Spring Color Palettes feat. Khaled Nasr

May 26th, 2014

After absolutely killing it in his first feature ‘Italian Power Tailoring feat. Khaled Nasr‘ (some call it the best Articles of Style profile of all time) we had to bring this handsome gentleman back. This time he gives us some Spring color palette inspiration from his incredible wardrobe of handmade Italian garments.

“I was raised in Los Angeles along with my twin brother and older brother. I own a semiconductor company with my twin brother in which we create robotics and automation for microchip companies. This job has allowed me to travel the world and see so many beautiful places and be inspired by so many people. In addition to that  I also have business importing luxury perfumes, which is a huge passion of mine. I am looking to expand that business to importing a variety of under-exposed luxury menswear as well.

I’m 35 years old and married to my beautiful wife Maya, who I met 15 years ago at the age of 20! We’ve been married 9 years this June with an amazing 2-year-old named Zain and a new boy due in August! After that I am done (lol).

As mentioned in my last feature, my style is what I call ‘Composed Flair’. Basically I like to think of my style as classically influenced but with a little bit of added edge with wide lapels, aggressive cuts and bold colors. I am a big fan of the style of the 1920’s as well as the style of the 1970’s, so I try to subtly mix and modernize the two… Although I don’t rock bell bottoms, you have to love the eccentric and expressive style of that decade (1970s). It was a fun time for fashion and I hope we see more of that.”

Scroll on for some serious style inspiration from a guy who really gets it, and really lives it.

    1. Got the Blues & Greens


    “Double-breasted jackets have a bad reputation because they conjure up images of extreme formality and old-school boxy fit. Personally, a DB jacket is my favorite style as the silhouette cut today is far different than the oversized padded jackets our fathers wore. I also have no problem forgoing the tie and keeping it casual… The key to pulling-it-off is to have the jacket really well tailored [Khaled is known for cutting it “to the bone“]

    In my last feature I mentioned how blue and green are my favorite colors. Last time around I used darker shades as it was Fall/Winter. With Spring here now, colors get a little brighter and a little bolder… The royal jacket and the green linen shirt are a great complement to each other and the light green loafers round out the whole look, in my opinion.”


    “I really love living in Los Angeles. It’s such a vibrant city with so many cultures and communities that I am inspired daily. Not many people wear suits here because of the laidback nature of the city, but that doesn’t stop inspiring me. I take bits and pieces from what I see people wearing [all over the world] and try to incorporate that into my looks, so my style is always changing and updating, very subtly.

    I am extremely fascinated to see the style evolution of Dan and Alex coming from New York City and now living in Los Angeles. I’ve never seen such a stark representation of how the culture of a place can adapt the style you wear, and how different the coasts can be at times. To me it is an amazing transformation and an inspirational one.”


    How about that for a color palette?! Royal blue jacket, white/green shirt, faint baby blue trousers, and lime green loafers!

    That’s some next level stuff.


    • Royal blue double breasted linen jacket by Sciamat
    • Green cotton/linen shirt by Barba Napoli
    • Pocket square by Frank Serraiocco
    • Bracelets by Viola Milano
    • Faded baby blue cotton trousers by Incotex
    • Light green brera loafers by Fratelli Rossetti

    2. A World of Influence


    “This look I call the “Sorbetto Mandarino Deux! 

    I have always loved reading Articles of Style because the whole point of the site is to inspire people. One look always stood out to me as part of my favorite guest feature of all time, and that was Angle Ramos’ “Sorbetto Mandarino“. The jacket color and pairing was perfectly on point – and how could we forget those trousers with the working cuffs.

    This jacket color is perfect for Spring and here I paired it with one of my must-have items for the season; the popover shirt. Wearing it like this allows me to keep the overall look crisp and clean but a little less formal than a typical button down.  I love it so much I am having Angel Ramos (ANGELBESPOKE) make me a few more before Pitti this year, because it’s a must in that heat and humidity!”


    “My style really started developing during my sophomore year of high school. Of course, I didn’t dress the way I do now with all the tailoredwear, but I started to pay attention to what I wore and what that said about me. After college, I started my business and began traveling all over the world…I had never been exposed to so many different cultures, opinions and styles.

    It was my visits to Europe, Japan and South Korea that turned me on to tailoring and ultimately shaped the way I dress today. Japan and South Korea in particular have such an appreciation for bespoke garments…eventually I had to have at least one thing made on all my visits… Those two countries definitely have contributed the most to my style.”



    • Cotton/Linen/Silk peach jacket by Sartoria Partenopea
    • White cotton popover shirt by Italia Independent
    • Braided belt by Martin Dingman
    • Tan trousers by Howard Yount
    • Tan loafers by Santoni

    3. Separates & Sneakers


    “This is one of my favorite jackets because of the hand feel of the linen and the way it drapes. Not only does it breathe really well in the LA heat, but it was also a limited edition fabric so I knew it was a great piece to own. The colors aren’t loud or in-your-face because of their faded quality on the linen…making this jacket a perfect match for crisp off-white trousers. 

    I wore it with a white Angel Bespoke strong collar shirt to let the tie pop, and finished the look with minimal white sneakers to keep the focus on the jacket.”


    “In my opinion style is important because it can give people a sense of individuality, as well a sense of community. Whether your type is sartorial, hip-hop, or even Rick Owens, style allows you to connect to like-minded individuals and share in thoughts, ideas and similar passions.

    As Articles of Style proves regularly, it can also spark debate…which is what this passion is all about. Not everyone will always agree with your style, but those that really get it will also really get you.”


    Any advice for our readers who are looking to upgrade their style?

    “My advise to those who are looking to upgrade their personal style is to connect with someone who has style that resonates with you, or inspires you, and use their look as a launching pad to create your own. I’m not the first person to dress this way – I was inspired by certain people I respect and I made it work for me with my own touches.

    It’s also important to take your time when upgrading your wardrobe. It’s not a race to get as many pieces as possible in as little time as possible – some of the pieces I featured here are several years old… Build your wardrobe slowly and collect quality pieces that can stand the test of time.”


    • Blue and orange linen jacket by Sciamat
    • White cutaway collar shirt by Angel Bespoke
    • White cotton trousers by Howard Yount
    • White leather sneakers by Fred Perry
    • Cashmere tie by Viola Milano
    • Bracelets by Viola Milano
    • Pocket square by Borrelli Napoli

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style

    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Iridisx

      There’s something classically Italian, yet totally unique with these looks. I love the shades of brown in look #2 and the gorgeous jackets in looks #1 and #3. Awesome stuff Khaled.
      Is the first jacket in International Klein Blue?

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Murder-Of-Crows-Stylist-Diy-artist-Photographer/373321226096078?sk=photos_albums Dualleh

      Everything spot on!! Love the 3de look with the sneakers:)) I can never pull that off:P

    • andres

      Amazing post. Delightfully inspirational.

    • Nicholas Cassadine

      Here’s my 2 cents.

      Look #1. I love the double breasted top and color combination of the vibrant blue and light blue but I think the green shoes don’t quite fit and your hem is a bit too high.

      First let me say, the shoes are killer and I want them but just not the best choice for the outfit. I think going from dark color on top (jacket) to light color in the middle (pants) to dark color on the bottom (shoes) throws off the eye. I like prefer clothes to follow a natural gradient from dark to light or vice versa…it’s natural to the eye. My alteration to this look would have been a green trouser similar in darkness to the shoe.

      I am a guy who wears loafers year round and don’t like pant material bunching up at my feet, however the hem in the first pic looks high. Although, it looks almost corrected in the close up of the feet.

      Look #2. “Three buttons is kinda 90’s Mr. Wayne” – Lucius Fox, The Dark Knight. I agree with Morgan Freeman’s character, three buttons does look dated. Other than that, great color combination and fit with killer belt and shoes!

      Look #3. I dislike the look altogether. This is not a successful attempt at a node to the 80’s obsession with dressing down suits. I think pulling off the sneaker and suit look requires a less busy pattern…solid colors. You are both under and overdressed at the same time. Here are some technical details to correct. Tie length – the bottom of the tie should barely hit the top of the trouser. Tie knot/collar spread – too small of a knot for such a wide spread. Tie width/lapel ratio – general rule is the tie width should be the same width of the jacket lapel. However, as items by themselves, the jacket and tie are good looking items.

      Anybody agree or disagree with me?

      Dress like you are meeting your worst enemy!

      • L.A.B.

        On three button jackets. So you should no longer where an item because it is dated? I refuse to retire items because of fashion whims ( which are cyclical anyway) and still have and wear some three button jackets. A solid piece is solid regardless of what is in or out of fashion. I wear pleated pants with my suits. Why? Function. I played soccer most of my life and have a healthy backside. Personal style is just that, personal. It just seems you operate under a lot of rules and would judge on “rule” which most of the populous are completely unaware of. To each their own I always say. I think Dan, Angel, and Khaled kill it almost every single time.

        • Nicholas Cassadine

          @L.A.B So to reply to your question about no longer wearing an item because it is dated. My answer is both yes and no. There are obviously items that have a long style shelf life…oxford shoes, stainless steel diver watches, short sleeve polo shirts. And there are items that do immediately make you cringe when you see them still being wore today even though they had there place in time…bell bottoms, square toed shoes, and hammer pants. I will throw three button jackets into the latter category of dated looking items. Masterful dressers can work older items into a look and make you think twice about “dated” items but that is a rare occasion. When I see three button jackets, I cringe inside. I have worn them, they still hangout in my closet but I don’t wear them.

          As to your statement about fashion being cyclical, that is true. Fashion tastes do come back around. About 8-10 years ago, flare (bell) bottomed jeans wear popular again. But if you wear those bad boys today, you will be mocked and ridiculed. That fact that fashion is cyclical isn’t justification for continuing to wear out of style items. Can you imagine a guy going around wearing butterfly collared shirts and polyester leisure suits for the last 40 years and holding onto that style of dress because his argument is that fashion is cyclical. Don’t be that guy. Know when an item or style of dress has had its run.

          You know when a person gets old? When they refuse to buy new/change their clothes and stop listening to new music. Advice I once got and remember constantly.

          LAB thanx for debating with me.

          • Khaled Nasr

            Hey Nicolas. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it. Just a few notes with regards to the 3 button issue. To me, i am a devoted fan if Neapolitan tailoring. The Neapolitan aesthetic is to the epitome of mens tailoring. One of the very important features of that aesthetic is the three button or 2.5 button jacket as it is known by. This is something that has stood the test of time and is something that doesn’t change with fashion and does not go out of style. Most Neapolitan jackets are created this way. In Fact, the last jacket i am wearing in this feature that you state you like and would wear is in fact also a 3 button Jacket. So the style does obviously please you and doesn’t look outdated. Kiton, Cesare Attiolini, Liverano, la Vera Sartoria Napoletana and Sciamat are the best Sartoria’s in the world and i am sure they cannot all be wrong.

            Thanks again and I appreciate the comments.

            • Nicholas Cassadine

              Khaled, First let me say it’s very cool that you have replied to my comment. Thanx. Second, I think you are a well dressed man and would love to steal many of your clothes.

              Now to the debate at hand. I’m not saying there isn’t craftsmanship or construction details in your garments. I am making the point that three button suit jackets do not have a timeless quality and are currently dated. In fact, for a period of time the number of people who wore double breasted jackets or three piece suits were few and far between. But now they’re back in style.

              In response to your question about the Japanese guy wearing bell bottoms:

              1. I lived in Japan and have walked amongst those guys have that wear that rocker bell bottom look with the heavy orange tanned faces, spiky hair with high lights. And yes, I do cringe but with a fun, amusement because their look is a mix of a goth kid mixed with a 70’s rocker. It is a very “cult” Japanese look. It’s the equivalent of Harajuku girls that wear the baby doll clothes. These looks are timeless because these guys and girls purposely adopt a look that is meant to be never changing.

              2. I wasn’t referring to above mentioned guys as trendsetters. In that other post, I was talking about the Japanese guys that do not adopt looks that are frozen in time or costume-y.

              To address your stated disregard for “rules” of dressing, I do not believe you mean that. A guy that dresses like you does adhere to rules of dress.

              One of the purposes of this blog is to help men dress better and the most fundamental way of doing that is to educate readers about set parameters and basic rules about menswear. And just because someone hasn’t heard of a rule, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

              Specifically about the tie/lapel ratio. That is a basic rule. There is a fashionable guy I follow on Instagram (#iam_amable) and he wears custom suits with very wide labels and similar width ties to match. His clothes do not look like clown clothes. It can be done and look very stylish.

              I too enjoy a good debate. Any comments and/or opinions I make are always done with hope that men dress better and not with any “hate” intended.

              Dress like you are meeting your worst enemy today.

              • Khaled Nasr

                Thanks again Nicolas.

                I think with regards to this we would again have to agree to disagree. As i mentioned, the Neapolitan style is again to me a timeless style. With easily more than 75% of all neapolitan suits and jackets being created as 3 button, it simply cant be deemed outdated as this is the style aesthetic Neapolitan tailors create. It cant be escaped.

                Also, i know of #Iam_amable very well and his style is nice and he is a wonderful dresser. You will note various 3 buttons in his line that he too produces. In addition, his method of tying a tie, where he puffs up the top part, breaks most “rules” in general. But its a “thing” he does and its fun and it doesn’t seem like he cares about the “rules.”

                Also many of his tie widths are in fact as wide as his lapels but if you look at it, to me it comes off very cumbersome and heavy. Many of the cuts of the clothing Y2 he produces are based almost exactly off a Tom ford aesthetic, which again is a “Fashion Brand.” Even down to the 5 button holes on the sleeve. He even mentions it in one of his Instagram posts. Tom ford is famous for his very heavy and very wide Ties that go with his suits. That is a very specific look. You simply cant compare the looks of a “Fashion house” which changes all the time to a specific style based on over 80+ years of tradition such as the Neapolitan style. Again he has nice style but again as i mention, it isn’t the timeless Neapolitan style i prefer.

                Regardless, always a pleasure and thanks again my friend!!

    • http://www.anorexicescapades.com/ BougieHippie

      The shoes fro look one are AWESOME. I like everything about look to from the color, accessories and fit.


    • John B

      Khaled and Angel must be featured on your wiwt posts! Liked every look, especially look #1 (if only that jacket was 6-button)!

    • James Wong

      Agreed with Japan being a great place for inspiration. I was in Tokyo earlier this year and the standards of how well dressed people are amazed me. Even the elderly had well fitted suits and a sense of style.

      • James Wong

        Oh also, loved look 2.

      • Nicholas Cassadine

        I have lived in Tokyo for two years and visit often. The guys in Tokyo, and Japan in general, are the sharpest guys on the planet! New York, LA, Milan, and London have nothing on the guys from the Land of the Rising Sun. I observed that whatever the Japanese guys are wearing or doing with clothes, it finds its way to Europe and the US 18 months to two years later. The fashion houses and magazines copy street, casual and dress style from the Japanese. Japan is a very visual place and they try to stand out individually through fashion and hair.

    • http://unseenflirtspoetry.wordpress.com Unseen Flirtations

      Khaled, you are an inspirational. Very wise words on the time it takes to build a wardrobe, which of course pertains to the relevance of going bespoke rather than filling up on OTR compromises. Thank you!

    • Jeanscuffed

      Awesome feature Khaled! Your always a favorite of mine. Power tailoring looking effortless. How did you get the courage to get a 3-buttoned blazer? I had no idea it was a 3-button until I scrolled to the 2nd pic. It’s so well tailored. And those popovers…MAN!!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks man!! I appreciate that. Most of my jackets are actually 3 button. The great thing about Neapolitan tailoring is that the 3rd button is rolled over by the lapel giving the impression of a 2 button. Its a very elegant look. And yeah.. The popovers are great pieces to own. I love them!!

    • Al Bizzy

      @khaled_nasr:disqus How did I miss this post? I need someone to sign my late pass. Killin it as always brotha. “Post Of The Year”.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Al! I thought we were homies. Your supposed to know what i am up to hahha.

        • Al Bizzy

          I know, I know. I’m an unreliable friend. I hear it all the damn time. haha

    • kadeem raj

      fitting is great, whats the measurements of the pants. Random question, but i’m a similar build and would like for my trousers to be tailored similarly.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Kadeem! I tailor all my pant bottoms to 7 1/4″ opening and I always make the cuff 1.75″ .

    • Paul kim

      Hi khaled, im a korean american and was wondering how korea has influenced your style. I never thought korea would be so influential in the bespoke business. All three looks are killer by the way!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Hey Paul. Thank you so much! and Thanks for the question. I have visited South Korea many times and in my visits I have seen a real appreciation for Bespoke Tailoring. There are some very high end stores selling really great bespoke clothing and especially brands you can’t get here in the USA. My favorite in South Korea is a store called Lansmere. That place is a must visit to anyone who goes to S Korea. If you google it you will see ho amazing it is.

        • Paul kin

          Awesome! Thanks for the rec!

    • Olerud_4_Life

      Thanks for the stone cold stunner on my previous comment lol. You are correct. Totally different jackets. Either way, both looks are pretty tough, although the third look (in the most recent post) i think is the best. Nice looks my man.

    • Olerud_4_Life

      Not hating but i couldve sworn he wore that blue DB jacket in another post. Nice jacket, and the third look i think is the best, but i think you couldve shown us something else besides the blue blazer again. I respect your style.

      • Khaled Nasr

        No hating felt at all bro! Thank you very much for your comments! I appreciate it!

        With regards to the jacket, I have only been in one other feature and I never wore this jacket. The other jacket was a wool single button but a darker shade with gold buttons. This is a linen double breasted that is a royal blue.

        Maybe your referring to this jacket:


        Thanks again!

    • Dr. Shrock

      so grateful for this website. Thanks TSB for doing what you do.

    • http://www.whitneynicjames.com Whitney ‘Nic’ James

      The outfit is on point. The shoes, blazer…love it all! Great style!


    • Sid

      I love this man’s sense of style, yet another amazing post!!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Sid!

    • hose07

      It’s apropos that your last name is Nasr because your style is straight-up victorious. Much respect to you, sir.

      • Khaled Nasr

        HAHAHA Love that! Thanks bro!

    • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

      Bastard! Hard to look bad in decent clothes with a body like that.

      • Shawn

        You saying out loud what we’re all too jealous to admit!

      • Khaled Nasr

        I eat my wheaties bro!! LOL

    • Gulrez Arora

      This is heavyweight stuff man! Colors, fit, fabric (and the Panamera) all beautifully mixed together. Absolutely nailed every look !

      How are those Howard Yount cotton trousers? Did you get them altered (minus the hem) or they come out that perfect?

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thank you very much! The pants from Howard Yount are great. Most of them come in at 8″ so i always take them down to 7.25″. Other than that the fit is spot on.

    • Mase

      Khaled’s fits are the best i have ever seen on this website. Angel and Marwan (underrated) comes correct to.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thank you Mase! I appreciate the kind words!!

    • Matto

      Great feature. #2 is fantastic, although the pattern in that linen jacket in #3 is pretty sharp.

      I’m with Sean in the comments below – I love hearing the stories behind the people, such as Khaled’s diverse business streams and his responses through these comments.

      Another great article – well done to all involved.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Matto!

    • Esosa

      Man, this is killer..I honestly prefer this feature to the last one because the fits on these drape a little better than the outfits in the last feature which allows one to appreciate the color coordination and silhouettes even more..all three looks are superb! Especially that last jacket..the jacket is just beautiful! Good Job Khaled and great job TSB guys!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thank you Esosa! Yeah the drape on these are beautiful. I think it is because of the heavier weights of the fall fabrics i wore in the first feature. These linens are like butter!

    • cam

      Proof here that if something works, stick with it. I’m referring to, what I believe, is the same jacket in look 1 that was also look 1 in your last feature. Then it was wool and now in linen. Khaled, I am curious why you seem to only wear pocket squares when featured on TSB? I check you out on Instagram weekly and you seem not to wear them on the daily. Also, what material are the trousers made from in look 2? You are killing it as usual my friend and, as others have stated, a real inspiration with tailored wear. With that being said, if featured again, it would be nice to see your casual wardrobe….or hell, maybe a popover and linen trousers is as casual as it gets for you ;) take care and thanks dan and the tsb team for straight heat

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Cam. The 1st look in the last feature was wool but single breasted. This one is linen but double like you said. The color itself is my absolute favorite color so i get it any way i can haha. With regards to the pocket square i get asked this a lot. I sometimes feel that it breaks the clean look of the breast but i do sometimes wear them. I may step it up more wearing them though lol. Those pants are tropical weight wool. Thanks again!

    • Juan

      A tip for those who have just come to know Khaled: follow him on Instagram, you won’t regret it! Great looks as always!

      On a side note, those Angel Bespoke popover shirts are absolutely killer!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thank you very much !

    • TheMintGent

      Of course. I come to the TSBmen website like I always do, and what do I find? @khaled_nasr:disqus killing it once again. Like always. Just look at him! Impeccable fits, great color combinations, and the perfect balance between loud and simple. That’s it, I’m calling it. Khaled is now in my top 3 style influences. And that’s a long list. Keep up the good work @sartoriomerta. ;P I always look forward to what combinations you put together.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks man! Thats extremely humbling to hear. I appreciate that and keep up your amazing looks too! I always live checking them out!

        • TheMintGent

          You’re more than welcome my friend! And thanks! Really appreciate the kind words.

    • Kais

      Khaled’s style is, quite simply, exquisite.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thank you so much Kais!

    • http://Keyboardandcompass.com/ Jeff McAllister

      Another very strong feature on a very, very, strong dresser. He and Angel are making me drool over those ‘sorbetto mandarino’ faded oranges!

      I may not have the skin-tone for it, but damn if I can’t keep dreaming!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Hahahahah. Thanks man!

    • James

      I absolutely love looks #2 & 3. However, the jacket in look #1 seems to be ill-fitting to my eyes, especially in the chest area. It appears to be puffing out across the chest. The other two jackets in the feature seem to fit better.

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        You’re crazy man. I like you. But you’re crazy man.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thank you James. I appreciate the kind words and comments!

    • Shawn

      All 3 looks are simply awesome! In look #1, I’m loving the green striped shirt and those green loafers! Look #2 is 100% “on point”, I can’t find any flaws. I’d wear exactly the same attire everyday if I could. Look #3 is also very sharp. All in all, Khaled is a guy you should feature more on TSBmen! I don’t think anyone will ever have any bad criticism other than for the snugness of his tailoring.

      On another note, I am sometimes envious of guys like him that inherited a sense of entrepreneurship. I’ve always wanted to launch a business of some sort but no way in a 100 years will I ever grow the cojones to do so. I admire your courage! Take care!

      • Mitko

        I feel the same way when it comes to entrepreneurship. I feel like I have great ideas all the time but cant seem to get things started.

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        You’ll never know until you try my man. Find yourself a mentor (someone you look up to in your field of interest), offer to assist them in any way possible, and start asking the right questions!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Shawn! The biggest obstacle to people wanting to start a business is fear of failure. If you get past that then nothing will stop you. Actually failure is good sometimes. It helps you learn your mistakes and make the necessary changes. Thank you gain for the kind words and start your business!!

    • http://www.serraiocco.tumblr.com Frank Serraiocco

      Always inspirational! Love the looks Khaled, keep it up! Thanks for the credit, pocket square looked great with that outfit.

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thank you my friend!

    • Mitko

      Khaled how has your style affected you business life? Obviously you are a very successful businessman so I was curious about your thoughts on the relationship between the two.

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        “The more you spend, the more you make”, right Khaled? ;)

        • Khaled Nasr

          HAHAHAH!! You found the formula Thats exactly how it is LOL!

      • Khaled Nasr

        This is such a great question. It is actually the other way around for me. My business life has affected my style. My semiconductor business is a fairly conservative business. Wearing a suit usually means a solid color basic suit as its not a great idea to walk into IBM or Micron in a sprezzed up outfit. When I am out of that environment I really like to have fun with what I wear with tighter fits, brighter colors and more aggressive looks. Great question!

    • http://angelbespoke.tumblr.com/ Angel Ramos

      My brother Khaled is a legend. And him and I will murder Pitti Uomo Day 1. Stay tuned!

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        Ahhh. Wish I could be there! Send us some photos to share!

      • Khaled Nasr

        My bro! I cant wait!. It will be Epic! Wish you were going to be there Dan!

        • Miguel

          What a post.
          Angel, Dan and Khaled are my go to guys, when I got serious about tailoring you three guys inspired me…even my wife when she sees you guys on Instagram she says those guys always look nice and sharp.

          I really love this post, cheers for more to come, now we just need the Angel’s obligatory summer post…just saying.

      • Jaws

        Haha, nobody gives a fuck about Pitti Uomo

    • http://DapperAdvisor.com/ Akil McLeod

      This has easily become one of my favorite features. I actually think all of the features lately have been very well written and extremely inspiring, so keep up the great work guys!

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Akil! I hope all is well, and you’re still rocking that badass Gold like Mr. T!


        • http://DapperAdvisor.com/ Akil McLeod

          Definitely…I’ve even been thinking about adding a couple pieces to the collection!

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Akil! Great compliment coming from the king of color! I appreciate it!

        • http://DapperAdvisor.com/ Akil McLeod

          Thanks a lot Khaled…thats a huge compliment coming from you

    • Herbert Morrison

      This guy needs a weekly feature on TSBmen. I suspect we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg of Khaled’s wardrobe. Well Done player.

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        Gotta save something for when you bump into him in person!

        “I know, I know, I look better in real life” -Yeezus

      • Khaled Nasr

        Thanks Herbert! I am always honored to be asked to be on this site!

    • Guest

      Page 1 and 2 is the same.

      • Shawn

        Yup, I get the same bug.

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        Fixed. You must have been on the post less than 20 seconds after it was published! Love it.

        • Guest

          Yeah, bruh. It was so early, my brain forgot about grammar.