Motorcycle Inspired Menswear feat. Sam Adegoke

July 10th, 2014

Remember how menswear designs through history have usually started with utility in mind? Well here’s a great example. Sam Adegoke is a motorcycle enthusiast with a passion for functional design. His goal is simple; to keep people safe and looking fly.

“I’m the designer for LA based menswear label Wayward; a premium contemporary brand of denim and leather apparel rooted in biker culture. As a motorcycle enthusiast of over 10 years I was constantly frustrated with the availability of good-looking yet functional biker apparel.  I wanted Wayward to embody a lifestyle fusion of style and safety.”

The line has some truly protective pieces available, but also some very wearable “biker-inspired” pieces that you don’t necessarily need a motorbike to wear. The more I look over the collection, the more impressed I am by the design. Sam is truly a class act with great taste. He’s one to watch!

And the best part is, when he’s not designing badass biker-inspired menswear, Sam is working with his non-profit The Helmet Project which provides helmets and safety equipment to riders in impoverished countries.

We caught up with him at Spirit Lake Cycles in Downtown LA where he shared a little about his story and showed us some of his recent work.

    1. Trim Padding

    SamA-4 copy copy

    This looks like a trim-cut leather trucker jacket, but with additional padding through the shoulders, elbows, and body. It’s also cut from a very durable leather. The pants are also subtly padded through the knees and thighs.

    My favorite aspect of Sam’s design is that he’s able to pack-in a fair amount of protective padding while keeping the silhouette trim and sleek. He puts a lot of emphasis on fit.


    “I was born in Nigeria, and migrated to the states. First to New York, briefly, then Minnesota. I studied Marketing as an undergrad at the University of Minnesota, then menswear design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. My mother was heavy into fashion and had a small cut and sew boutique selling traditional West African clothing. She had this gregarious Nigeria way of mixing traditional West African garb with American style that everyone loved.

    I learned how to sew and construct basic garments by watching her. We were a low-income family and being the youngest of 6 boys meant my entire wardrobe consisted of hand-me-downs or Kmart clothes, or hand-me-downs from Kmart.  So I had to get creative with what I had.”


    And of course, every biker needs a mean pair of riding boots.


    • Black Leather Trucker Jacket by WAYWARD
    • White Tshirt by WAYWARD
    • Handpainted Black Denim by WAYWARD
    • Black leather biker boots by Sartori gold

    2. Sweat Suit


    This look is not necessarily protective, but if there is ever a suit to be worn on a bike, it’s this black knit piece that fits like a sweater. A suit doesn’t get much more casual, or cool.

    And of course the accessories – shades, rings, necklace, python caftan – make the look that much cooler.


    “What really shaped my personal style was riding motorcycles.  I started when I was 14 riding my childhood friend’s mini dirt bikes until the summer after High School when I saved and finally purchased my own. It was an old 87’ Honda Interceptor and it consumed me. All I wanted to do was ride. There was a distinct shift in my clothing style that was more conducive to riding.

    That shift became even more pronounced when I moved to LA after college. You can ride year-round here and, for a while, my bike was my only mode of transport.   It was great, but it meant I really had to plan my days and attire around the experience of riding.  If I were going from a morning coffee meeting to the studio to work on garments, to dinner then drinks or an event, I’d have to find one outfit that satisfied all occasions. That made my harness my style and focus on simplicity.”


    You may remember, Sam also joined us at the recent Articles of Style Influencer Dinner where we wore a, what else, another beautiful leather piece.


    • Black Python leather caftan by Skingraft
    • Black Modal Knit Blazer by WAYWARD
    • Black Cropped Slacks by WAYWARD
    • Black shoes by Officine Creative Italia

    3. Leather 2-Piece


    “I don’t profess to be an authority on what style is and isn’t. I create what I like and I’m grateful when that speaks to someone. But what speaks to each of us is so different and nuanced. I often see things on others that I would never wear, but appreciate because it works for them.

    I do believe, however, that clothing can and should flatter the human figure regardless of shape or size. Everyone can find the cuts, silhouettes, colors and textures that best compliment their bodies. I’m a slimmer guy and there is this idea that slim guys can try or “pull off” more in terms of style, which I don’t believe is necessarily true. I like nothing more than seeing a larger bellied feller pull-off a head turning look that just works.  It always makes me smile and think damn, that guy knows his body.  So with that, fit and tailoring are extremely important to me in my work. I can always layer details, colors and textures into a garment, but the foundation has to be a well-cut bodice.

    I think developing your personal style works the same way. Learn your body, get your fit down, and have fun building from there.”


    • Black Vintage Fedora
    • Washed Lamb Leather vest by WAYWARD
    • Blue Chambray Shirt by WAYWARD
    • Watch by Zenick
    • Bracelet by Miansai
    • Rings by Champagne Gypsy
    • Washed Lamb Leather trousers by WAYWARD
    • Two Tone shoes by Pantanetti

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style

    Photography by Alex Crawford assisted by Andrew WhiteSpecial Thanks to Spirit Lake Cycles

    • MaleStylePro

      A round of applause. Very well executed.

    • BougieHippie

      Bad Ass but stylish!!!! Perfect menswear combo.

    • Oliver Phillips

      Really appreciate the photography work that went into this. The high contrast almost painterly editing style fits the subject matter so well

    • Khaled Nasr

      Look 2 is absolutly killer!! Fit and proprtions are perfect! Awesome feature!

    • JT

      “I don’t profess to be an authority on what style is and isn’t. I create what I like and I’m grateful when that speaks to someone. But what speaks to each of us is so different and nuanced. I often see things on others that I would never wear, but appreciate because it works for them.”

      Really appreciate his perspective. We could use more of that around here.

    • Adrian B

      Absolutely phenomenal post. Thoroughly enjoyed every look along with the story behind it all.

    • Daniel

      These kinds of posts are the reason I keep coming back to TSB. Mr. Adegoke’s style is dope, and it feels personal – not like something he picked up from scrutinizing pictures of the cool kids in Florence. So fresh.

      Thanks, TSB team, for seeking out these features. Much appreciated!

    • Arden

      As someone who is looking at getting a bike soon, this post really hit the spot. Sam looks absolutely killer and Alex just killed it with the photography. Great work yet again guys.

    • Sabir M. Peele

      Yeah, I’m commenting again! Alex you smash this sh*t with your photography skills!

    • JoeFromTexas

      “And the best part is, when he’s not designing badass biker-inspired menswear, Sam is working with his non-profit The Helmet Project which provides helmets and safety equipment to riders in impoverished countries.”

      Sam’s some kind of superhero! Awesome that you can follow your passion and use that to do good in the world, all while looking extra fly doing it.

      – A bigger bellied feller (And while I agree that we can and sometimes do look fly, I still think yall have more options at hand, IMHOAABBF, which everyone knows stand for: In My Humble Opinion As A Bigger Bellied Feller)

    • Olerud_4_Life

      Yoruba styles!!! Naija man!!! I like the second look man. The hat/leather kufi is real. Good looks

    • StyleSubjective

      Are you guys blind because the photography is amazing? GOOD post, but nothing to scream home about. Sam’s brand is inspirational as well as his story, but as far as personal style goes there have been better posts on this site. Not bashing, I don’t want to offend TO or anyone like that.

      • Dan Trepanier

        In the words of Sam himself: “what speaks to each of us is so different and nuanced”.

        As far as TO – he’s got my back for life!!!

    • ChrisD

      This is definitely in my top fav posts. Back story is great, love hearing about people who started their foray into style with a sewing machine.
      Style is extremely cool without being too extreme (the jacket wouldn’t look out of place when not on a bike) and actually functional.
      Also agree that the photography is stunning.

      that jacket.. i can imagine the chill received from completing it and putting it on for the first time.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Shouts out to Alex for stepping up his game. This post marks the begining of a new chapter for us… Stepping up our production!

    • Kevin Reed

      I think this is the first time I’ve ever thought “those leather pants and leather vest looks good”. I think it’s because Sam knows his stuff in terms of fit and cut, but he also has a style that matches the attitude he’s projecting and that all the leather also serves a real purpose for him ( in this case, riding motorcycles). I hope he shows up in another feature someday.

    • Todd Ruhnau

      For a motorcyclist, it is a constant struggle to find jackets that look good but also protect you. Sam seems to have created a design that highlights the added padding and makes it an aesthetic focus rather than an unsightly hindrance. I’m wondering what the price point for that kind of leather jacket is? Also Alex’s photos are incredible here! Just stunning to look at and they really enhance the personality of Sam’s looks.

      • AFH

        Yeah, I liked the stuff he was wearing but the thought ‘how much?’ did occur – the online shop is not open yet sadly, but I’d be curious to know.

    • Rams

      Ditto gents on the polished photography and also the introduction to Wayward. A++ for keeping it eclectic.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thx mate. Gotta keep it fresh and new.

    • Shawn

      «I like nothing more than seeing a larger bellied feller pull-off a head turning look that just works.» You got me there, man! While I don’t own a bike (yet), I’ve always been interested in them and motorcycle clothing. Sometimes, a simple leather jacket with a grey hoodie underneath, some raw/selvedge denim and sleek boots is all you need!

    • Andyroo

      Very, very cool. I could never do it, but this dude absolutely kills it.

    • Ike S

      Great post, great style!! Would love to be able to shop online.

      • Dan Trepanier

        I think WAYWARD needs to start selling online…

        • Sam Adegoke

          @tsbmen:disqus @isaacshabot:disqus thanks much for the kind words. We’re moving from a custom client base to full retailing very shortly. stay tuned IG #waywardco or via the site. cheers!

          • Ike S

            Look forward to it! If you ever decide to open up a NYC location contact me as I represent tenants in their retail expansion.

            • Sam Adegoke

              @isaacshabot:disqus Absolutely. I’ll be in Ny in a few weeks for liberty fairs. Inbox me your contact and hopefully we can meet up. cheers

    • Cole I

      Love this post. I echo all of the other comments. This is true style pulled off magnificently.

    • Jimmy_Johansen

      This is style! I feel like a lot of the guys featured recently have had an artificial feel. Stuff that’s too tight or too short, and most importantly the guys don’t look comfortable in their own clothes. But this is right on point.

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      I can see the headline now – “Biker from the Village People gets replaced by Jamie Foxx”. Jeez……

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      The leather trucker jacket is tremendous. Sam should consider making one without the shoulder patches for those who don’t ride. Is that his Porsche as well? #jelly

      • Dan Trepanier

        That Porsche is super fly. Always timeless.

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      Great post! Sam Adegoke’s collection is amazing and different than the usual.WAYWARD’s maiden voyage was terrific!Here’s the link to it:

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      Inspiring to say the least and the photography is just fantastic. Alex just keeps getting better!

      • Alex Crawford

        Thanks Akil, worked really hard on this one!

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          Looks great, boo.

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          Learning, you are.

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        +1, loving the use of off-camera flash here!

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      The detailing in the jacket in the 1st look is tremendous. I’ve never seen shoulder patches on a jacket, but, the execution of the design on these are amazing. Great feature.

      – Sabir

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      Terrific job. Forget fashion-focused sites. This is the type of unique, inspiring content that any curator should be striving to create on a regular basis. You guys make it look easy.

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      I don’t really like most motorcycles, but I absolutely love this one. The design is amazing and so is this guy’s style! The first look is perfect in my opinion!

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