Smart Summer Tailoring feat. Sean Hotchkiss

July 1st, 2011

There’s something about a guy who knows how to look sharp and comfortable at the same time, and who does this better than an on-the-go fashion journalist?

For this feature – on how to look good on the move – we tapped Sean Hotchkiss, a genuine down-to-earth guy, golf style aficionado and writer for the GQ Eye.

“I’ve always loved writing, clothing and golf…it’s been great to be able to combine the things I’m passionate about into a career path.”

Here Sean shows us how he gets around town and never misses a beat in style.

    1. Buttoned-Up Sneaks 

    “I’m on the go a lot and versatility is important to me when choosing my clothes. For this look, I think the denim and sneakers do a good job of balancing out the tie and jacket without looking out of place. With this I can attend a more formal event uptown, then easily transition to covering a more laid-back scene downtown.”

    Tip: So many guys get this wrong. When wearing jeans with a tie, make sure the fit is cohesive with the jacket. The denim should be cut in a similar shape/silhouette as the matching suit trousers would be.

    Tip II: White denim and knit ties – summer staples that are sure to be complimented (provided they are pulled-off correctly).

    • Navy jacket by J. Lindeberg
    • Tan sneakers by J. Lindeberg
    • Light blue shirt by Paul Stuart
    • Navy/ white knit tie by Polo Ralph Lauren
    • White denim jeans by RL Rugby

    2. Unstructured Jacketing 

    “This was kind of my Italian look (haha). They’re always so amazing with color and I was thinking of Pitti Uomo when I pulled out this unlined linen blazer and these green trousers… If I have to wear a blazer in the summer, I want it to be lightweight and cut short so I don’t feel like the heat is hanging on me.”

    Tip: “I’d advise getting an unstructured and/or unlined blazer asap. If it’s a versatile color (like khaki or navy) you could pull it off every day of the week if you needed.”

    Tip II: Socklessness is fairly mainstream now (at least in NYC and major cities). “If I have to wear anything where socks are required, I’m not going.”

    Tip III: “This RL alligator chicklet belt is my absolute favorite. It works very well for golf and is simple yet elegant.”

    • Khaki jacket by J. Lindeberg
    • Pink microcheck shirt by J. Lindeberg
    • Brown alligator belt by Ralph Lauren
    • Shades by Moscot
    • Green trousers by J. Lindeberg

    3. Slippin’ Around Town

    “This is my favorite summer jacket; a soft-shouldered linen herringbone with patch pockets from J. Lindeberg. It’s so damn versatile. I always pack this blazer for weekends on the road and it almost looks better when it has a little rumple to it….This look can take you anywhere and I think it shows both a serious side and a playful side, which works well in warmer months.”

    Tip: Velvet slippers in the place of loafers is a fresh twist, and certainly gives you a style bump. Just save the solid black ones for formal events, and be easy with the bold crescents.

    Tip II: Beltless jeans add a laid-backness to a look, which is great for summer when things get a little more casual all around.

    Tip III: Green in the summer tie, slight green-ish hue to the denim, green velvet loafs, green-ish bracelets – this guy is no style rookie.

    • Forest green velvet slippers by Del Toro
    • Navy jacket by J. Lindeberg
    • Green tie by J. Lindeberg
    • Bracelets by Burkman Bros
    • Jeans by APC

    Thanks for reading and special thanks to Sean for Participating!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Brent Eysler. 

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      All these looks are boss, esp the green on green on green ensemble.

    • Concerned Reader

      Do you really think the outfits are stylish? They don’t even fit the guy properly, wearing short shirts accentuate your belly if you have a beer belly, like the guy on the picture. What the heck man

      • StyleLogic

        If you don’t think clothing/outfits such as these are stylish, then why are you reading this blog? Mr. Hotchkiss’s shirts are not short, in fact, they fit properly and are quite stylish along with most all of his wardrobe. Everyone (even you) is entitled to their own opinion, but if this isn’t your steez then maybe you should consider altering your website selection.

    • Cc

      Anyone seen where the J Lindeberg blazer in 5 and 6 is available? It looks like the ‘hopper’ jacket in terms of cut and pockets, but can’t see it in that great shade of blue.

      Any help appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been browsing on-line greater than 3 hours lately, yet I by no means found any fascinating article like yours. It’s beautiful worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers made just right content material as you probably did, the internet shall be a lot more helpful than ever before.

    • TO

      I repeat, that shade of blue is the nicest I’ve ever seen in #1. Anyone know what shade that is??? I might try to look up J Lindeberg to ask personally..

    • company ties

      I actually like the pink coloured shirt, brown jacket and trousers by J. Lindeberg. In fact, whenever I see men dress up like this, it really turns me on.

    • Judah Simard

      Great look, great style, love it!
      He puts it all together very well, making it look natural and easy going, with out going to far over to top.

    • David Del Sol

      Hey can anyone identify the suede loafers in picture 3? Thanks

    • Mountain Dandy

      This guy has great style….love the knit tie.

    • KC

      i love me a short jacket, phil!

    • Preposity

      The man’s got it. Love the looks for summer.
      Sean wears the clothes rather than them wearing him, it’s important to look at ease and comfortable, lived-in.

      For anyone interested in prep style, I write a blog from a London, UK perspective. Lots of interviews and photography

    • Kip

      Great outfits Sean; I love the blue jacket in look #1.

    • Brent

      Hey Anonymous,

      Thank you… and actually funny enough that picture is the one right out of Camera… Just has a 1600 watt/second strobe camera left, at full power, which pretty much nuked everything to get that effect. so that one actually has no post production on it what so ever.

      Thanks Though!

    • Phil

      Some of those jackets are painfully short…

    • anonymous

      I like your new summer photographer, he knows how to edit the pictures to make the subjects pop. But I wish he would tone it down just a bit. Especially in picture four, the background is unrealistically dark. Other than that great post! The tip about the importance of fit when wearing a jacket and jeans can not be emphasized enough.

    • anonymous

      this guy is the best dresser by far out of the “guests” you’ve featured on the site

    • Max

      Nice post! I have that same red Burkman Bros bracelet. Kanye?

    • Joel

      The photos are great, and his style is lovely.

    • Anonymous

      Great photos and style.

    • simon

      Loving the spread collar in pics one and two. I went to spread and cutaway collars for my dress shirts, and I’m never going back!

      Although, I am surprised to never see them featured on here at TSB before!

    • Chris

      Lets see some looks for on the course!

      • Ian

        Agreed! Lets see some looks for the fairways.

    • Becky

      Love the tie in the second pix, is it knit?

    • Keaton

      I was wondering if you could tell me if something similar to the brown gingham shirt that you often wear will be featured in the collection? I thought I remember you saying that there would be and I figured I would ask.

    • Arsene

      The “Italian” look is bay far the most versatile looking look. I just purchased a similar shoe from Rockport with a driver looks and it looks and feels great. Keep it up friends. You are a true fashion ambassador for my city.

    • Sindre

      Loving the italian look, he sure knows how to put pieces together!

    • ihp

      great photos!!! great style!!!

    • Sylvan

      Hey Dan, any news about your collection? what the deal..

      • SB

        We are in the process of shooting the lookbook and putting together our press kits, media info, etc.

        The Store should be up and running in 2-3 weeks.

        More info soon.


    • Another Dan

      Possibly one of the best posts yet. Great job. It seriously looks like some of these could be for Pitti :)

    • sk

      where’s the video for today?!

      • SB

        Video Coming Tuesday July 5th, after the Holiday!

    • RH

      These looks are both drivin for show and puttin for dough! Envious that he can pull off the scarf under the shirt in look 4. I’d look like a doofus if I tried that. Curious – what material is that scarf? And it’s easy to see why the jacket in look 3 would be a favorite. Awesome.

    • Roman

      This guy hast such an awesome style ! Look 3 is kicking ass

      • Roman

        What I forgot to say: Outfit Nr. 4 looks like it´s from drykorn, a really great german label (

    • Pete

      Does J. Lindenberg sell similar things currently? All pieces are awesome

      • KC

        hi pete,

        yes. most of this stuff is in the store currently for spring.


    • anonymous

      Needs to lengthen his ties. Nice otherwise.

      • KC


        i like a slightly shorter tie to match my slightly shorter jackets.



    • Kerry Graham

      Love the Italian inspired look!
      All are great outfits.

    • DCRob

      Clearly this is a J Lindberg advertisement….lol, j/k. I know this guy he gets his suits made from the same place I do at Astor and Black.

      Dude has swag for sure.

    • VB

      I need that croc belt

    • Rafa

      I find all the looks absolutely appropriate for that profession. Well done!

    • Noel

      Nice all round looks, gonna ‘borrow’ some of those…
      one question though how are you tying your tie?
      is it a ‘four in hand?’ cos it looks abit stretched???

    • Vadims

      All of these photos (and looks) are awesome. Brent is a great photgrapher.

    • Miguel Ramalhão

      Loved the post… This Guys had impeccable style ! AMAZING…

    • Filipe Costa

      Great looks ;) I’m completely addicted to this kind of ties.

    • dish

      Lol, this guy loves his J. Lindeberg…some pretty sweet looks, nonetheless.

      And in other news, Brent is taking some pretty killer photos.

    • reegsta

      Nice looks! How about for some ideas ON the course? A lot of golf spreads are definitely fashion over function. Thanks!

    • Martin

      The looks are still very good.

    • Martin

      Man, you must REALLY like J. Lindeberg.

      • KC

        hi martin,

        i used to do golf marketing there, so have lots of product. but yes, i really do like their design philosophy. i’m a huge johan fan even though he’s no longer involved and jesse, the creative director now, is fantastic.


    • sky7i

      Interesting set. I especially like the blazers May I ask what this fellow’s measurements are? Height, weight, chest, waist, length. Proportions are important in picking a look and in sizing up the garments in question! Many thanks.

      p.s., more tips on matching the cut of jeans to these (slim) blazers would be appreciated. I’m not a denim junkie; I would just like to know where to buy/how to choose the rights jeans for my (tailored fit BR) blazers. I’m not chunky — waist size 32-33 — but I can’t say my glutes and thighs are slim. Thanks again!

      • KC

        hi sky,

        i’m a size 38 jacket, 31 waist, 30/31ish inseam


    • TO

      What EXACTLY is that shade of blue is the blazer in look #1? Perfection. Respect, Mr. Hotchkiss.

      • KC


        very kind of you. thanks! italians really seem to always find that amazing blue color, resting somewhere almost perfectly between navy and royal. i wouldn’t even know what to call it.



    • Rafael

      Great style

    • Maurice

      Awesome set! So many great looks.