The Finishing Touches feat. Brandon Murphy

December 10th, 2014

Our friend Brandon Murphy, as previously featured here, is an up-and-coming stylist in NYC with a range of clients from corporate executives to professional athletes.

Most of his clients just want to look as cool as he does, so we asked him to share a few of his personal styling tricks with us.

    Textured Tailoring


    Brandon knows a thing or two about pairing fabrics together. Notice the variation in the textures here; flannel jacket, oxford shirt, tweed vest, worsted trousers, pebbled boots.

    This is also another version of the 3-piece mash-up.

    580-13 580-14 580-15

    • Navy Kerchief Necktie by Family Dollar
    • Blue Stripe Shirt by Thomas Pink

    Suited on the Move


    A well-dressed gentleman can be tailored for any occasion, even if he’s on the move.

    Here Brandon pairs a trim-cut suit with a beefy turtleneck and a pair of sneakers that are perfect for pounding the pavement in NYC.


    The finishing touch here is the denim collar peaking out of the turtleneck.


    • Blue Denim Shirt by Club Monaco
    • Shoes by Nike Roshe

    Don’t Forget the Accessories


    Here’s a move we don’t see very often: long-sleeve polo layering, which works great under a flannel jacket.

    It’s all about the accessories here again; the tweed newsboy, the lace-trimmed pocket square, the braided leather belt… It’s the details that bring a look together.

    580-3 580-6580-5

    • Grey Driving Cap by Reiss London
    • Grey Sweater by Loro Piana
    • White Dress shirt by Prada
    • Plaid Pants by Joe Fresh
    • Black boots by Jack Erwin
    • Watch by Breitling

    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Brandon for the inspiration!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • dave corey

      the problem i have with this is, it’s all well and coordinated but in the first and third outfits the guy looks like a character in a play. a little too campy i think. plus those sneakers with the suit are just ridiculous.

      other than that the article does a good job of showing how to take a traditional outfit and change something up; outfit one, dressing down a work suit with an interesting vest and kneckercheif; outfit two. warming up a very formal evening suit with a dark green cable-knit; and outfit three, dressing up a boring work suit with blackwatch trousers for an after-work look.

    • tony

      great looks but can we make sure the clothes is clean of stains before we take close ups. however, this guy has style. maybe it’s not YOUR style but he does possess this attribute.

    • BougieHippie

      Brilliant and clever dresser.

    • Gazman

      Dude has a great figure for clothes, but try as I might I can’t get the hang of those short pants.

    • ChrisD

      “Navy Kerchief Necktie by Family Dollar” – am I missing something or is that literally a dollar store bandana tied around his neck?

      Also can’t be a fan of what’s going on in his neck area in look 2, and I’m one of those anti-sneaker + suit guys, especially ones made for exercise.. just looks childish.

      Look 3 for the win, I guess.

    • TO

      Nicely done again, Mr. Murphy. Looking real polished here!

    • Tat

      Great looks, but again, they’re head-to-toe Suit Supply, practically. This is the same issue with all the MAB stuff. Even if one knows a lot about dressing well and style—it doesn’t serve the purpose of this blog to get a bunch of mannequins in here repping whatever brand they’re associated with.

      With all due respect, of course, the next 10 editorials could simply be had by befriending salesmen who have gone all in with their respective brands.

      • James Wong

        I think the intent of this post is to show the ideas put into the outfits rather than the outfits themselves. So where the pieces are from doesn’t really matter I don’t think, compared to the post about the camel skin coat which obviously has a focus piece.

        With that in mind, I didn’t really look at any of the above items of clothes and think “I want those shoes” or “I want that shirt” nor did I click on any of the links. Instead I just took inspiration from the outfits. Whereas the camel skin coat, I definitely checked out who made it, how much it was and mentally added it to my list.

      • Phillip M Walters

        I agree with James: Great inspiration piece.

    • R

      Who is the “spunk” on the trousers in the 3rd look by?

      • JBells


    • Jeanscuffed

      This dude is money! I dig his posts on Instagram

    • Miguel

      Very nice article, he makes it look easy, love the second look, you can go from day to night just by changing the shoes.