The Midnight Brown Tuxedo

October 27th, 2014

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To our loyal readers: my apologies for the slower than regular content lately. We will be back to a daily schedule after our relaunch in a few weeks, along with added features and a new content direction. As I’ve mentioned, the team and I have been knee-deep in updating the website and brand. Articles of Style is growing up… Plenty more on that soon.

For now, I wanted to quickly highlight one of my new favorite tailored pieces. You know I love formalwear – it represents man at his finest. Elegant. Classy. Charming. We’ve showcased several versions of the classic midnight blue tuxedo, which is the most traditional choice for formal cloth. This one here is just a slight spin on it, based on how much I love brown suits. The midnight chocolate is a dark hue that, like navy, absorbs light and can look richer than flat black in evening settings.

Some guys have a thing against wearing black & brown together, but I think it looks very regal here with the black shawl, trims, and bowtie. Just another way to stand out from the crowd, while paying homage to the traditional “rules” of menswear, of course.

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

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  • Naveen De Silva

    Where can I buy The Midnight Brown Tuxedo??

  • Mike

    Dan been a while since I’ve checked in, you’re looking great without that big ol bushy beard, keen to see the new site and content, keep it up mate!

  • Finlay Morrison

    Noel Coward wore a brown db shawl, wonder how it shows up under artificial lighting.

  • Miguel

    Hey Dan, that Tux looks fine in my book, love the the combination of black and brown.
    You forgot the credits.

    • TO

      Don’t you think it is safe to assume MAB Miguel? At least, that’s what I would anyways, could be wrong:) I see if you are talking about more specifis on fabric, etc. though

  • kielwest

    That looks awesome. The light gray cummerbund is my favorite part. Do a green one!

  • Fabio d’attimis

    Brown and Black looks quite cool, though it’s a bit too… unusual on a tuxedo. Tux is tux, I don’t like too much creativity on it.

    Just 2 pics? :(

  • Juan Zara

    I’m one of those who’s against black and brown together, but this is just so elegant. I think the shade (tone?) of the brown is what makes the outfit so put together. From a distance the tux looks more like a dark, warmer charcoal than chocolate brown.
    That desaturation, along with the sheen of what I assume is mohair, is what makes this work. And that light grey cummerbund just brings the whole thing to another level. I love it!

  • AFH

    I have a brown velvet jacket I thrifted, and a dark chocolate brown suit so I applaud the basic sentiment. A brown tux feels like a bit much, but it’s interesting to see.

  • Jules

    isn’t having a brown tuxedo kind of like having tweed shorts? or a very very very very light linen winter hat? seems to defeat the purpose. I mean, if you have three normal tuxedos and are looking to change it up a little bit I could see how one would be interested.

    • cam

      I’m trying to understand your logic but not following. You’re attempting to compare fabrics with a color. Can you elaborate?

      • John

        Seems pretty obvious. He’s saying that a tuxedo is a fancy uniform, changing it from its widely acceptable form to a different form (thus defeating the purpose/conformity of the uniform). In a sea of black tuxedos, I think wearing an unusually colored one screams “Look at me” and not in a good way.

        • TO

          @John: Even when the change it so subtle (black to a dark, dark brown)?
          I think that is the point. Most people who aren’t versed on clothing probably wouldn’t even notice… consciously.

          • Eddie

            Really? I feel like someone who isn’t well versed in clothes is more likely to notice a brown tux. I feel like it is something that those of us who follow menswear may see and not bat an eye, but the average person is gonna see a brown tux and think “What the hell?”

  • Steven Santander

    Great look! I agree, the brown and black combo can look really clean in formal attire. Nice touch with the grey cummerbund, brown and grey is one of my favorite underestimated color combinations.

  • Jeanscuffed

    VERY regal Dan. Between this and the midnight blue, I don’t know which is my favorite.

  • Jeff P.

    This looks fantastic. Bravo, sir!

  • Tom

    Hey Dan what fabric is the tuxedo made of?

    • R


    • Dan Trepanier

      Mohair mate.