Transition Game feat. Dahntay Jones

April 21st, 2014

It may be April, but at times it can still feel like Winter. This part of the year is all about having one last fling with your Fall/Winter favorites before you put them away for the season.

If you follow basketball as closely as I do, you know Dahntay Jones has a reputation as a highly respected teammate, and a consistently sharp dresser. He first got a reputation for his style during his “redshirt” transfer year to Duke, during which he was restricted to the bench in “street clothes”. Ten years of NBA hoops later, Dahntay is now one of the most sartorially inclined men in professional sports, thanks in large part to his tailor and close friend Angel Bespoke.

Here the NBA veteran who puts the professional back in professional athlete shows us his off-court transition game; adding a spring vibe to winter pieces.

    1. Power Suiting


    Every professional should have at least one taking-care-of-business suit.

    Whether you’re a 1930s mobster, a 1980s banker, or a 2010s ball player, the heavy wide chalkstripe is always a look to be reckoned with. It’s the “F-ck You, Pay Me” suit.


    “I’ve always taken pride in what I wore…in college I learned that I’m most comfortable in a tailored suit.

    When I made it to the NBA my resources obviously changed and I was able to try new designers and tailors. I quickly realized what I don’t like…after buying many bad fabrics, poorly made pieces, and things that just didn’t fit… After becoming friends with Angel and learning more about menswear, I’ve gravitated toward classic suits & separates in quality fabrics.”



    2. Midrange Game


    “If you look in my closet you will see pieces made by either Tom Ford or Angel Ramos. I also have some shirts made by Turnbull & Asser.”

    This is the same forest green donegal Ariston fabric that Angel and I both have bespoke suits in as well. Dahntay adds a little Spring color with the sorbet cashmere tie to pick-up on the orange flecks in the fabric. I guess I should update our who wore it best.


    What I love most about this fit is that it’s so obviously Angel’s handiwork, but cut perfectly for Dahntay’s larger build. The strong spread collar, the beefy cashmere tie, the 1″+ of unfastened shirt cuffs, the layered pocket square fold, even the hands-in-patch-pockets stance.

    Angel knows that a good tailor is also a good stylist and image consultant. He doesn’t just make clothes for his clients, he also teaches them how to wear them properly.


    “I have a big foot so I generally wear my trousers wider with a full break…I get my shoes custom made by either Tom ford or Scarpe di Bianco.”


    3. Strong Move, Soft Hand


    The oldest trick in the book never fails: patterned blazer with coordinated trousers.

    Extra points for the elbow patches and the lush flannel fabrics.


    Contrary to many custom suit shops who offer “any customization you want”, Angel doesn’t overwhelm his clients with hundreds of variables and decisions (fabrics, linings, felts, buttons, collars, cuffs, etc, etc). His clients go to him because they trust that he will make them look confident, masculine, and elegant. Leave the details to the experts.


    Away from the court and the tailor shop, Dahntay is also the founder of the Dahntay Jones Foundation which provides underserved youth an opportunity to play competitive after-school sports. He also actively volunteers his time to inner-city programs targeting minorities, women and youth.

    He’s a refined gentleman and a well respected professional in his community – dressing the part is only natural.




    Thanks for reading and special thanks to Dahntay for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Westley Dimagiba.

    • Unseen Flirtations

      Absolutely terrifying.

      In a good way.

      Kind of.

    • Matt

      What’s going on with the shoulder in pics 1 and 2? Too much fabric at the shoulder seam?

    • Olerud_4_Life

      Guy is sharp. Hate the elbow pads in the 3rd set. THe professor elbow pads dont match that jacket or its colors or the whole braggadocio look he has with the tough dark greenish, charcolish, and purple stripe look. Other than that all these looks are tough. Agree with EJ on the burnished shoes though. Dahntay is on NBA network i believe now, so check him out post games to catch more of his style.

    • Ryan

      Dan: I am just curious, but do you watch “Million Dollar Listing” and, if so, what do you think about the realtors’ suits and sartorial choices? They all seem to have well-crafted suits in great fabrics and color schemes. But the matching the pocket square to the tie is a little over-kill.

    • Guest

      if only his game on the court could have matched his off court clothing game

    • BigYeti

      Anybody have any good advice for guys that—like Dahntay—have giant feet (size 16), but—unlike Dahntay—don’t have anything close to a professional athlete’s income?

    • Jason

      Hi Angel Bespoke,

      What kind of button is it? horn? shell? @angelbespoke:disqus

      • Angel Ramos

        Hey Jason, it’s actually an olive green horn with a burnt redish edge.

    • ChrisD

      Many nice pieces and great looks. But this feature lacks story + personality compared to so many other posts about unique individuals. This reads like he just paid someone to tell him what to wear. Could be better spun as an Angel feature for really large dudes.
      Those purple-toned trousers in #3 are straight up regal.

    • Miguel

      Even though I can’t afford custom clothing, I love this kind of post, it’s pretty simple, I find something similar in fabric, color and make it fit by going to a tailor (as Dan has said many time) you need a good tailor to look good.

      All three of the looks were on point, great fit, colors and nothing over the top, the shoes, the shoes, the shoes….

      Keep up the good work, Dan, guys.

    • Micah

      I know this site is about inspiration, but these outfits and accessories cost more than my car. I appreciate the diversity on the site, but due tailor more to the less-affluent, as that is your reader base.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Remember: “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it”.

        You can apply the same principles at any budget – fit, color palettes, accessories, etc. We do our best to mix high-end profiles with low-end products, but we’re not going to leave out the best clothes simply because they’re expensive. That would be like a car magazine only writing about Hondas.


        • Micah

          Good point, Dan. I hereby retract my statement.

      • WhenToWear

        There are also a lot of sites out there that cater and offer men on a budget advice on how to dress.

    • kellen owenby

      Love the second look. That green donegal is killer once again. I love it with the dark blue shirt and orange tie!

      • Dan Trepanier

        That green tweed is one of my favorite fabrics of all time. Part of me hopes they don’t bring it back :)

        • Angel Ramos

          I CONCUR!

    • TO

      Favourite looks are #1 and #3, at first inspection I thought #2 could have used a lighter coloured shirt but the more I look at it the more it grows on me.

      The coordination of the last outfit is just crazy. The close-up of the trousers makes it look like a very lux fabric in such a great hue.

      At first I was like thinking he was showing off a bit like, “he not only goes Tom Ford, but goes custom?? Dam.” Then I realized it’s probably because of size 14s or bigger that custom is a necessity !

    • John B

      Reminds me of Angel’s and Khaled’s features which is definitely a good thing. I really like these jackets (roped shoulders, wide lapels etc). I’d like a picture with his coat on look #2 though!

    • Derric

      This post has me dreaming about what my wardrobe would look like with an NBA player’s budget. Also, I appreciate the use of basketball terms for the post and look titles.

    • Christopher

      As much as I like look 2 (not so much the others, because they aren’t practical for me..) I think we need to get back to basics with this site. Dan – you were voted best dressed real man in America – I don’t think many could afford custom bespoke shoes, and a bespoke suit. It’d be great to do a series on shirts, or pants, their construction and what to look for. Back on your old blog, you did a great post on shoes and what separates a $100 shoe from a $400 shoe. I think a return to these would be great. And you also have done great features (e.g., essential 25 items, 3-piece suits, buying bespoke – all bookmarked for me…). It’s great to have these features, but man these are hard to pull off for the average guy. (Just my 0.02). No disrespect meant – your site is awesome and I’m always thoroughly impressed by it.

      That aside, I like the articles like this posted here because they give great inspiration. Just wondering if the site is moving a bit away from what is practical for most men.

      • AFH

        Any ‘magazine’ site has to choose between evolving and doing the same old, same old. In the end, it’s clear that Dan has gone in a different, more *aspirational* direction and, personally, I don’t want to hear about 25 essential items from a guy who doesn’t even come close to living that way – that’s not real. The space that Dan leaves can be occupied by others in the blogosphere.

        • Dan Trepanier

          Thanks Alan.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Hi Chris. Thanks for your feedback, it’s very helpful. My goal with TSBmen is to create a space where men can learn about personal style and engage in broader conversations about menswear/visual representation that take into account personal history and social/cultural context.

        I could write articles about how to find a good suit, or which ties to wear with which shirts all day every day – but that doesn’t excite me, nor do I think “style advice” should be given at a mass scale in that way. It’s all personal, and the only way to get a feel for true style it is by observing others who do it well in their own space.

        With that said, a content flow is all about balance. We have our fair share of “instructional” posts coming up to offset those that are more “inspirational” .


        • Christopher

          Hi Dan – thanks for the feedback. I’m glad at least the team has thought about this. Keep the great posts coming!


    • Willie JS

      This editorial featuring Dahntay is gold !!! Looks #1 & #2 are great from head to (burnished) toe. Wow!!
      And the last one is MONEY!
      Unbotton white dress shirt combined with that lavender window pane and elbow patch jacket easily takes the prize for best sport jackett of the year so far. Angel is the best of the best.
      Yo quiero uno tambien!!!

    • Adrian B

      Murdered look #1. Picked up that same/similar fabric at the MAB sample sale last month. Same details too with the wide peak, ticket pocket, and 2″ cuff. I can most definitely dig it.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Now all you need is a handle and a jumper ;)

        • Adrian B

          Don’t disrespect the Pinoy’s. Ask Wes. We all have handles and cherry pick every chance we get.

    • Brady

      The trousers/jacket combo in look 3 is fantastic. Also bringing out that donegal jacket as a spring piece.. not an easy move, but very well executed

    • Shawn

      Now that’s what I’m talking about! Look # 2 is clearly my favorite, it seems this green Donegal enhances everyone’s appearance, from Dan to Angel and now him! But what catched my eyes most is the phenomenal Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. If the funds were available, that’d be my first choice.

      • Brady

        I spotted that Royal Oak as well.. gorgeous timepiece

      • Dan Trepanier

        Good eye Shawn. I forget to credit the timepiece.

    • ScottDisickisASecretMurderer

      Dan, do I need to contact Angel or MAB to get myself a jacket in that forest green donegal?

      • Sabir M. Peele

        Here’s Angel’s email :

        • Angel Ramos

          Ha good looking out Sabir! I was reluctant to answer this as it could have looked a bit abrasive coming from me! Haha

          To all:


          • Sabir M. Peele


            You need an aggressive friend like me to do that!



          • Matthew Boxx

            Angel, when are you back in NYC? We tried to connect back in Feb…I look forward to hearing from you

      • Dan Trepanier

        The people have spoken. I hope that fabric is still in stock!

        • Angel Ramos


          • Paul Kim

            Loved look 2. Right on point.

    • EJ

      The overly burnished shoes don’t really match the sophistication of the fabrics. Tone those down, and all these looks would be completely on point. Also, Dahntay don’t think we’ve forgotten when you slid up under Kobe on that jumper two years back…

      • Jorge B.

        All basketball talk aside, I actually quite like the burnish on his shoes. I think that they tie together the masculinity of the suits with bossy elegance. That chalk stripe is definitely where the money’s at.

        And man, oh MAN, I’ve got to get in touch with Angel about getting a jacket in that Forest Green Donegal. I don’t care how much I have to pay, that fabric is a work of art!

        • Dan Trepanier

          Agreed on the burnishing my brother.

      • Sergio Arteaga

        We will never forget.

      • Jimmy Vo

        F this guy. He’s still having nightmare of the Black Mamba owning him in the playoff.

        • Dan Trepanier

          Sounds like somebody is having nightmares.