Curate Your Style feat. Ouigi Theodore

September 27th, 2011

One of the things we continually preach here at Articles of is that, above all else, style should be personal. The garments worn over your body should represent who you are as a person underneath them.

I haven’t met too many people who understand this concept better than Brooklynite Ouigi Theodore, aka “The Bearded Man”.

By combining a stylistically-curated lifestyle, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a love for  history, antiques and urban culture, Ouigi managed to turn his passion for design and creativity into one of the most inspiring retail ventures I’ve encountred: The Brooklyn Circus.

We met up with Ouigi last week to get a sense of the man behind the beard, the vintage-Americana lifestyle that sparked his brand, and his thoughts on creating a style that is all your own.

    1. Experience is the Best Teacher

    “Every look expresses something about the layers of my personality and experiences… I am influenced by everything that surrounds me, which eventually finds it’s way into my style – that’s why I’m very careful about what I surround myself with.”

    Not only does Ouigi live and breathe the brand he has created, he has also put in the time to learn his craft.

    Originally of Haitian decent, he is a Brooklyn Tech graduate with a degree in History from Stony Brook University, and follow up studies in Advertising Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC).

    • Blue PF Flyers (vintage)
    • Camo shirt (vintage)
    • Watch by Panerai Luminor GMT
    • Socks by Happy Socks
    • Tweed 8 panel cap by BKc
    • Blue jeans (5 pocket slim straight) by BKc

     2. The Man Makes the Clothes

    “My advice on finding your style is to keep it personal. If you see something in a movie, on someone, or in a store, always think about how it will look on you. Not how it looks on someone else or on the shelf.

    I am a strong believer in the saying The Man Makes the Clothes.”

    • Leather boots by Thorogood
    • Watch by Panerai Luminor GMT
    • Tweed 8 panel cap by BKc
    • Blue jeans (5 pocket slim straight) by BKc
    • Denim western shirt by Levi’s

    Thanks for reading and special thanks to Ouigi for participating.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • George Dunhill

      Indeed. His words about envisioning an article of clothing or entire outfit on yourself rather than someone else are particularly poignant. It’s often hard to picture your own fashion when you’re looking at clothing through store windows and on mannequins throughout the showroom. Sometimes you just have to step back and give it five minutes…

      Thanks for sharing.

    • tony h

      a) rrl

      b) a bit serious, no?


      I love that he’s progressed in his style since starting the Brooklyn Circus in 2006.

      The store/concept itself has come quite a ways as well..since it’s startup as a streetwear boutique which focused on brands like Rich Young and sneakers like Air Force 1s.

      Definitely prefer the direction the brand took towards the “100 year plan” and its focus more on classic Americana.

      Great post!

    • Taylor

      Hey man your night out spread got me amped on some new fashion ideas. I am out of salt lake city & your site I check everyday to get inspired what to wear that day.

    • Anonymous

      This guy is really cool and laid back! Yes, I got all that from the pictures and his style.


      Check out my fashion blog.

    • Broc

      I really enjoyed reading about The Bearded Man and his story. Very Inspiring! Thanks for sharing. -BC

      • Dickson

        For all its worth, Andre is what one can now call a legend, which will qifauly him as someone I would like to meet at least once. Thanks to this blog post. LOL.



    • Bosun

      very good post, so many people copy trends rather than do them

      cool beard too

    • michael

      great Page Man, Love it.
      Where i live (BALI), i found many people run their comfort to the clothing line. One of the is YOGA COUTURE, base on yoga concept, the clothing line main idea is about Comfortable and What best for your Self, rather than about uncomfortable fabric cover your skin. So….Is the word” beauty need sacrifice doesnt work anymore?”

    • D. Knott

      although i would not wear what he wears i love his style simply because it is his style. i’ve always wondered about this guy, seen him everywhere and always thought that his choices were so interesting. great post

    • sorhay posada

      super fresh!

    • Brooks D.

      Excellent post! I love how eclectic and idiosyncratic every piece is–everything’s just the right amount of offbeat.

    • TO

      Thanks for this Dan- really good read!

      I’ve been hearing about it for so long- damn, I need to make it to that shop, if not for the vibe alone:) Keep up the good work Ouigi!

    • Dan

      that Panerai is sick. nice watch.

    • Emanuel Iuhas

      OMG , so many stylish garments/items/accesories!!!

      Love it !

      Thank you dear Dan!

    • Vidal

      Wassup Dan? Another wonderful post! I’ve seen ‘The Bearded Man’ here and there across the inter-webs over the last couple of years, and of course he is doing his thing! Of all the pics in this post, though, the thing I am feeling the most is the sweater you are rocking in your ‘sit-down’ with Mr. Theodore. I need one! Where can a brother grab that piece? And please tell me it’s available in B&T sizes to accomodate my 6’8″ frame and 40″ sleeve lengths!