Fashion is for Fun feat. the Durimel Twins

July 29th, 2014

Alex and I had just driven from NYC to Los Angeles when we met the Durimel twins. My late grandma’s Impala was still packed with camping gear and dusted with sand from our cross-country road trip. But we did it. We had finally arrived. This was our new home, even though we only knew a handful of people between the two of us.

That night we met Jilan and Jibril Durimel; two fun-loving and uber-stylish brothers from Paris who were hosting a Street Style Photography exhibit at a gallery on Melrose. It was our first “fashion event” on the West coast, so we had no idea what to expect. As we walked into the party it was immediately obvious that we weren’t in NYC anymore. The hosts themselves greeted us with their big infectious smiles, introduced us to some of their friends, and offered us something to drink. It was a stark contrast to the usual uppity, slightly pretentious, relatively stand-offish attitude that we’ve come to expect from many NYC fashion events.

A couple weeks later Alex and I set up a time to visit the twins at their apartment in East Hollywood, which just so happened to be five minutes from our new house in SilverLake. Their apartment is simple and minimal, as you would expect from two 20-year-old European film students who live on a budget and don’t spend a whole lot of time at home.

Jalan is lighthearted and always cracking jokes, often trying to engage his brother and amp up his silly side. Jibril is also full of smiles, but gives subtle hints to a more serious side. They are unquestionably best friends, and they do everything together. They even sleep in the same room and share a cellphone. They saved their digits as simply “Durimel” in my phone, which is a little confusing since I never know which one I’m talking to. I think it’s a game they play, but perhaps it doesn’t matter – Durimel is a brand, an aesthetic, and a lifestyle they’ve created. And menswear brands are gradually starting to take notice of their talent and creative influence on the young fashion-conscious crowd in LA.

What I love most about their style is that they have fun with their clothing and don’t take themselves too seriously. Most of their clothes are from vintage shops or fast-fashion brands like American Apparel or H&M, but they put it all together in a way that is colorful, bold, and uniquely their own.

I’m keeping an eye on these stylish bloggers/photographers/film students. They are two of the most inspiring young gentlemen we’ve met, and I think they have what it takes (a combination of talent, vision and personality) to become legitimate influencers on the up-and-coming crop of West coast creatives.

Here’s some photos Alex shot during our hang-out with them, along with some of my favorite shots/look from their website, where they openly “celebrate the weird and unusual”.

Check them out, if for nothing else, to give you some vintage shopping inspiration and ideas about introducing new color gradients into your wardrobe.

























Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

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Photography by Alex Crawford & Durimel

  • Thomas

    Best post i’ve seen on TSB Men. These guys are incredibly inspiring.

  • Jimmy_Johansen

    There are a couple items here or there that I appreciated. I certainly appreciate the twins carefree nature with all these looks but they mostly seem like runway stuff that no one would or should actually wear in regular life. I wish we could see less fashion and more style.

  • Preston

    Fantastic shots, Alex.

  • Jeanscuffed

    TSBMen crew, Durmiel Twins, Street Etiquette…..I say host a
    Flyest Crew-Off. It would definitely be interesting. Nice post! Alex I’m not sure which photo’s are yours but that’s a good thing because EVERY photo is so clear and vivid.

  • Miguel

    Boys got style, this is an excellent post, great info. on their likes and attires, nothing too extreme but really playful, congrats and continue success.
    Alex, great shot by the way.
    Thank TSB,

  • Ralph I.

    Excellent feature. Quite a few of these looks could possibly be placed in the “epic” category!

  • jaykaysway

    I like that their looks “feed off” of each other. The looks are sick on their own, but are even sicker together!

    Great work as always.


  • Stuart

    Might be the best feature I’ve ever seen on TSB Men.

  • BougieHippie

    I follow these guys on Instagram and their style and creativity is just pure brilliance.

  • MS

    Cool dudes and cool looks. Helps to be handsome as f***, too (and seemingly talented to boot).

    I know the comments here occasionally run the gamut of sycophantic to mendacious, but as a long time reader, I think the photography gets better and better every day. Dan, I respect what you do so much but I think the constant harping on self-referential culture cache shit (like referring to others and yourself as “influencers”) and marketing-speak (in the last year, EVERYONE on this blog has turned into “a brand”) has turned me off a little bit and I find myself visiting less and less.

    These pictures are beautiful, YOU GUYS are beautiful. I know you’re out there grinding every day. I see it and feel it. I hope this is coming across as friendly as I mean it to be: you don’t have to beat us over the head with how talented y’all are as stylists. Let clothes be cool without the corporate double-talk leeching into your editorials, my man.

    • Mn


      Love this feature though. Great photography as well.

  • TO

    The west coast’s Street Etiquette !

    These guys inject so much fun and personality into their looks. Trouble is, can the average person/reader really take inspiration to pull off similar looks?

    I did feel inspired enough to literally grab a band collar shirt which I had experimentally cut the sleeves off out of the garbage can in my room after seeing the 11th picture. And that houndstooth blazer is fresh to death, something I would definitely wear. As well as many other individual pieces shown here, which are impressive to be curated from the H&Ms etc. But I don’t know if I would ever attempt their way of styling.

    What is crazy to me is young fresh dudes like this actually bring fashion out on the streets and make it ‘wearable’, which is usually a complete clash of concepts even to sartorially inclined individuals.
    However it is they are doing it, it is working really really well. Keep it up !

  • Unseen Flirtations

    I’d get their mixtape in an instant.

    Fantastic shots and another great feature, full of vibrancy and as much about the personal testimony as it is about the fashion.

    Personally, the most exciting thing about this feature (and in modern trends in general) is the experimentation with silhouettes and proportions. You see this a lot in some of the pro’s pros, eg Sam Lambert, Wooster, etc and, of course, on catwalks. Definitely an intriguing direction for streetwear.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Tom

    I like their style. Young, fresh and hip. I couldn’t pull it off but it totally suits them. Nice post!

  • khordkutta

    These cats are certainly trendy, but they make it their own and do it well…Hats off.

  • Steve

    These guys have such great style! Best shoot TSBmen has done in a long time.