Jersey Knit Button-Downs

August 11th, 2014

Firstly, my apologies for the slower-than-usual content lately. As mentioned, we recently brought on a couple new team members and we’ve been spending most of our days plotting and scheming to bring you a whole new Articles of Style in the near future. More on all that soon-ish.

Lately I’ve been keeping the articles true to my personal wardrobe by highlighting some of the pieces that have migrated to the front of my rotation. For example, this summer, rather than falling into the t-shirt or polo shirt trap, I’ve been experimenting with jersey knit button-downs.

They feel and perform like t-shirts (their made from the same kind of stretchy jersey cotton), but they have theΒ shape and silhouette of a more formal button-down.

Here’s two that I’ve been wearing this week.



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  • ThatCat1

    hey guys. does anyone know where I can find a shirt like that? I am having trouble finding one

  • Nick_L

    Love the Zanerobe drop crotch pants for the summer. I have a pair of those and a couple of the All Saints that I rotate basically from June – September. Very versatile and cool during the 80+ temp days.

  • cam

    Great post Dan. Been doing my own version with this pick up in the navy and white

  • John B

    Look #1 is so good. Way to go! I blame you for making me search for a similar shirt though!

    • Dan Trepanier

      Good luck mate. I was planning to link to some online options, but couldn’t find anything I could really stand behind…

  • Benjamin Hunter

    Call me a knit-wit, but I’m loving these shirts.

    However, Q for Dan: are these not considered button-ups? Is a button-down not exclusive to shirts whose collars are buttoned down?

    • Dan Trepanier

      We were debating this not long ago. It seems people go either way… I call it a button-down, whether it has buttons on the collar or not :/ Cheers.

  • Sean

    Looking good! Maybe a dumb question, but how can one tell if a fabric is jersey cotton, as opposed to just cotton? Are both shirts 100% cotton? Does it need to have a sheen or a mesh-like quality?

    • Dan Trepanier

      Jersey cotton is very soft and very stretchy (4-way stretch). Have you ever had jersey sheets? I highly recommend…

      • Jack

        My wife and I had jersey sheets on our bed a few years ago, and I miss the hell out of them. SO. COMFORTABLE.

  • ChrisD

    Yup, love the way they fit too. They conform to bodily curves while draping nicely as well. I picked up a faded green one (brand: Sol Angeles) from Value Village a few months ago for $6. I found it perfect for beach days, where it transitions from being a sun-cover to restaurant-wear afterwards.

  • TO

    Hmm haven’t often seen this style often. But they are a great idea. I do have one short-sleeve jersey buttoned shirt w/ epaulettes. I would actually wear it a lot more often if it was short enough to be untucked, I guess because it feels so light and casual.

  • Ali Naaseh

    Those sure ain’t all stars, what are they??

    • Dan Trepanier

      The leather sneaks are by Heutchy. Super fly.

      • Ali Naaseh

        Too bad they’re all sold out online. I’ll settle for all black chucks for now. Also, how do the Zanerobe pants fit? All my pants are labeled 29 but my true waist is 32… Are they the same as everything else you can buy at J.Crew and Gap and crap, a few inches shy of true waist measurements?

  • Jarrett

    I love that first look Dan. It’s the perfect casual outfit. I’ve been obsessed here of late with wearing black shoes, navy pants, and a black shirt. Glad to see you rockin’ that combo as well! Keep up the good work man!

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Player. Stay tuned for some upgrades to TSBmen!

  • Mr Saint

    Good post Dan, I think I need to work on my ‘beer with breakfast’ belly before tackling something like this!

    I have been meaning to ask for (literally) years where those Suede Loafers are from? I want a similar pair in both Suede and Black. I really like their minimal detailing. I don’t like loafers that have that large ‘ridge’ detail around the front where the top is stitched to the sides… I am sure there is a proper technical term for it but I’ll be damned if I know it!

    The closest I have found is the Loake – Eton pair but I wonder if anyone else has any recommendations?

    • Herbert Morrison

      Look around they’re everywhere. The ones Dan have are RL, and I got mine from Barney’s private label. It’s called an apron toe penny loafer–very chic, very Italian.