“Whipcord”: The Younger, Sexier Seersucker

August 13th, 2011

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I wore each piece in my new collection MAB by Dan Trepanier for a week straight before we released them – testing the quality, comfort and versatility of my new designs.

This one, the “Khaki Whipcord Suit”, is a lightweight and breathable cotton in a brown/cream micro-seersucker stripe. This is my take on the everyman’s essential khaki cotton suit.

As with all the pieces in the collection, the cut is slim and updated without being too tight or skinny for “regular” guys. (As a former athlete, at 6’1 190 lbs, I hate to be be swimming in Brooks Brothers, but also don’t want to be busting-out of Dior.)

Here, I styled the khaki whipcord for three different occasions.

    1. Office Ready

    With a blue shirt (solid, stripe or check) and a solid tie (navy, brown, burgundy, etc.) it’s a quick and easy, just-unique-enough summer business look.

    Tip: The jacket is 1/4 lined, so even with a shirt and tie it stays cool. It’s literally one thin layer of cotton on your back, so you can save the sweat for the business issues.

    Tip II: It’s a subtle spin on a classic wardrobe piece in a soft neutral tone, so it works with almost any shirt and tie combo.

    Tip III: The beauty of whipcord is the tight vertical “ribbed” texture. It’s effective in bouncing-back against wrinkles and doesn’t stick to the skin.

    Tip IV: Keeping your hair short (especially on the sides) is a clean and comfortable look that is appropriate for summer.

    • Blue gingham cotton shirt
    • Navy linen pocket square by Armstrong & Wilson
    • Sterling Silver tie bar by Tiffany & Co.
    • Tortoise shades by Persol
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Navy wool tie by Thom Browne
    • Brown leather wingtips by Gucci

    2. Business Casual

    Take just about any shirt from your closet, loosen up two (or three) buttons and you have a smart business causal look for just about any occasion in the Spring/Summer.

    Tip: This is another tonal/monochromatic look. All shades are in the brown family, which ads a nice depth.

    Tip II: As with any off-the-rack suit purchase, I recommend having it tailored to your specific dimensions/preferences. We purposely left additional seam allowance in our suits, to make life easier for you and your tailor to achieve the perfect fit.

    • Brown poplin shirt
    • Tortoise shades by Matsuda Eyewear
    • Brown alligator belt by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
    • White pocket square with brown tipping from TheTieBar.com
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Burgundy penny loafers by Bass

    3. Tailored Day Off

    The beauty of a cotton suit is how easy it is to to dress down. The texture of the whipcord looks just as appropriate with a polo or t-shirt as it does with a spread collar.

    Tip: Not all sandals are flip flops. Pick up a pair of quality leather strap sandals, like these handmade Italian versions, and you’ll find yourself wearing them all summer. The tiny heel and leather sole give them the sophistication of a genuine leather shoe, but with a more easygoing and “summer chic” vibe. I get compliments on these from women all the time – it’s not often you see a man in a well-made sandal.

    Tip II: The trick to keeping the sleeves up: push (don’t roll) them up over the elbow, balance the fabric bunching at the bicep, then turn in/under the sleeve hem at the bottom so that it holds itself up (it’s like the opposite motion of a traditional sleeve roll).

    Tip III: $2 “pocket square” from the local vintage store.

    • Tortoise shades by Matsuda Eyewear
    • Red bandana Vintage
    • Brown leather strap sandals by Mercanti Forentini
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Striped polo shirt by Brooks Brothers Black Fleece

    Thanks for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Westley Dimagiba.

    • Puseletso Gasha

      u guys rily are of a great help! I am very choosy wen it comes to dating men because i m more obsessed wit fashion so i want some1 who has that sense of fashion in him as well.Only f men wud follw ur tips and advices then ths world wud be full of sexy men.Thanx guys that i nw gve ths tips to ma boyfrnd who is nw one damn sexy guy i ddnt knw he was b4 nd i love hm soo much! a big thanx to u nd keep it up

    • iamtheavalanche


      I was wondering what is the best option hanger for suits and dress shirts. Wood is probably the best bet but are the wood hangers from a local home depot, lowes, or walmart sufficient or are cedar hangers the way to go? I already know cedar shoe trees are a must. Also whats the best way to store ties and belts? Is it on a hanger with little posts on it or what?


    • RothmansNY

      that. is. awesome.

      it’s so hard to wear a suit in the summer when it’s hot and you really don’t feel like dressing up. if guys knew their options, they they wouldn’t have to worry about sweating their arses off. thanks for bringing it to the masses.


    • Enreeks


      I appreciate all of your posts, because they all teach me something I never knew about fashion/clothing/etc before I read it.

      I’m curious if you would ever be interested in making about about BUYING a suit off-the-rack: it would be helpful to see what to look for and what to steer clear (in terms of fit and its ability to be tailored) of when making a purchase.

      Just a thought. Blog is awesome man, congrats on all the success.


    • Glauco

      Very nice 1 piece/3 ways!
      Much appreciate!
      The real man lifestyle

    • Aydika James

      Love the looks, love the tips (especially about properly “pushing” your sleeves back, vs rolling.) Hendricks Park Stylist approved!!

    • Jim Brown

      Love this post. Especially that polo!

    • Every Man’s Closet

      This is a great post. All three looks work and you broke them down well. One thought, although I LOVE the look, do you think in “real life” it is appropriate for guys to go with no socks for business? Even though it is business casual? Would love to hear other’s thoughts on this. Maybe if you are just in the office that day but don’t have any meetings?


      • Marco

        If it’s a question of appropriateness rather than comfort, I’m afraid to say it varies, but if you even have to question whether it’s okay or not to go sockless, best to err on the side of caution and just put some socks on. You can always take them off if you see your boss rocking the full Trepanier, sockless, Gucci loafers, rolled up cuffs and all!

    • TO

      Wow. Killed it. Great colour compositions (+ I don’t know if I ever want to look for a regular polo again haha).

    • Sean

      Love the suit and love the post!

    • Emanuel Iuhas

      WWOW!!!Love it Dan!
      Very inspiring post…I also have a suit like this!
      Thank you!


      Emanuel Iuhas
      Visual Merchandiser/Fsshion blogger

    • cam

      dan, great stuff as usual. one question: flap pocket vs. patch pocket…formality? personal preference? i know the patch pocket is usually seen on sport coats or blazers for the most part as opposed to suit jackets. interested in your decision on these type of details when designing your suits. thanks!

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        A patch is a more casual pocket by definition. What I love about them is that they don’t distract much from a suited look, and look awesome as a sportcoat.

        All of the suits are purposely designed to be worn as separates as well. Here you have a great suit, spring/summer blazer, and a go-to pair of khakis.


    • J.G.L.

      Hi, nice looks all of them. I am not a fan of men in sandals, even less with a suit but overall they look very nice and classic.

      About the matching color of leather… I don’t think it is that relevant… you can end up looking like you put too much effort into what you wear.

      Anyways, nice job!

    • Maurice


      What are thoughts on the importance of matching the color of your watchband leather to the color of your shoes (and belt)? You seem to be fine with a black watchband combined with brown leather shoes.

      Thanks, Maurice

      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        My band is dark brown here. In my opinion, leathers should be in the same color family.


        • Maurice

          That’s good insight – thanks for the quick reply.

    • Keaton

      Another great post. I love that Black Fleece polo with the suit. Before this blog I never knew that polos were made with “dress” button down collars and that it could be pulled off with a suit. Awesome stuff!

    • l’élégant

      Last one is awesome, I love how you used the red handkerchief and the red stripes (subtleties) awesome!