10 Menswear Trends Spotted at Pitti Uomo 2014

July 9th, 2014

I didn’t make it to Pitti Uomo this year due to some projects I was managing in LA, but our friend Neil Watson from A&H Magazine captured some of the sartorial style for us.

Pitti can be a place of aggressive peacocking, but it can also be a great place to pick up little details from watching how true menswear enthusiasts wear their clothes.

Here’s 10 sartorial micro-trends we spotted that I think you could easily incorporate into your Spring/Summer wardrobe to add a touch of that famous Italian “sprezzatura“.

1. Black, Blue & Brown


2. Back Tie Blade Longer


3. Three-button Jackets


4.  Clip-on Suspenders


5. Single Monks


6. Band Collar Shirts



7. Denim Tailoring


8. Wallet Chains



9. Double-Breasted Blazers


10. Monograms in Plain Sight



Keep your eyes open; the devil is in the details.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Neil Watson

  • hose07

    Clip-on suspenders? Gross.

  • Gianluca

    None of this is really part of the new Pitti. They pretty much have been going on for a few pitti now. What I feared would happen, already did. People like Lino, for instance, are copied to every last detail years later, then it would be overdone by others, then it would get so used, that what was once unique and cool has been beaten to death and eventually hated. with the internet, this mass-copying and same look is taking out the uniqueness from the originators. In the end, only those who really are pulling it off NATURALLY, will be doing it right….but that’s ONLY obvious to those who can a real from the fake. Oh well, such is the world….ok, enough with my doom and gloom. Hahaha Enjoy your weekend.

  • Blake


  • JT

    The emperor’s new clothes look especially beautiful this year.

  • Pedantic

    Traditionally, suspenders have the clips, and braces have the buttons. So it’s just a little redundant to write suspenders with clips. But I’m sure I’m probably the only one bothered by that :)

  • Jhwendland

    The back-blade-longer-than-front-blade look is one of the worst affectations in #menswear.

    • AFH

      It really, really is. I think it’s a deliberate display of bespoke because you need to have an extra long tie to make it..er…’work’ – or else be really short. But it’s quite unforgivable.

      • Oliver Phillips

        I’m 6′ and still have this issue with normal ties. As I posted above, if you want a decent four in hand knot you generally end up with a longer back blade

        • AFH

          That’s really interesting. Presumably the front blade length is quite short?

          I don’t favour a tiny knot, but I don’t have this issue. Weird o~0

    • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

      Even dumber when they make the tie knot all skew-whiff so that both blades are on display. Reminds of how an 8 year old would tie his tie.

      • AFH

        As a widebody, I sometimes like to do this a little if I’m wearing a thinner tie – I have a tie with a little back blade contrast which is nice to show off a little. I broadly agree, but there are practical exceptions.

    • levijyron

      I completely and totally disagree. This look is so far from #menswear and has roots in European (especially Italian) tailoring where it is a very sartorial and sprezzatura look.

      For what it’s worth, Simon Crompton speaks of it as a very acceptable way to tie your tie.


      • AFH

        Defending the undefendable as sprezzatura is so #menswear ;-)

        As SC points out, the Italians do it mostly because they are relatively short. I have no issue with short people needing to get their front blade the right length – that’s sprezzatura. People buying their ties extra long to achieve the look is not.

        • levijyron

          This I agree with. If it’s on purpose to achieve a ‘look’ it’s an affectation, which is probably what the OP was referring to :)

    • Oliver Phillips

      It’s due to the Italian way of tying a four-in-hand with a really big knot. You need to have the wide end of the tie fairly short to make sure the knot ends up wide enough, which often leaves you with a much longer back blade. I have this problem quite a bit without deliberately trying to do it

      • Henry

        It’s due to the fact that Gianni Agnelli tied his tie that way and then, well, monkey see – monkey do.

  • John B

    I definitely don’t want to come off as negative, but it looks like a lot of this guys are trying to appear unique or maybe start a trend (whether we like it or not, most of the people who attend pitti serve as influencers).
    It’s not that I hate everything though, in fact I liked a lot of the looks, even the omnipresent stacked bracelets Dan dislikes. But I feel that sometimes, less is indeed more.
    Also, I wanted to like the band collar shirt, but the way the placket opens right after the last buttoned button destroys the look for me! Not sure why that happens though!

  • Jeanscuffed

    I was awaiting a Pitti Uomo post. I really wish you went so we, the viewers can, see your take and 1st hand look at it. I dig all of the styles posted especially denim tailoring. Although, I must say that the denim jacket looks mighty heavy in weight and looks like I would smoulder in the heat. Dan with your 100+ suits, I’m sure you have a denim suit or blazer in your rotation. How does the weight of yours go? It looks super slick and would like to tamper with it in the future, but I just wanted some advice before I go all out. Also, I would have thought snap on suspenders would be frowned upon. I have 3 pair and they look great. What do you think the sudden change is? Great post btw.

  • Miguel

    I always look at the Pitti pictures to see what they were wearing and what’s coming.

    Sometimes some of them are trying really hard to stand out but for the most part everyone is on point.

    Out of the post, I liked..

    1- Denim Tailoring 2- Single Monks 3- DB blazers 4- Band Collar Shirts.

  • Shawn

    Somehow I feel like you need to work for the Armoury, B&Tailor or some of the other South East Asian bespoke houses to sport the clip-on suspenders and longer back blade of the tie. While I mostly find them unattractive, these guys can rock them and not look like they’re trying too hard doing so. The Japanese are always dominating Pitti, as usual (IMHO)!

    • Shawn

      One more you can add to your list is one-piece collars, I’ve seen them emerging a lot this year!

    • Shawn

      Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, when I say “finding them unattractive”, I’m talking about the tie blade and clip-on braces trends, not the Asians people working in menswear. On the contrary, I’m really digging their style!

    • Matthias

      Funny, I don’t see any Japanese men in the above pictures? What I do see (imo) are bloggers desperately wanting to differentiate themselves from the average (us), and while doing so they completely forget, or forgo, the fact that style can be about subtlety as well.

      The guys you’re referring to can pull off the above because of the way they carry themselves. If you look at their pictures, they’ll wear the trends, but they do it subtle. I saw Jake of the Armoury strolling through London a couple of days ago sporting high rise trousers w/o break, overcheck jacket, most of us wouldn’t be able to wear it w/o looking like clowns, but the way he wears it, the natural flair combined with the quality garments puts him (and the asians) miles ahead of the peacocks above…

      • Shawn

        I’m not talking about the above pictures specifically, but I usually look at Pitti pictures two times a year religiously (just because…) on various website and it has always stood out to me that they (the Asians) surely can dress. I’m following a couple of their blogs and I always appreciate what they put out!

  • Ryan

    Some great looks here with the DB blazers, single monks and tailored denim. However, the wallet chains and clip on suspenders cheapen the look. They just don’t feel sartorial but perhaps that isn’t what these gentlemen are going for.

  • Rams

    Definitely digging the sprezz of the uneven tie blade. Spotted Angel Ramos on his tumblr a while back sporting that detail and loved the casualness of it. The shadow striped suit in photo #8,and the denim?/leather bag in photo #9 warrant a little attention too.

    • Jeanscuffed

      Hell, if Angel put a patterned sock on his nose and wore it around I would probably consider it….kidding though. I’m just saying he pulls off the longer tie blade with ease and confidence.

  • AFH

    When I rule the world, anyone who wears their back blade longer will be shot on sight.

    Fair play, you’re just reporting but……clip on suspenders?…..monograms??…..http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0a3fg-fUWdw/T3On8vGgmVI/AAAAAAAAA4A/PJg-1gRMH5Y/s200/bunk-the-wire.gif

  • fstyle

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