Not Your Grandpa’s Tassel Loafers

June 6th, 2014

We’ve done several pieces on the versatility of the oxblood tassel loafers – primarily since you can almost always find them in vintage stores or on eBay for under $40. Vintage brown/burgundy tassel loafs may very well be the most commonly featured footwear in the Articles of Style archives.

We’ve continued to showcase plenty of tassel loafers, but lately they’ve been richer in color and more unique in texture. A tassel loafer will always be a versatile menswear shoe because of it’s traditional shape, but in a richly colored leather or suede they can add a whole new dynamic to your Spring/Summer wardrobe.

Here’s some examples from recent posts to get you thinking, as well as some of my favorites that are currently available online.

1. Lime


From post: “Spring Color Palettes feat. Khaled Nasr


2. Navy


From post: “WIWT June 5th 2014


3. Two-Tone


From Post: “Jacket Art feat. Angel Ramos


4. Columbia Blue


From post: “Band Collars Make Her Dance feat. Wes


5. Khaki Suede



Thanks, as always, for reading. Great content coming up!

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  • Anant

    Anyone know a place to get white suede tassel loafers?

  • Calvin McCoy

    This past couldn’t have come at a better time. I just bought the navy and grey J&M’s yesterday!

  • Misterserios

    They are overused in my hood!

  • Jeanscuffed

    Just bought some Johnston & Murphy’s for $67 on eBay thanks to TSBmens influence

  • Miguel

    I’m glad you did post, ever since visiting your site I’ve been wondering if I would be able to find something on Ebay and to my surprise I surely did, I bough two pairs of suede loafer, one was 36 and the other 34, one is a tassel and the other one is not.

    One was new (Colehann) the other was barely used (Hudson, UK brand)
    I’m actually rocking the Hudson’s right now since they are the tassel ones.

  • Mase

    Incredible post.
    Angel and! Throw Marwan in there too.

  • John B

    I’m about to purchase Meermin’s tassel loafers in snuff suede. I’d like their tie loafers, but I feel the tasseled ones are a bit more versatile!

  • Shawn

    Speaking of statement loafers, do you guys have any experience or heard anything positive of a loafer company named C.B. Made in Italy? They have some pretty wild loafers featuring some pretty cool colors and fabrics!

  • Jorge B.

    I’ve noticed that justamenshoe has some great tassel loafers in their arsenal, but it seems like you have to have some sort of membership with them to enter their website. Does anyone know how I would go about joining?

  • Shawn

    The only loafers I have currently are some cheap G.H. Bass driving loafers and some Sperry boat shoes (both before I started to venture into menswear). I’m currently planning to have 2 pairs of loafers MTO to replace those ugly Bass shoes; a pair of CXL #8 Beefroll penny loafers by Rancourt & Co., and a pair of Venetian loafers in a light tan suede by the same company. These aren’t exactly “fashion statement” loafers but I intend to get my foundations right with some models that will stand the test of time before I lay down some dough on some more “bold” loafers.

  • Jorge B.

    I can definitely vouch for those Johnston & Murphy tassel loafs. They were a little more expensive than what I had planned to spend, but I sure got what I payed for. Super comfy and great shape. I got em in beige for the sake of versatility, but I’m honestly considering going back for the navy/greys. These things have been lady magnets down in Houston ;)

  • Brady

    Just picked up some brown leather “wear-with-all” loafs and some statement grey suede as well. Perfect timing on this post

  • David Shapiro – Stylist @ TC

    Great article! I think these are a great way to make a classic look a little more contemporary. Additionally, these loafers are a great way to add another layer and mix and combine different types of fabrics in your outfit which if you can do in the summer, is definitely a good thing.

  •!/wonkinakilt Joe Colucci

    Still drooling over Mark McNairy’s “chick magnet” loafers…

  • kenzo

    i’ve just bought a pair of mud suede church’s fosbury for this summer…i’m definitely in love with them!

    • Brady

      very solid, esp w/ the straw hat

    • Fabio d’attimis

      awsome shoes, but…damn, the straw hat is just great!

    • TO

      Those are dope

    • Tom

      Who makes that hat?

  • Elliot

    I was gifted a similar shoe a while ago but haven’t worn it. My wife thinks it looks like an “old man shoe.”

    • cam

      How many times are you going to post the same question? And btw, those a pretty terrible tbh.

      • Elliot

        Sorry, man, it disappeared the first time I posted it.

        Thanks for your input.

  • Elliot

    I was recently gifted a pair of tassel kilties, with significant broguing. Anyone have an opinion on whether these are too over-the-top? Most of the tassel loafers I see in #menswear fora tend to be a little “cleaner.”

  • Guest

    What do you guys think of a shoe like this:

    This is not an Ad! Just using this as an example of a shoe that was gifted to me!

    Is the broguing/tassel/kilt too much? Too “old man?” Or just enough of a statement to be cool?

  • cam

    Yes loafers!! Are your navy ones Scarpe? Meant to ask yesterday. For those interested, Ralph is having a sale and these beauties are on sale in a variety of colors

    Also Dan, I know it’s been awhile but any update on your Indiegogo campaign?

  • David Petr

    Great post. I was always told, you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. They are a direct reflection of his personality and drive

  • Elliot

    Speaking of making a “statement” what do you think of a shoe like this:

    Is the broguing, plus tassel, plus kilt too much?