Casually Tailored: T-Shirts & Trousers

July 31st, 2014

Since moving out West I’ve been trying to find clever ways to combine my east coast tailoring roots with the casual culture of sunny Los Angeles.

Last week I wore almost exclusively this: t-shirt, trousers, loafers, simple accessories. It’s a great in-between look that has a casual attitude, but an overall sharpness.

Here’s two quick examples we shot from my wardrobe last week.

1. Linen on Linen


With a look this simple, attention to detail makes all the difference.

Keep the t-shirt fitted and the trousers tailored for a look that’s perfect for those times when the attire calls for casual, but you want to portray an air of sharpness or professionalism. A good example is a weekend business meeting, a casual afternoon date, or a college/grad school class.


Don’t forget the extra ten percent: the accessories.

With a white linen blend t-shirt and grey linen trousers (part of this suit) I usually go with simple silver accents. The thin silver necklace, alligator/silver watch and vintage Ralph Lauren shades (from my guys at Kings of Past) are an almost perfect match. They look like they are from the same collection, even though they are each from different countries and different time periods.


The look is also extra clean with beltless trousers. Consider the metal side-adjuster just another one of those simple accessories.

The shrunken leather portfolio was from the collection I did with Frank Clegg, which sadly is no longer for sale. I told you they were limited edition!


The bamboo bit drivers have been through the wringer. After graduating college my best friend and I did a 3-month “backpacking” trip (we actually used Filson rolly duffle bags) around Western Europe, and I only brought these loafers and a pair of Chuck Taylors.

I bought them used on eBay in college and I’ve been wearing them for six years. Consider these a walking testament to the quality of Gucci loafers.


2. Brown in Town


Some traditionalist don’t wear “brown in town”, which I think is silly.

City, country, fall, summer…I wear earthy tones like browns and greens year-round. I find that they compliment my skin tone and are slightly more approachable and daytime-friendly than black, which is often my default.


If you’re wearing a t-shirt with trousers, tuck it in! The proportions and the waistline are the most important part.

The look is also more fluid with a quality t-shirt, like the linen-blend from above or this flowy pima cotton. A Hanes undershirt might seem a little out of place with some sharply tailored suit trousers.


Again, the accessories are what seal the deal and make such a simple outfit look polished.

The Stetson fedora, vintage Vogue frames (also from my boys at Kings of Past), and the suede watch strap (a nice complement to the loafers) all complete the look tastefully.


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Frank

    T-shirts and trousers = not sartorial. It has a bit of a homeless look about it.

  • andrew baler

    hi dan, i’ll be turning 30 next year and i think i need to plan what outfit could fit on my age and i think this outfit of yours are my kind of thing, im just wondering if it will work if i wear chinos and t-shirt? what material of shirt? since i live in a tropical country how can i nail this look without looking tacky.

  • Micah

    Those ankles white though.

  • Stine

    “…the world’s most popular and influential men’s style blog”

    “…Dan Trepanier is a recognized style icon who is considered an authority on all things menswear and men’s style.”

    “When heard someone’s boasting,
    I could smell shit of bull from afar.”

    ― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

  • Nick_L

    Going to add Gucci loafers to my shopping list now.

  • Tim

    Hi Dan, Im thinking about having a linen suit made and was wondering what weight fabric you would recommend?

    • Dan Trepanier

      As light as possible, without sacrificing durability or opacity. Some shirting linens may be a little too thin or see-through, and some heavy canvas linens are not designed for suits. Give it a good feel, and ask to see a sample. Cheers mate.

      • Tim

        Thanks Dan. Ive found 2 Irish suiting linens that I like, 1 12oz and 1 9oz. Sounds like the 9oz is the go. Thanks again.

  • John B

    Looks good, but I’ll probably wear sneakers on look #1. I’m biased though, since I can’t stand driving mocs/boat shoes without shorts.
    How come your ankles aren’t tanned though?

  • cam

    F’n sick…in Italy right now and been wearing this look exclusively for the last two weeks…dem Guccis r so waavy

    • Dan Trepanier

      Where in Italy are you Cam?

      • cam

        Was in Massa, Pisa and now Florence

  • MS

    Great looks. Hard for me to deal with a tucked in T-shirt but this whole spread has a very cool, James Dean, postwar kind of vibe.

    You need a shot of you looking under the hood of an army Jeep for full effect!

  • Brady

    That second look is awesome. Would be a good look for a day in New Orleans. Just got back from there and I must say… it was a bit of a sartorial conundrum.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Did you spot any cool New Orleans style? We’re looking to head that way this Fall…

      • Brady

        Absolutely, the city has a very laid back/artistic feel to it, definitely need the summer weight fabrics. I hope y’all make it down here

  • Miguel

    Dan, excellent post my man, always learning something by coming to the site.
    I really liked those shirts, you can see the quality from afar and they’re full of prints all over the place, it keeps the look clean just like you said.

    Thanks, Dan, TSB crew.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thx Miguel!

  • rule_of_thumbs

    dan, thanks for always bringing it man!

    where are those trousers from? those are too fresh!

    • Robert

      I would guess both those trousers are from MAB…?

    • John B

      The grey pair should be from Reiss, there’s a link to them post featuring his MTO suit from them.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Grey: Reiss
      Brown: Michael Andrews Bespoke


  • Shawn

    Dan, I’ve read some bro science on the Interwebs about driving loafers needing to be worn sparingly because the sole rubbers might run off quickly and they’re not replaceable like a goodyear-welted sole. Yours having seen some mileage proves them wrong!

    +1 for the side adjusters and high waisted trousers. All that’s needed is a pleat or two!

    • Dan Trepanier

      I would agree, especially with the classic Tods design that has the little gumballs on the soles…those wear down fast. These Guccis have hard rubber soles than haven’t worn down hardly at all… These are more walking mocs than driving mocs, I’d say.

  • Bo

    Hey Dan, where are both those T-shirts from? Not sure if I missed the credit in the above article or not. And the loafers in the second look? I like both get-ups though! They have a continental appeal to them.

    • Dan Trepanier

      White linen tee: Kenneth Cole
      Green Pima Cotton Tee: Sunspel
      Suede loafs: Ralph Lauren

      • Bo

        Awesome — great to know and thanks Dan!