Get Nappy: Suede Jackets for Spring

April 10th, 2014

Early Spring is the perfect time of year for a lightweight suede bomber (as long as there’s no rain in the forecast).

I’ve always loved the soft napped texture of a quality suede; it ads a depth and richness to even the most simple look.

Here’s three of my favorites Spring suede bombers, each of which has recently migrated to the front of my closet.

    1. Date Ready


    When it comes to suede bombers, or leather bombers for that matter, the simpler the design the better. Clean and neat is not only handsome, it’s also versatile and trend-adverse.

    This particular jacket, for example, is super minimal; no patch pockets, no zipper details, not even a collar or cuff. The simplicity of the design lends it nicely to a unique fabrication; like a dusty teal suede.


    It’s no secret by now that green & brown is one of my favorite color combos. It works in a variety of shades; teal & chestnut, forest and chocolateolive & camel, etc.



    • Tortoise shades by Matsuda Eyewear
    • Teal suede jacket by Carven
    • White Italian Collar Shirt
    • Tan leather monkstraps by Scarpe di Bianco

    2. Weekend Casual


    When traveling with only a carry-on, the trick is to wear a few versatile layers.

    A neutral suede bomber, a tonal henley, a button-down polo and a pair of grey jeans are all items that can be styled in a variety of different ways given the occasion or situation.


    I really like the play between suede and cashmere; two soft, luxurious fabrics with much different hand feels.



    • Black/Grey shades by Matsuda Eyewear
    • Navy suede jacket by Vince
    • Cashmere block stripe henley by John Varvatos
    • Grey stripe polo shirt by Uniqlo x Michael Bastian
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Grey jeans by Levis
    • Black pebbled leather kilted chukka boots by J. FitzPatrick
    • Black shrunken leather duffle bag by Dan Trepanier x Frank Clegg

    3. Office Hours


    Here’s an easy solution for a sharp “Business Casual” look: get suited up, then take-off the jacket and trade it for a slim bomber. Boom.

    After work simply loose the tie, unfasten a couple buttons, and you have a perfect going-out look.


    This is one of those jackets that I’ve had for years. I scored on eBay during my junior year of college, and still feel like a million bucks wearing it.

    A well-made jacket in a classic design will perform for years and only get better with time. For that reason, in my opinion there is also a sentimental value to buying quality. “Investment” menswear pieces will live and grow along with you, and can therefore serve as physical landmarks for your past experiences. This particular jacket, for example, has been through plenty of ups and downs…and a handful of evenings that I would be best served to keep to myself. Some memories are only for you – and your suit of armor.

    I’m always reminded of a particular time in my life when I break this thing out – and it makes me smile, and reflect.



    • Tortoise and silver sunglasses by Matsuda
    • Olive suede jacket by John Varvatos
    • Khaki hairline stripe shirt by Proper Cloth
    • Brown striped tie by Ralph Lauren Black Label
    • Camel hopsack suit trousers
    • “Remington” leather chelsea boots by Aldo


    Thanks, as always, for reading. Some great features coming up!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • James Franco

      Dan, you must tell us the story associated with the jacket in look three. Some memories are worth sharing, for perpetuity’s sake.

    • JoeFromTexas

      By the way, the buttondown collar polos from Uniqlo are back online. Just going to throw that into the wind (of course after I’ve already copped mine).

    • Shawn

      Look # 1 and # 3, to die for!

    • James Franco

      Dan, you sure have a way with words.

    • TO

      This one hits close to home! I love simple spring windbreakers- these suede ones are some of the coolest I’ve seen !

    • John B

      I like the simplicity of the jackets on the posts, but I prefer that BLK DNM biker you posted on the comments. Great post nonetheless!

    • Nick A

      The plight of rocking Chelsea boots – pants getting hung up on the back of the shoe. Absolutely the worst. (3rd look last pic)

      • Dan Trepanier

        Haha – I hate that too. I usually cut off the finger tab at the back of some Chelseas…but in this case there isn’t one and the pants are still getting caught! Any solutions?

    • Hi

      Hey Dan,
      What color leather are those monks?

      • Dan Trepanier

        Not sure exactly what to call it. Khaki? Tan? Caramel? Ochre?

    • MS

      Wow, I hate to say this, but I feel like this is a real miss. Personally, I hate wearing clothing where like, a la Seinfeld, I have to run and hide if the weather takes a weird turn.

      That being said, suede jackets are fully in the dorky-dad vernacular. I’m surprised at you, Dan! LOL, I think this one is a miss for me.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Hmmm…I don’t think, or feel, dorky-dad in suede at all. But I wasn’t much of a Seinfeld guy either. Do you not wear suede or leather? Seems kind of limiting.

        In California it rains about once a season, so it’s less of a concern.

        Cheers mate.

    • Miguel

      Another fine post Dan, really three good looks with a lot of options to choose from,

      thanks guys.

    • JBells

      Wow Alex that first photo is so amazing. The beautiful flowers blooming up top contrasted with the cracks in the pavement! Thank you

    • Herbert Morrison

      Posts like this are what keep me coming back day after day. Lest we forget about our roots Keep em’ comin.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Herbert!

    • Lothar

      I know you and your readers have joked about the size of your closet before, but — Wow! — this one really made it impossible for me to fathom. Four suede bombers in different colors!?! (I’m counting the one mentioned by “Jeanscuffed” in the comments section.) And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

      • Dan Trepanier

        Haha, you know what they say. It costs to be the boss, so I guess I gotta pay!!

        I have a few other suedes in my collection, I just didn’t think they fit this story (looks often get “cut” from out shoots). Like this BLK DNM biker number that didn’t make the cut:

        • Mark Smith

          Damn damn daaamn. It is beyond me why this didn’t make the cut. Powerful look, brother.

      • ChrisD

        Just what I was thinking.. Dan you must have a dedicated insurance plan for your closet hah

    • Jeanscuffed

      Great post Dan. What ever happened to your brown suede jacket that you used in a WIWT a while back? I would have thought that would be in the rotation of posted outfits. Anyways, it’s hard to tell which look I favor more but all of them are solid.

      • Dan Trepanier

        I love that vintage piece! It’s laying around somewhere. It has knit “sweater sleeves” so I didn’t think it was a good fit for this post. Great eye!

        • Jeanscuffed

          I loved it too! I mean look at how great the knit sleeves conture to the arm. I’m sure loaded with a bigger wardrobe arsenal now, you could run circles around the previous outfit lol.

    • Harrison G

      Great looking jackets. I have a suede bomber that I adore but after losing weight the back is right but the front is huge on me. Is there anyway to get a suede jacket tailored? Or am I better off getting a new one?

      • Dan Trepanier

        Hmm. Depends what you need done, and what kind of equipment/experience your tailor has. Suede is leather, so the same restrictions apply to tailoring. Bring it to him and see what he says, if not sell it on eBay and get an upgrade.

        • cam

          Dan, any thoughts of having a classified section on your site where members can sell? Maybe you collect a small percent of the sale?

          • Dan Trepanier

            It’s an idea we’ve thrown around – along with several other ideas to get our community interacting more, and benefitting from each other.

            In the coming weeks we will be reaching out to our most vocal supporters (including you Cam, of course) to learn more about our readership, and see if there is a opportunity for our consistent contributors to be a larger part of the TSBmen conversations…

            Talk soon,

        • Harrison G

          The front would need to be taken in at least 2 inches. It is a brooks brothers chocolate brown suede coat. It’s a size XL. I am guessing with that much needing to be taken in it is time for my first eBay sale? What I am concerned about is the shoulders fit well and being able to find a jacket that has a more tailored look to it.

    • Charlie T

      ‘Some memories are only for you – and your suit of armor’. Great quote!

      I love the simplicity of these suede jackets…might just have to invest.