Street Style: Spring in NYC

April 18th, 2014

Our boy Wes stays cruising the streets of NYC in the search of great personal style. It’s that transitional time of season, which always makes for an interesting mix of layers.

Here are the standout gents that caught his eye.

1. Throwback Country Casual


2. Artist’s Workwear


3. Casually Crushing It


4. Foulard & Forces


5. Spring Suiting


6. Spring Strollin’


7. Casual Friday 


8. Lieutenant MLL Sharp


9. All About the Keino Benjamins


10. All in the Family




Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Articles of Style


Photography by Westley Dimagiba.

  • obh

    Number 4’s jeans and trainers combo is fire. anyone got id on the denim??

  • Trey (of Chapel2Chapel)

    The hat in #3 is trill!

  • Austin

    Wid is straight killin it

  • Angel Ramos

    DEFINITELY MORE STREET STYLE!!! Lots of hidden gems in NYC

    • Austin

      Needs more skrong collars doe

  • Angel Ramos

    My Baby Bro Ryan Kelly #5 is murdering it with #simpleelegance. Nothing beats that! Great Shots Wes!

  • CHAD

    6,8, and 10 all killed it. I need a quilted blazer for next fall/winter

  • James Gould

    Literally I’m getting so much inspiration from this.. love it!

  • Mark Smith

    #8 is one of my favourite looks I’ve seen featured on here. He’s killing it with the basics: dark denim, shawl cardigan (I think that’s what it is), white shirt, but the camo bag, green gilet and white derby shoes are what make this look. Inspired.

  • John B

    It’s probably the first time I like every look on a street style post. Definitely the best so far in my opinion.

  • TO

    Good to see you return to the Soho Suit Supply Wes! The guy in #5 Ryan is a super cool guy with great style- he came from menswear in Miami.

    • Westley Dimagiba

      yeah we spoke for a bit.

      He told me he was working with Angel in Miami.

      • Angel Ramos

        Yeah Ryno is my baby bro!!! Great pics Wes!

  • Ishandev

    Yo yo that’s my ninja Widmark!