How to Wear Jeans to the Office

July 19th, 2011

If you’re denim has the right cut – think slim and straight – there is no reason you can’t dress it up.

Depending on your office of course, these looks may give you ideas for good Casual Friday looks that can transfer directly to a “fancy” weekend night out.

As a matter of fact, in a lot of professions you may not need to wait until Friday. If you can make your denim look sharp and presentable nobody will call you out on looking “not appropriate”.

Here’s three different pairs of jeans dress-up, to get you thinking.

    The Easy Way


    If you’re unsure about dressing-up jeans, take the easy way out. Dark, slim, straight, hardly any contrast stitching, and hemmed to the top of the back of the shoe. Can’t really go wrong here.

    Tip: You may have noticed in the close-up shots that every jacket in this post has some texture to it. The more “rugged” the fabric, the easier it is to pair with denim.

    Tip II: A soft shoulder can help give a slighty more relaxed, denim-friendly feel as well.

    Tip III: The tie in this look (and look 1) is cut from the same cloth (literally) as the DB jacket in look 2. Worn together they ad an element of simplicity that is new and fresh.  Wool ties aren’t just for the winter, keep in mind there are awesome lightweight textured wools too.

    Modern DB/Vintage Denim


    Looking for a new pair of jeans? Get a pair of old jeans instead. As we all know, denim gets better with age. So why pay $300 for a pair of fake-washed jeans, when you can get an authentically broken-in pair of American classics for $20?

    Tip: Yes, even your favorite beat-up jeans can be dressed up, as long as they still fit properly. If they’ve stretched over time, you may need to have them altered a little to coincide with the silhouette of your slim jackets.

    Tip II: Slippers are a great style-forward city man’s alternative to boat shoes. I find it a bit strange how many people are wearing boat shoes now, especially in the concrete jungle.

    Tip III: Again, if you’re going to roll your jeans with a “dressed-up” look, make it clean and crisp.

    Tip IV: Brown + Blue. Get with it.

    White Works Too

    I know, I’ve been wearing these white jeans a lot lately – but they work with everything. I once wore them for three days straight, with three completely different looks (even slept in them one drunken night…yes, they were quite dirty afterwords).

    Tip: Everything in this look can be considered a (take on) menswear classics. Blue blazer, pink shirt, simple stripe rep tie, straight denim, monkstrap shoes, aviator shades. Classic items are very easy to pair together, making it hard to go wrong.

    Tip II: If you’re as big of a white denim fan as I am, get to know your bleach bottle, or your dry cleaner.

    • Pink cotton shirt
    • Tortoise aviator shades by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
    • Brown alligator belt by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
    • White denim jeans by Helmut Lang
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Leather/suede double monkstrap shoes by Scarpe di Bianco
    • Brown striped tie by Ralph Lauren Black Label

    Thanks for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

    Photography by Clark Shaw. 

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    • Jewel

      hELO! Nice post! ilove the dress and the jeans! Love alot!
      Great Job…

    • Tom Schmit

      Some how jeans with a 3 piece suite does not work for me. Not quit sure about the pink jeans. The white jeans with a blazer has that G Q look. Maybe I am just a bit old fashion?

    • Gazman

      The jacket in pic 1 – you need balls to carry that off. Wearing it, you’ll walk a fine line between looking sharp and looking like a used-car salesman behind on his quota. You look great though!

    • Rico


    • Aleksi

      In the “3. White Works Too” do you think the blue blazer could be replaced with this

      Thanks in advance.

    • Henri

      In my book blues jeans + a tie is not a possibility.

    • Zulhilmi Rahman

      I just love this post!

      Dan is a master when it comes to mixing formal wear with casuals.

      Everything just works!


    • Arsene

      MUST FIND PINK JEANS! Flawless!!!


      The brown double breasted coat paired with a light blue denim pant…Wicked! Paired with velvet slippers…Massive!

    • Jim Brown

      I have to say, I completely agree with your love of white denim. It’s possibly the greatest thing ever.


        I agree. A pair of crisp white denim is a must for anyone’s closet.

    • Another Dan

      Very very nice Dan. I especially like the DB + the “dad” jeans haha. Keep it up, and I hope your online store is going well. Gotta save up before everyone else takes the things that are already for sale.

    • Jess Shearing

      This is amazing! You have such talent and style! The easy way is my favorite! Going to share your site with my boyfriend! I think he will love it too!

      Keep up the amazing work!!

    • Andrew Payne

      Looking forward to seeing your new shop tomorrow! All the best to you.

    • Jason

      Hey Dan, will you ever have 34 blazer size or 30 waist?

      • SB

        Not in the first season, but perhaps down the road.

        • Jason

          Keep us posted!

    • Arthur

      Hey Dan,

      Big fan from your blog here in Brazil. If you are ever down let me know.

      One quick question…. will you deliver overseas as well? Just wondering if we can go into the shoppping frenzy that will be tomorrow here.


      • SB

        Hey Arthur,

        I’m sorry, but for the first collection we are only shipping to addresses within the USA and Canada. As we continue to grow into the future, we will be adding more countries.


    • B


      • SB

        hah, thanks for the grammar correction.
        …of all the possible comments.

    • Mandel

      Hey just wondering what season are those H&M pink jeans from ? Thks so much love the website always on my toes waiting for more

      • SB

        Years ago, sorry.

    • Keaton

      This is the best post by far. I love how you worked in how to pull off other colors than just “blue” jeans. I would have never known to keep them muted. You are killing man. So pumped for the store to open this weekend!! Congrats.

      • SB

        Thanks Keaton.



    • TK

      Great post as usual! I was wondering if you ever found a fashionable “big” guy to help do a piece on the bigger men? I’m 6’1,250,more athletic than overweight but big nonetheless .I have very broad shoulders and my waist is a 38. Finding shirts is the hardest,they fit in the shoulders and chest but always very wide and blousey around the waist.I live in smaller town and tailors aren’t what they are in bigger cities.Also, I’m unsure if I can afford to have all my shirts repaired.Any advice?Keep doing big things,best of luck with your line.No question your about to change the game….

      • SB

        THX TK!

        We have PLENTY of posts in the works…including the continuation of our –Dress Your Body Type” series.

        Thinking of maybe styling readers for “before and after”. Any volunteers?? We can get a few of my favorite brands behind it.


        • TO

          I would be honoured to volunteer!

        • Keaton

          I second T.O.’s comment. I also would be more than happy to volunteer, SB.

        • Connor

          I’d volunteer, assuming we don’t have to go to NYC to do so. That’s not really an option for me at the moment.

        • Other Connor

          Most definitely would volunteer for that. Even though I’m attending university in Texas :3

    • Ty

      I know what you’re doing advertising your MAB clothing. And let me tell you… it’s working. Get it going already!!!!

      • SB


    • Plain T-Shirt

      Awesome play with the pink jeans. And the light denim, I’m sure that would grab some looks at the office.

    • Max

      awesome post. as usual. please do a post about that 7 foot tall in your office, style for the tall and slim. I would be forever grateful.



      • SB

        We have PLENTY of posts in the works…including the continuation of our “Dress Your Body Type” series.


    • HarrisonK

      How long do you typically like your jeans to be? It looks like you either have them hemmed, or you cuff them up to just hit the top of your foot. Are jeans considered too short if the just hit the top of your foot?

      • SB

        Depends on the jeans. Pant length is a personal preference.

        I have some “dressier” pairs that are hemmed to the top of the back of my leather shoes, and I have some jeans that are really long and “pool” at the ankle of sneakers.


    • Scotland Chris

      Mr Trepanier, once again a fantastic post. Could you please give me a sneak peek at the price of the “perfect blue blazer” so I can have a chat to my bank about remortgaging my house.

      Good luck with the store.

      • Scotland Chris

        Also wanted to ask: What fabric is the suit from look 1?

        • SB

          Fabric from look 1 is wool/silk

      • SB

        Haha. No sneak peeks! Equal opportunity shopping.

    • Xavier

      I love your style and want to dress like you! But I’m wondering — how is it that you feel comfortable dressing in a blazer and pants during the summertime? I’d love to do so, as I’m not a big shorts person, but it’s just too hot!

    • M

      Well done, DT. I personally can’t do this look myself. Perhaps it’s my midwestern roots (I know you’re from rural Canada). The high/low of denim to dress on top just contrasts too sharply for me. It’s like the equivalent of wearing wingtips and suit pants with a hockey jersey and a mullet on top—even with the proper fit—it’s a little too “Billy Bob goes to the big city” for me.

      • SB

        Haha. You are brutalizing the word equivalent.


    • Lucio Tomos Llyr

      I must say this is one of my favorite posts! I am infatuated with this site! The styling is flawless!!! Thanks for the style ideas! We totally need more stylish people here in San Francisco!!!

      • SB

        Thanks! May be making my way to San Fran soon.

        All the best,

    • Danger Zone

      Dan, when can we expect a new video?

      • SB

        Very Soon! Shooting the lat scene tonight! Then Chris has to work his magic.

    • RH

      Definitely dig the post. It’s a great way to show guys they can wear jeans and still dress like an adult. If I had a quarter for every pic of you touching your sunglasses and looking down, I’d have enough to buy that brown jacket in Look 2! Congrats in advance on the line!

      • SB

        Hah. Everyone is a part-time comedian.

        Thanks for reading.


    • mcr

      Great looks!

    • Connor

      Look one is just fantastic. Definitely want to find some cufflinks like those. I like the whimsical, almost cheeky look of photo five that comes with the yellow-framed shades and pink denim.

      Inspiring stuff as always, Dan

    • Dan

      WOW – the light denim jeans with the brown coat, Ray Bans and white dress sirt is positively fierce!

      Imitation is the best form of flattery, I think I am going to whip that together from my own threads!

      Thanks for the idea Dan – you are the best!

    • William

      I love all of these! Keep up the good work!!!

    • Justin

      Although I am a huge fan of the velvet slippers, I think it’s hypocritical what you said about it being an alternative boat shoes. Velvet is often meant for the fall/holiday, given the density and weight of the fabric. You can break and make your own rules, but would you really wear a velvet jacket in the summer?

      • SB

        Slippers are a good city-alternative to deck shoes…not necessary velvet slippers.

        Also, velvet (pile cotton) is lighter in weight and density than leather, which we all wear on our feet, year-round.

        Of course I wouldn’t recommend a velvet jacket in the summer, just as I wouldn’t recommend a leather one.

        Thanks for reading,

    • Rubin

      Great post!

      Those Matsudas, can I find them any other way than trawling Ebay?

    • Paul

      They all look fantastic – you really put them together very well. The white jeans and pink jeans composition are fantastic – simple – good-looking. Great job!

    • Kerry

      Love the brown DB jacket with the jeans. Very clean looking. The fit is perfect.

    • Felix

      Seriously, the best post this month. The layering is brilliant SB! I applaud it, bro.

    • Hdm

      Great post, and the timing is amazing. I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot today and just visited the site with the intention of sending in a question, when I saw a new post had popped up on the exact topic.

      I think looks 3 and 4 are closest to the type of styling that would work for me, although I must say you pull all of them off very well.

    • BKinDC

      Makes me wish I had brought some denim down to DC for the summer. I can’t wait to get back home and try something like this out.

    • Tim

      It would be awesome if you did a post on keeping whites clean. I just got my first pair of white jeans and I’m not sure how to approach the beating they got on my first night out with ’em.

    • Kin

      Love the looks. I agree with look 3! I bought my white denims last year. It was really long (31×35) and I had them hemmed to my ankles. I have only dressed them up I haven’t yet to do them casually. I have also tried to do look 4. Yet to try any of the other looks because I do not own those color pants but have really been thinking about a faded kind of red. Really liking the 3rd one tho!

      • SB

        Thx Kin!

    • Sartoria Visual

      Kudos on your execution sir!
      Question do you guys having an inauguration party of the brand that the public can attend?

    • Brandon

      Looking forward to the store, even though I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to afford anything in it, I have something to save up for.

      • SB

        Thx Brandon. It may not be as expensive as you think ;)


    • Marcus

      What JBrand jeans are those in style 1?

      • SB

        Kane raw size 32.


    • Miguel Ramalhão

      The pink pants and the blue blazer work beautifully ! So cool… What I call the St. Tropéz look…

      • SB

        Word. Thx!

    • TO

      #2 reminds me of a shot from The Sartorialist book. That really is about the perfect bb. Damn all around- so clean. Booked my flight today, hopefully I will be able to try on some MABxDT in person in the end of August!

      • SB

        Hey Brother. Got your email. Let me know closer to when you’ll be in town.

        Thanks for the compliments. Hope all is well.


    • Tailored Gang

      Awesome Post BroFreshness!!!

      • SB

        Ha Thx!

    • Herbert Morrison

      Outstanding! Simply redunkulous. Bruh you mirked it, again. Was wondering if the perfect blue blazer has matching trousers; I can’t imagine you not dropping a blue suit with the rest of the collection. PS: I’m up all night thurs and fri if that’s what it takes to be first in line. I am really, really looking forward to this line…and waiting like patience on a monument. Bless.

      • SB

        Haha. Thanks Herbert!!
        More to come very soon!

        All the best,