Vintage Outerwear Statement feat. Zeddie Lukoye

October 20th, 2014

Every stylish guy has that one vintage piece in his closet that he’ll never let go. The kind of piece that takes hours of digging to find. You’d never find it again, and it will never be remade in quite the same way. For me, it’s this shearling bomber.

For 25 year-old fashion designer Zedekiah Lukoye, it’s a midnight green leather topcoat that he found in a market near his hometown of Eldoret, Kenya.

Here “Zeddie” shows us how versatile a good vintage outerwear piece can be.

    1. All Business


    “I grew up around one of the biggest markets in my hometown of Eldoret, Kenya where they sell vintage and secondhand clothes. We used to call it “Mitumba”. That is where I would shop, and eventually got my first experience with selling clothes. I made a little money on the side, but more importantly, I fell in love with men’s fashion and tailoring.”


    Outerwear is the best thing to search for in Vintage shops. Leather pieces like this one were built to last, so once you have the proper alterations made, you can spend years molding it to your body and style.

    The dark green, almost-black color of this leather is a real stand-out. The subtlety of the hue is really what prompted this article.


    2. Weekend Tailoring


    “I would spend my time in Kenya hanging out at my friend’s workshop where they made custom jeans. I started to learn the trade slowly; first doing simple things like putting rivets on jackets, tapering jean legs, and replacing zippers. Later they showed me how to take measurements, cut the patterns, and complete the fabrication. At that time I was studying Fine Art at a small institution, so naturally I started experimenting with screen printing on the back pockets of the jeans… Locally it became a new style that guys thought was cool…eventually lots of guys were asking for my prints when they ordered new jeans.”


    A trim topcoat (Zeddie had this one altered to fit his frame) is a wardrobe essential. I own a handful of them (brown moleskincamel hairlightweight cotton) and never have a shortage of occasions to wear them. Perhaps a vintage leather is next on my list…

    Z-35 Z-36

    3. Man on the Move


    “After a year of learning and working in the denim factory, I moved to Nairobi where my best friend Sydney and I opened up a denim workshop called Blackbird Jeans. Our first identity product was a drop-crotch jean that caught on with local celebrities and guys looking for a new shape. Blackbird jeans was a new flavor in the Kenyan fashion market.

    In 2011 we got invited to ‘Africa Fashion Week’ in New York where we presented our collection and ended up being the most favorable designers. After the show we went back home to Kenya…but soon got invited back to America to present our collection at another show in Memphis… Several other shows followed after that across the U.S. That’s how I ended up living in NYC.

    Since then I’ve been trying to grow my brand while learning the art of quality tailoring along with Mr. Sumner and the crew at Alexander Nash NYC.”


    Normally I wouldn’t pair forest green with bright red, grey, and black – but that’s why we do style profiles for inspiration!

    Z-48 Z-49

    Thanks for reading and special thanks to Zeddie for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Steven Santander

      My boy Zeddie! Awesome topcoat, love the subtle green hue. Vintage outerwear is my favorite for this time of year also. I have a brown double breasted leather topcoat I’m using in rotation with my other vintage finds. Nice job, see you at Whiskey Wednesdays!

    • Nick A

      Sup Neo? I think it works. Would be brutal if the color was any darker but that nice deep green gives it a casual flare.

    • TO

      Look #2 is a real winner here. The suit in #1 is sublime.

      Mr. Lukoye can, or anyone else on here, share more insight into getting complex leather alts done? (who should one trust, expected cost, etc- maybe even someone recommended in Toronto??)

      …This article is fitting to me at the moment b.c I found out I inherited a sick grey leather piece from my late grandpa that I would need some more involved alts done.

      • TO

        Please, if you’re out there and can help! :)

    • Dave Coakley

      Man on the move, is a great look. Like the shirt.

    • Nate

      25?? He looks about 40!
      That last look is big pimpin’

      • Jhwendland

        Damn, that’s rough.

    • Donald

      I can dig that. He pulled it off. It adds a 70’s American Hustle vibe. Style is personal. We don’t need cookie cutters

    • Sabir M. Peele

      The 2nd & third look come together quite well. The sneakers really complement the grey pants. Plus, it’s always good to learn a bit of history about your features Dan! Good work.

      – Sabir

    • John

      Yea……… Leather topcoats are profoundly cheesey. Come on, guys.

    • tommyjohn_45

      Pretty sure my mom had that exact coat in the early 90s!