Street Style: Vegas Menswear Shows, Day 2

August 20th, 2014

Yesterday we hit the contemporary menswear shows in Vegas – Liberty Fairs and Project – to check out new brands, new products, and most importantly, new faces in the game.

Here’s some of our favorite looks from the designers, buyers, creative directors, and fashion professionals.

Vegasss (4 of 26)

Vegasss (7 of 26)

Vegasss (15 of 26)

Vegasss (8 of 26)Vegasss (11 of 26)

Vegasss (20 of 26)

Vegasss (1 of 26)

Vegas (45 of 52)

Vegasss (12 of 26)Vegasss (23 of 26)

Vegas (41 of 52)

Vegas (39 of 52)

For you more conservative gentlemen, today we will be covering the MRKT tradeshow, which is sure to have a some more traditional menswear. Stay tuned for Day 3 tomorrow!

Yours in style,


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  • Marlon DeNon

    A most sincere thank you for the addition to your excellent site Gentlemen! It was great conversing with you both & I look forward many more insightful posts by you guys!

  • Steve

    I don’t think I can get be behind the extra long shirt. My wife wears a shirt dress with leggings that looks just like that, but she looks way better in it. ;-)

  • TSB4Life

    I need a Nick Wooster beard on my face.

  • Stuart

    The extra long shirt and the smock are bad ass. I’m definitely going to start working both into my wardrobe.

  • jaykaysway

    Vintage Manifesto repping hard as usual!

  • Hender Crazed

    Wooster’s Hender Schemes are beautiful!

  • Ob

    The 9th photo. Is that a one piece? I cant tell where the jacket ends and pants begin.

    • TO

      I think it is. I could get behind these as “dapper overalls” !

  • Phillip M Walters

    Personally, I don’t think I can pull off a lot of “street wear” game, but I love seeing styles that are different from mine, yet somehow really well put together. Awesome shoot and amazing style.

  • TO

    Strongest trade show spread yet in my opinion. These guys really knows what they’re doing, the real clothing pros. And Alex did an amazing job with lighting.

    Though completely superfluous, the apron under the blazer on that guy actually looks dope. Why does he wear aprons at this event, is he selling clothing for stylish cooks and/or mechanics or something? Just curious.

  • Baldwin

    Kudos to the gentlemen expressing their inner
    idiosyncrasies through their attire; poor show to the
    gentlemen who dress with the mere purpose of serving as spectacle.

    • cam

      How do u decipher from a picture only?

      • Baldwin

        I can’t decipher their intent based on the pictures alone,
        nor am I attempting to. After viewing this post I begin to wonder what inspired
        some of these style decisions. My comment above is merely my conclusion: If
        theses looks are a manifestation of someone’s passion (see and read the posts
        feat Browne Andrews, J.S. Vann, The
        Durimel Twins, and Angel Ramos ) then I applaud their use of the medium as a
        means of expression and individuality. If, however, they’re peacocking just to peacock,
        as a way to stand out among the urban milieu, well… then I have less respect for
        the impetus for their outfits.