Pale Blue Layers for Early Spring

April 28th, 2011

It’s finally starting to feel a little like Spring. It’s not quite warm yet, but the sun is shining.

This time of year, when it’s sunny but still a little chilly, is the perfect time to introduce lighter colors while layering – to create an outfit that looks lighter than it truly is.

Here’s two early Spring outfits to show you’re gradually “lightening up” but staying warm too.

    1. Pale Blue Blazer


    Wool/linen jacket, oxford shirt, wool scarf, brushed cotton chinos, suede shoes…not a very “lightweight” outfit, but the color palette here makes it look almost “beach-y”.

    Bonus Tip: White chinos (in most cases) aren’t any lighter-weight than khaki ones, but they immediately make an outfit look more sun-friendly.

    Answer to a question I get all the time: The ideal shoe color for a white pant (hopefully cotton or linen) is a very light brown to cognac. Or even tan. Leather or suede. Loafer, driver, lace-up, brogue, wingtip, driver, monk. For example, see Bill White here.

    • White cotton trousers
    • Brown Suede Loafers by Ralph Lauren
    • White cotton button down shirt by Uniqlo
    • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Persol

    2. Seasonal Trench


    Trench coats might be my favorite thing to buy. I have one for every season now, and have my eye on another.

    Bonus Tip: Never regret the purchase of a trench with a classic design – it’ll be worth it in the long run.

    Bonus Tip II: Wear brown! (and blue, of course).

    Bonus Tip III: Here’s those versatile tassel loafers again.

    Bonus Tip IV: Pants from one suit, vest from another, chic casual.

    Bonus Tip V: As I’ve written numerous times, the key to pattern-mixing is differentiating the size/proportion of the patterns.

    Thanks for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • The Rustic Prep

      Lookin good man, you deffinetly got your layering down pact. also digging the man-jewlery, I’ve always been a fan myself, but its tough to find stuff out there, so I’m not surprised when you say yours are from your travels, that seems to be about the only time I find them myself.

    • John

      I really enjoy your blog, but please go back to basics.too much going on lately with your Sprezzatura!

    • Carl

      love the look

    • Elitest

      Your jackets are too short.

    • Chris R

      I really like the last look and have been a follower since thebegining. However I feel your look has become more and more trendy and almost hipsterish at times lately. Just my opinion…keep up the hard work!

    • EC
    • Mondo Primavera

      Exceptional looks Dan….funny thing is I just got back from trying on a coral coloured spring sportcoat and a fantastic green one. Killin’ em softly.

    • l3on

      The last look would be my pick. And man, I gotta find me some versatile loafers like this…

    • Craig

      The First One was Tuff!!!

    • Miguel Cristovao

      great looks! i’m just wondering, where can i get bracelets like that? i’ve been looking around for a long time

      • Townsend

        If you live in an urban area you can find leather bands and buddhist prayer beads at tons of simple street vendors. My go-to spot in NYC is called “the shops at broadway”, a collection of small street vendors, at around 692 Broadway (Broadway and E 4th st.) If you don’t have access to places like this, Aldo and Asos have great (cheaper) options online.

        • FPMD

          Or you can make your own..

          It costs at most $3 total to buy beads and string at your local arts/crafts store..then maybe 10 minutes to put together a bracelet.

          Your bracelets will be quite personal, seeing as how you made them yourself. I have a handful from street vendors in the Philippines, NYC, etc but these days, I’d just rather make my own.

    • alex crawford

      Great style, I don’t think I have ever disliked a look yet on here.

      • SB

        Is your name really Alex Crawford? That’s neat.

    • MH

      The first look is DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes all those exclamation marks were necessary :)

    • FPMD

      Liking everything except the 2nd look. For some reason.. to me, the proportions I’ve just never been a huge fan of the blazer sleeves rolled up..perhaps a thinner scarf would have pulled together the look a bit better? Less bracelets as well.

      Can’t wait to wear natural tans and off whites this Spring/Summer!


      i definitely thought you were wearing white socks in the first pic lol. cant wait for natural tans!!!!

    • D KNOTT

      i hate that your style choices are so similar to things i would do(i had been toying around with brighter blazers for spring like your purple one). i love that seeing you do it first forces me to think outside the box and try a styling choice that i probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

    • April

      You have an impecable sense of style!

    • Anonymous

      In that second ensemble, you look like you are desperately seeking sSusan ‘ve been reading for a while and that is, by far, the silliest thing I’ve seen on here.

      • SB

        Have to admit, I had no idea what this meant..looked it up…still don’t really get it.

        Thanks anyway for reading E from Denver.

        • MattyG

          Desperately Seeking Susan? You don’t get that? Cheesy 80s movie – Madonna – pushed-up sleeves, way too many bracelets. He’s telling you that particular look is stuck in the 80s. And I have to agree. Trying way too hard on that one. Sorry.

          • SB

            Sorry, I’m not familiar with the movie. It came out before I was born.

            I have to agree as well though, I think the 2nd look is probably my least favorite that I’ve ever posted. Shouldn’t went with a lighter weight scarf and less accessories. With that said, I think the beaded bracelet thing will be coming to an end sooner than we may have thought.

            Can’t win ’em all.


    • Les Frères JO’

      The first look is great, nice shoes! Good work Dan

      If you like french men street looks :

    • Jide

      Hey SB,

      Been try hard to work the scarf like you do, but i haven’t gone far with it. Any advice?

    • Bartek


    • Matt Thompson


      I really like your first outfit in this post. I think it is my favorite so far. Keep up the good work. I’m excited for some summer looks (I live in Tampa, FL and it’s already in the mid 80s!).


    • Joy

      This is very tastefully done. I love it!

    • ciara

      cool! do you have a suit to match the seersucker vest in look 3 that we’ll see later? i like that you showed the purple jacket the way you did.

    • mcr

      Great post. The first look is on point! Keep up the great work Dan.

    • WM

      Great Post! I especially like the last look, and how the trench is the perfect subtle grey/light blue that can go with many colors. I see that you did not wear colorful chinos once, but instead wore more colorful/rich blazers and trench coats. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Westley

      Trench in the third look fits great… btw that spot is the best place for bracelets and necklaces… always on point Dan!

    • David Hoggatt

      Really love the first ensemble, very sharp!

      Good work,

    • John

      Awesome looks Dan, love them all. I don’t know i want to say for the first look, you drew inspiration from the friday look of Bill White of Scarpe di Bianco. I’m probably wrong, but maybe……….. as always killer fits:)

    • cam

      To say a blue blazer is played out is ridiculous…it’s classic.

      • SB

        That is not what i wrote. Cam you’ve been a reader/commenter long enough to know I’m all for blue blazers, and the “classics” in general.

    • Bosun

      Light colours with layers seem a pretty smart idea for spring, it sort of reflects the variable weather your faced (at least over in the U.K where in spring it could be freezing cold one day then super hot another!)

      Great to see the purple/mauve suit jacket out again. I think it’s an all time favorite. Also like your healthy collection of beads.

    • Shogo

      I really love these outfits. I am going to have to find a place in Toronto that sells that style of trench coat and that purple jacket. I love purple :)

    • KLEE

      Wish I had the money to get that jacket in the first post, wow. Sick post again as usual