Welcome to Articles of Style

December 1st, 2014

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all of our readers over the years. Without your support and encouragement this website would not exist.

TheStyleBlogger, or TSBmen, started as a simple style blog that I wrote as a hobby between college basketball practices. It was an outlet for me to share my opinions on fashion, as well as my journey as an outsider trying to break into NYC’s menswear industry.

As our readership grew we were able to invest in creating higher quality content and touch on a wider range of topics within men’s style. Eventually I felt that the name TheStyleBlogger didn’t truthfully represent our vision. Therefore today I’d like to announce our transition from TSBmen to Articles of Style. Whether you’re a first-time suit buyer or an industry expert, we hope to inspire and engage all of our readers in conversations about men’s fashion and lifestyle. Although we operate under a new name, our mission has not changed; to provide an honest perspective to the fast-growing world of menswear.

Our articles are organized into three categories which represent the cornerstones of our mission. Menswear 101 is where you can find useful information about the technical aspects of men’s clothing such as tailoring tips, product reviews, and advice for building a wardrobe. Our Editorials give us an opportunity to share our aesthetic point-of-view and engage our readers in conversations about the subjectivity of style. Lastly, our Profiles highlight some of the most stylish men around the world to provide inspiration and context for those looking to develop their own look.

In addition to our daily articles, we’ve created an interactive Style Guide for on-demand inspiration. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for any occasion, new ways to style a recent purchase, or shopping advice based on your current wardrobe, the Style Guide provides endless opportunities to engage with our content, team, and community.

This website is not so much about fashion as it is about people. We’re not here solely to discuss new products or trends, but rather the influences and decisions that go into crafting one’s personal style. We all have to get dressed in the morning and we all want to look good and feel confident in a way that communicates who we are as individuals. We invite you to contribute to the conversations happening on Articles of Style and help us continue to make the industry of menswear more approachable and accessible for “real” guys.

Lastly, for those who’ve been following us on social media, you may notice the name change (as well as new exclusive content) on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Welcome to Articles of Style. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Sean

    Sexy Name! I noticed you’re going with 3 main “pillars” which is nice and streamlined. But does that mean that Who Wore it Best, and the daily WIWT’s are ending? I loved seeing you guys compete, and it was timed nicely with the weather of that particular day.

  • Dru Chen

    Welcome back y’all! Missed the articles but glad to have you all back. New website looks great! #backinthegame

  • D. Knott

    Congrats on growth and prosperity! Not there exactly since the beginning but, very close. I am still tied to the tsb moniker but, this is likely nostalgic as this was the first site I began to follow regularly when I became conscious of fashion outside of street wear and desired to curate my own personal style. Thanks for the tips, pics, and inspiration. I look forward to what the future will have to offer.

  • Luis Martinez

    Dan (and to all the team), even so I got your announcement eMail a few days ago, just now I had the chance to open Articles of Style and I was blown away by it. The content is interesting and thoughtful the same way it has always been, but the new design is much more visually attractive, responsive and the photographs are simply beautiful. The mobile version is also right on the spot. Congratulations! Cheers for the unavoidable success of Articles of Style! Great job.

  • http://www.postgreenhomes.com/ Chad Ludeman

    Excellent work on the new site gents. It’s cleaner, easier to navigate and drives people clearly to your best categories and content. The wide format photos make the site, including the seamlessly edited 3-wide shots from the studio. Really can’t praise the photography enough…

    Lastly, having a bit of blogging experience also, I’m blown away by the work that went into changing the name of the site, re-catagorizing posts and updating the style guide. The mystery of the site being down for a few weeks is solved. Just a ridiculous amount of work to update all old posts while maintaining old links and SEO. Bravo.

  • AFH

    The initial page load feels clunky on Chrome; not a great experience. I think I preferred the previous look.

    I stated in August (slightly drunk at a hipster bar in Copenhagen) that #menswear is over. I still believe that. That doesn’t mean things are going back to women doing all our clothes shopping, but I think to a certain extent we’ve bought our classic wardrobes now and are moving on. The new content does reflect this to a point, but where there was a clear brand before I am not sure there is now. The near-future is sporty and technical, and I think the previous brand seemed more aligned with that. But I guess the business plan is ‘monetise Style Guide or else we’ll go work for GQ or something’ – and the shift does align with that.

  • Miguel

    Welcome back Dan, guys.

  • Juan Zara

    Been out of town for the past week, you can’t imagine how great it was coming back to this!
    Love everything about the new site, great job! Congrats on everything and the best of luck to you all!

  • Marcus Forlan

    Guys – Great job with the update. Looks really pleasing to the eye. And organizing into the 4 categories – menswear 101, editorials, profiles and style guide – is great too.

    A nit – the home page is a bit confusing and bit too busy. It did not immediately represent the 4 categories. I think the home page should immediately convey how your site is organized. If you can address this somehow I think you will have a home run with the new design.

    Overall love the new look. Your hard work and creativity shows.

  • Nick A

    This is not intended to be a backhanded compliment – but hooray name change! Crushed it!

  • Green Bag Lady Teresa

    The whole site looks awesome! Kudos!

  • BDot

    So glad you’re back.

  • Willie JS

    Thank you guys (Articles of Style) !!!

  • Caboom

    Amazing aesthetics + solid content = great expectations. Maybe a Swaggy P style profile in the future??

  • Shawn

    Good luck with all on-going projects, will continue to follow your evolution for sure!

  • JBells

    Congratulations on the new site. Looking forward to the new content!!

  • LouCaves

    Welcome back, gents. I look forward to the dialogue in this community. And the style guide is back! One of my favorite parts.

    One other thing: I can’t see the pictures on the home page. I’ve used Firefox and Explorer…maybe it’s my computer.

    Anyway. ..

    Thanks AoS.

  • ERCalderon

    Congrats Gentlemen! Keep up the great work!!

  • Bengjay

    Congratulations Guys, have been waiting a while for this!

  • Ali Naaseh

    Welcome back. Stoked to see the Style Guide make a comeback. Looking forward to the next instalment of what you guys have got for us!

  • James