patchwork design of the pants, mixed with the thin stripes of the shirt, then the stripes in the tie, the flecking of the jacket, the width of the lapels, the form of the waist coat and how it frames the shirt/tie, just wow.

    • Jim

      Respectfully, I disagree. Sure, we should ignore the fact that he’s wearing eyeliner and has long hair, as that has nothing to do with his tailoring or his outfit.

      What we should not ignore, though, is the fact that his jacket is cut way too tight, so tight that I doubt that he would be able to button it up. The waistcoat is not well cut either, the patterns (such as stripes) are not matched well at seams and pockets (which they certainly should be with a bespoke garment), his shirt collars look too large for him and the whole outfit doesn’t look as though it’s well made or good quality at all.

      • Papi Moscow

        Exactly. I agree 100%. Putting aside his personal grooming, you cant ignore the fact that the suits are not technically sound. Thats pretty much the only reason to buy Bespoke. Im self taught and I wouldn’t think this quality work would be produced by someone who studied BESPOKE tailoring @ university.

    • Bo

      Kudos to this guy for doing what he does, for sure (can’t have everyone dress the same, I suppose). But when you really look at it (as others have said) the suits aren’t technically correct, they don’t look well-made at all, and if you really want to get into pattern mixing — well in look #3, this man is wearing about 3 or 4 different types of dots, two of which are essentially the same scale; isn’t the first rule of pattern-mixing to vary the scale of your patterns? On top of that, in the checked suit look ,there’s almost no real variation between the thin stripes of the shirt and the tie pattern. And at the end of the day, I’m trying to keep this to simply patterns — don’t get me started on the cut, supposed quality of the suits or the myriad number of accessories he’s wearing (rings, scarves, pocket watch, tie tack, etc.). It would be one thing if this guy brought it with extreme quality with this rather outlandish look (as other guys profiled on the site have), but it just looks to me here like that quality and Proper attention to detail is missing.

  • Not a fan

    I’ve slowly started cutting this site out of my daily reading because I feel like it’s less useful to me than checking out Instagram. This post further demonstrates that it is not really for me anymore. Good for this guy for pushing his idea but I am not for it. At least shine those shoes if you are going to be this much of a fop. And seconds that this looks like a woman with a fake moustache.

    • zphyer6

      I know right. I seriously thought he was a bearded lady when I clicked on the article.

    • Evan

      I almost thought so as well.

  • Papi Moscow

    Im no master tailor (yet) but there’s some troubling points here.

    Im not even going to get into his grooming, etc, thats a personal choice.

    1) The sleeve heads in look 3 seems terribly put together. i dont think its his posture, just not assembled correctly.

    2) The whole point of BESPOKE is to have the wearer express their individuality while the tailor gives some balance and constructs a suit that is technically correct, regardless of color/fabric choice. This guys whole style screams Ready to Wear/Fashion which is fine if he has a ready to wear company, but it says in article several times he’s running a bespoke shop.

    3)The branding is just tacky. Im personally not spending upwards of 3k for a suit to be someone’s billboard. The cut of suit, color & fabric choices should be enough advertising if the suit is well made.

    4) Im all for originality & pushing boundaries but the suits aren’t technically correct and some of the fabrics look downright cheap. Im not even sure if the lapels are handrolled. They seem to be fused. Again its only a problem because he has a “BESPOKE” shop, not ready to wear or MTM.

  • Solroc

    It’s a bit disheartening to see such hate from people who are to be considered “gentlemen” this guy is killing these looks because they are his own and, if I’m not mistaken, that is a large portion of this site. Wearing what you want, however you want. I say keep doing you Joshua, you’ve gained yourself a fan in me.

    • Papi Moscow

      If he wasn’t identifying himself as a BESPOKE tailor, I’d agree but since he is, he has to be held to task.

      If i take my car to a professional autobody shop they may take some liberties with paint color but the process has to be professionally carried out. The materials used & technique has to be to a certain professional standard. Same goes with Bespoke tailoring.

      Im not criticizing his style per say, but I’m definitely calling into question his cut technique & fabric quality.

  • Andrew

    A bit early for an April Fool’s joke, isn’t it?

  • ChrisD

    Lot of judgment going on regarding elements which are not his clothing..

    If you mentally crop out from the neck up, looks 1 and 3 are awesome. Pretty edgy – doesn’t strike me as a “Saville Row” type at all – but the fit is interesting, details are great etc. The grey suit look is very cool.

    Not sure what is going on in look 2, is he wearing two scarves? Or is the jacket lapel unattached to the body? Referring to the monogrammed flap thing.

    • Nick P.

      it looks to me like a reversible scarf, solid on one side (with the monogram) and pattern on the other, but I could certainly be wrong about this.

  • Eric

    LOL this is just silly. Is attempting to look as feminine as possible whilst still sporting facial hair a new #menswear trend?

  • Evan

    Is he wearing eyeliner???

    • Eric

      Yup. Noticed that too. It’s hard to pay attention to anything else once you pick up on it.

  • Matchbook

    I seriously thought this was a girl with a fake mustache at first. Ugh.

  • cam

    for me, its little details here to draw inspiration from. with an artist such as mr kane, i think that is the lesson here. while not many would go this far, i would definitely love a topcoat made out of the fabric and pattern from jacket in look 2. its different and i think it would look phenomenal. again, while not something i would do, i can also appreciate the ‘joshua kane bespoke’ text he uses as a pinstripe for the waistcoat. like it or not, individuals like this are needed to push boundaries and open minds. i did google his name as i typically do with featured guests and was surprised to find pictures of him with a completely different look. it always interests me to understand what motivates a person to do that so drastically as an adult. at times, it makes me question their authenticity. were they who they were before, or are they who they are now?

    on another note, he has a definite ashley owens vibe. i actually thought it was her for less than a second but of course it couldn’t have been with that moustache.

    • Tat

      Yup, dressing like it’s 1886 def “pushes the envelope”. I wonder if I can get on TSB for walking around Manhattan in several different iterations of the Batman uniform, because that’s basically the equivalent to what dude is doing — wearing a costume.

      • cam

        ridiculous comparison there dont ya think? and if you dont think this pushes boundaries and open minds a bit, just look at the comments throughout. but you’re probably right, dan should just post a feature with some guy wearing a navy blazer, ocbd, some khaki chinos and penny loafers.

        • tat

          “Opens minds”, “pushes boundaries?” Do you work in advertising? Besides meaningless buzzwords, what do these things mean? Wearing thousands of dollars worth of attention-grabbing (and goofy) clothing doesn’t “open minds,” says a lot about the delusions all fashion heads have about clothes.

          Noam Chomsky pushes boundaries, this dude is just another here-today-gone-tomorrow fashion victim.

    • facelessghost

      “like it or not, individuals like this are needed to push boundaries and open minds.” Of course, this presupposes that boundaries need to be pushed.

      • cam

        you’re right…let’s never push boundaries. what on earth was i thinking?

  • Ali Naaseh

    This guy, much like Gianni Cerutti, looks like a caricature. There’s a reason almost everyone in London wears a white shirt and blue suit (what this guy calls stodgy) – they don’t want to look like fools when they look at pictures of themselves 15 years from now.

    • Eric

      Venturing beyond the white shirt/blue suit is not foolish at all, no matter where you live. This, on the other hand, most certainly is.

  • AK

    This is kind of amazing.

  • facelessghost

    I see absolutely nothing gimmicky here. Nothing at all. Nope, nothing.

  • Bryan S

    Definitely miss not having any narration from Mr. Kane. My favorite part of these profiles is hearing how different people view style and how that came to be.

  • Shawn

    I’m not too fond of the scripted pinstripe on the waistcoat in look #1, it screams Hosni Moubarak too much for me. I also equally doesn’t love the skinny trousers cuffs in look #1. You can call me slightly conservative, but this is not the kind of look that strikes me as inspirational. Kudos to the guy tho for doing it his own way and (probably) not caring what ‘haters’ might say!

  • AdamE

    Beautiful clothing and accessories (some of the scarves are beautiful). Personally, I could do without the eyeliner, but whatever works… I also love the branding on the waistcoat in look #1, the text in lieu of stripes is a nice touch…

  • Lucas

    Going from a previous post here, I’ve noticed none of the chalk stripes on the sleeves or pockets are aligned with the rest of the suit.

  • Herb

    I’d hope to see some thoughts, opinions, quotes, something from someone so eccentric. That eyeliner tho

  • Rob

    Hmm I often see a guy that looks like him (i.e. the Guy Fawkes / ‘Anonymous’ look with the waxed moustache and big hat) on my way to work, wonder if it’s him…

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