Linen Layers feat. Ryan Kelly

June 2nd, 2014

Ryan Kelly, aka the tailored outdoorsman, aka @Gritty Sart, knows a thing or two about layering up some linen for the warmer months.

“I was born in Boca Raton, Fl and raised in Tallahassee. Growing up I was constantly outside hunting, fishing and hiking. After high school I went to Florida State University for political science as I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Through my time at FSU I started to concentrate on fashion and my personal style started to develop. I realized that this was my passion, that I needed to get a true education in apparel and design. I decided to attend Miami International University of Art and Design to pursue a bachelor of fine arts in apparel design.

Soon after my time at MIU I was introduced to Angel Ramos who hired and mentored me at my first job with Astor and Black custom clothiers. I fell in love with tailoring, particularly the Italians’ soft take on it, and Angel’s passion for it quickly translated to mine. We worked together for about 2 years and he then left and started his company, ANGEL | BESPOKE. I knew I wanted to do the same at some point but stuck with A&B to further my learning and experience. The company was shut down and it presented the perfect opportunity to move to the epicenter of fashion in the US; NYC.

I started working at Suit Supply in February at the Soho location and could not be happier. It definitely helps that I live a couple blocks from the store too.”

Here Ryan, a born and raised outdoorsman, gives us a taste of his day-to-day personal style which he accurately describes as “Gritty Sartorial”.

    1. Well Blended


    The beauty of linen is its ability to blend well with other fabrics such as wool, cotton or silk. So if you don’t want the full-on wrinkly look, you can opt for just a little bit of that linen texture and character. This silk blend jacket is a great example.

    The first word in the fabric blend is always the majority (for example “cotton/linen” is mostly cotton, and “linen/cotton” is mostly linen). Always check the percentages of the blend (which should be broken-down on the tag) as this can give you a better idea of how the garment will wear and perform over time.


    “Once I started working in the tailoring world I really started to hone my personal style. Prior to tailoring I wore strictly streetwear and rarely threw on a sports jacket, let alone a suit and tie. Now I often find myself melding the two together; airing heavier on the tailoring side with a little streetwear peppered in sparingly.”


    Menswear is all about the small details: polka dot summer watch band, surgeon’s cuffs, last buttonhole contrast, double pic-stitched patch pockets…



    2. Summer Tweed Jacket


    “Summer Tweed” is a real thing. Typically it’s a wool/silk/linen blend. Our boy Angel was the first one to coin the phrase on Articles of Style, when he wore what was maybe the best jacket we’ve ever featured.

    Again here with the cotton/linen pants; a perfect lightweight twist on a classic pair of chinos.


    “Style is an extension of your character and personality. It tells a story and makes a statement, whether bold and in-your-face or understated and minimalist. Either way, it’s you.”



    3. Linen Knit Jacket


    One secret to layering in the warmer months is linen knitwear.

    Linen can be knit into a sweater-like fabric, like this vintage cardigan styled to mimic a tailored jacket (lapels, patch pockets, breast pocket).

    Yes you can wear linen on linen (or even all linen everything). Don’t be afraid to pile them on together, perhaps with a straw hat and some tortoise shades.


    “The brown glenplaid shirt I got for $3 at a thrift shop in North Carolina while I was visiting a friend’s cabin about 10 years ago. It sat in my closet for ages and I just recently ‘rediscovered’ it and now it’s one of my favorite shirts that I own. I just recently found out that it’s a reproduction of a vintage piece from the Brooks Brothers archives, as well… So that makes it that much better, obviously.”


    Linen can also be used for summer espadrilles. It’s usually a thicker, more canvas-y linen, but it has the same cooling benefits.


    • Straw Hat by Goorin Bros
    • Grey Vintage Irish linen shirt by Brooks Brothers
    • Grey Linen/Leather espadrilles by Billy Reid

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style

    Photography by Westley Dimagiba.

    • Jeff McAllister

      As much as I support constructive criticism there are a few jabs here in the comments that I don’t quite get.

      Yes, the fit in Look 1 is off — and the sneakers don’t really do it for me — but the ‘idea’ behind the outfit isn’t bad at all. It certainly adds more to this feature than it takes away from it. As for the others: IMO Look 2 is on point and Look 3 can stand its own against most.

      Trendy or not, those bracelets do nothing to kill the look for me. The fact that they don’t add anything either could definitely be used as an argument against them, but ultimately a trend piece used in a relatively inoffensive way should never merit a shutdown on its own.

    • John B

      I don’t understand the hate! I liked the post, even with the ill-fitting jacket on look #1. Look #2 is amazing!

    • Austin

      When is suit supply gonna open in San Diego. I’ll be the first applicant haha

    • Jeanscuffed

      I dig all three fits. I do agree that the 1st fit DB needs a little trim but Angel said it loud and clear, he lost weight, plus I know that getting stuff tailored is annoying and expensive especially since he has all of his wardrobe to tailor. I’m more fond of how casual look 3 is. I’m really feeling the espadrilles too as well as the shades.

    • Matto

      Looks great. #2 is my favorite, although I’d love to see it matched with the white pants from #3.

      I love these “menswear in the real world” editorials – anyone can look up photos of expertly manicured models under staged conditions. TSB excels with a heavy dose of reality and authenticity.

    • Ryan Kelly

      Yes, Angel…thanks for the disclaimer. Haha. The jacket is old and needs some work done. Regardless, it’s a personal favorite of mine. Thanks for all the compliments and criticism, gents. It’s always good to hear some feedback.

      • George

        Please tell us few words about your wristwatch!

    • TT

      I’m obviously a big follower and big fan of the site, and what I perceive to be the site’s overall potential. But posts like this leave me confused. You guys have, in the very recent past (given the overall history of the site) ventured out and went from having generic, uber-posi, SWAG, hipster idiotic optimism to LEGIT editorials and opinion pieces. I don’t always agree! But I respect them and appreciate them.

      That being said, I don’t know how to take a piece like this—a photo-editorial that, to rip from what another peer said below, looks like “a guy that went online google Pitti Uomo and took a shot at putting together his own look.” I don’t know how you can write a pretty mean-spirited TRENDS WE HOPE DIE post and then, months later, 100% endorse a guy who does, in fact, look like a laundry list of those trends, down to the head-to-toe SuitSupply aesthetic, stacked bracelets, et al.

      Long story short: I obviously love the blog, but I think you guys degrade your credibility when you talk out of all sides of your mouth. I mean that with all the due respect in the world.

      • JM

        Before one of them gets on and jumps all over you, I see what you mean. As a reader, you want consistency. The site can change, the overall message can change, but it’s nice that there is always some kind of constant. I seems kind of backhanded that TSB still features a guy like this, when their trend list was so blunt.

      • cam

        TT- I think ur quite off when accusing the TSB team of featuring someone guilty of the trends they hope die. I went back to check that editorial and this gentleman may be guilty of one, the stacked bracelets (and I believe Dan was referring to the guys you see stacking them halfway up their forearms). I think most will agree look 1 is a miss but c’mon man, you’re way off and a little overboard with your thoughts. Look 2 is a very respectful casual outfit. Cotton trousers with a sport shirt and sport coat is about as classic American as it’s gets. While look 3 isn’t something I would wear, again, it’s a very nice and simple weekend casual look for the spring/summer. Thanks TSB team for the feature.

      • Todd Ruhnau

        I don’t get where all the recent negativity in the comments is coming from lately. When a style blog such as TSB produces so much content its bound to feature people whose style you don’t like or don’t care for. It’s important to feature people with a different perspective than that of the TSB team as well. If they featured people who only wore clothes that Dan would wear, this would be one helluva boring site. Just because TSB thinks those trends should die doesn’t mean every person they feature is going to agree. Look 2 and 3 are amazing in my opinion. Keep it up GrittySart.

        • Roger

          To get the hella oversimplifcation out of your post as to what TT said, takes effort. He/She is clearly talking about a message & vision in general. Not poeple Dan and TSB like or don’t like.

          • Todd Ruhnau

            Haha thank you. I did read his/her comment and think about it and put effort into understanding what he/she was trying to say. I simplifying the whole comment just focusing on part of it: TT asked how they could publish the “Trends” article and then 100% back GrittySart. I was pointing out that they don’t have to 100% agree with every choice made by their features. If so it would be overrun by Dan’s opinion. Part of what makes this site interesting is the different view points and opinions.

    • Robert

      The1st look is a fail. Jacket doesn’t fit properly, the shirt is too long in the sleeves, unbuttoned or not. Just looks like a guy that went online google Pitti Uomo and took a shot at putting together his own look. The other two looks are better, with the 3rd look being on point.

      • Esosa

        I have to agree..the SS jacket fits much better than the first one..the first one looks like it might have a slight collar gap and the shoulders are a bit wide for his frame.. the 2nd look is my favorite though..

        • Angel Ramos

          Disclaimer, this is a very old jacket my great friend Ryan is wearing. All of your critics though might seem visually correct, however in Ryan’s case he recently moved up to NYC about 4-5 months ago and has lost an abnormal amount of weight hence, 90% of his clothing hanging off of him. Isay that with experience bc I lost 55 pounds 2 years ago and the process of trying to salvage suits and clothing to having to continue to alter stuff weekly was extremley expensice, stressful and took a huge mental poll. lol Nevertheless, TSB is always posting great content, no matter one’s opinions. Everyone always has a different one, but that’s the beauty of us having that right. Cheers!

      • JM

        Maybe that’s an early jacket from angel? I agree though, little crucial fit points seem off.

        • Angel Ramos

          Yes, it’s a very early jacket, when I branched off and Ryan was at a much heavier weight.

      • Jimmy_Johansen

        There is room for criticism in some of the choices displayed in this piece, however, to do so means you missed the point. Any man who can pull off that pocket square in the first look deserves some leeway. Maybe his jacket is too big to allow room for the heart of a lion he must have! LOL

        Ryan, when you’re willing to part with that p square let me know!

    • Lothar

      Still can’t stand this DB craze. It’s like hanging a massive curtain in front of the wearer. It hides so many potentially interesting details behind a single fabric.

    • AdamE

      Love the summer tweed jacket! all 3 looks are good, especially like #2 and #3

    • Olerud_4_Life

      Youre second look is the toughest. Nice jacket. Your third look is how i want to feel on a saturday afternoon chilling with cute chicks and trying to be swayzy and sexy at the same time. It usually ends up with me recovering from a hangover from friday in my sweats watching old episodes of saved by the bell. I digress. But your third look is swayzy and tough as well. Love the cardigan.

    • TheWolvesden

      Those Brown Suede Derbys are of divine influence

    • Brady

      Feeling inspired to pull out that sweater jacket from look 3. I have that same one and it’s been collecting dust cause it hangs pretty long (as you can see above). But Ryan’s rockin it and looks like a champ, sometimes all it takes is one person looking good to build up your confidence. Thanks again TSB and Gritty Sart

    • Nico

      WTF are those ugly shoes? Seriously?

    • TO

      Well done Ryan!! The last look is money. Definitely feeling inspired to start incorporating more linen.

      Nice feature, He is definitely a cool cat and a super nice guy- suit school.

      Wes the photography is great man !