GoodWill Hunting feat. Jireh Louie

November 9th, 2013

Jireh Louie from Chicago was one of our favorite entries to the Articles of Style October giveaway, mainly because the guy stays fresh on an extreme budget.

“As a student I’m on a very tight budget, but as the guys at Articles of Style always say; you don’t have to spend a ton of money to look good… I’d guess about 90% of my wardrobe is from thrift stores, eBay, or the local Goodwill.”

Here are some of Jireh’s entries to our Reader Giveaways, along with where he got the items and, most impressively, how little he paid for them.

1. eBay Belted Cardy


Hand knit Belted Cardigan (eBay $20), Brittany Ltd. Chicago Cashmere Cardigan (Goodwill $5), Gant Rugger Shirt (Goodwill $5), Timex Watch (Goodwill $5), Penfield Wool Cargos (eBay $40), Kenneth Cole Horsebit Driving Loafers (Goodwill $7)

“I try not to pay more than $20 for any one item. Of course, there are exceptions like my Omega watch and my go-to selvedge jeans… One thing is for sure though; I’m not buying it unless it’s at a deep discount and it will last.”

2. Goodwill DB


Bailey Hat (Goodwill $15), Vintage Ralph Lauren Henley with a Striped Bib ($10 eBay), Navy DB Blazer (Goodwill $7), J Crew Tan Cords (Goodwill $5), Florsheim Imperial Chelsea Boots (eBay $20), Iron Ring (eBay $5)

“Pretty often I walk out the door and realize that pretty much all the items I’m wearing are from Goodwill…and I feel good about that. Saving and recycling at the same time.”

3. Better Than Free


Tweed Blazer (Goodwill $7), United Colors of Benetton Shirt (Goodwill $5), Vintage Knit Tie (eBay Lot of 70 for $40, so $1.75), United Colors of Benetton Chinos (UCoB Outlet $20), Ralph Lauren Belt (Unique Thrift Store $1), Uniqlo Socks (6 for $10 sale, so $1.66), Cole Haan Captoe Shoes (eBay $20) 

“I had been looking for a tweed blazer for soo long…then one day I’m about to leave the Goodwill when I see an employee rolling out a new rack of donations and the heavy herringbone texture catches my eye. Sure enough the label says ‘Harris Tweed’. Turns out it fits too, except the sleeves are a bit too short (I’m 6’3” so sleeves are always too short) – I haven’t gotten around to letting them out yet…

The ties were an investment. I bought a lot of 70 ties on eBay for $40. Sold most of them, made some profit, and kept a handful of my favorites. So in a sense, the tie was better than free.”

4. Invest Wisely


Scala 8 Panel Newsboy (eBay $20), JCrew Military Jacket ($35 JCrew Outlet), Woolrich “Hudson Bay Stripe” Wool Pullover (eBay $40), Craftsman Henley Tee (eBay $5), Vintage Omega Seamaster (off a friend $150), Lee 101 Selvedge Jeans (eBay $70), 8″ LL Bean Boots (eBay $45).

“The watch was an investment, but I scored it for WAY under retail value and I wear it almost every day…so it’s justified.”


Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Jireh for sharing his style story!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

  • http://undefined Dick Lickerson

    Wow amazing outfits on a budget dude. But Goodwill shopping in a major city is WAAAY different that in the craphole town I’m from. All I can buy at the Goodwill near me is stretched out fatlady sweatpants with a worn-out fupa compartnent.

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    Look 1 & 3 is boss! That tweed blazer is a steal and looks great the way it is. If you feel the need to let out the sleeves then do so for personal preference, but it seems you have alot of backing by lookin through the comments that your sleeves are fine with us lol. Currently drooling over the cargos in Look 1. Great post.

  • Steve

    Jireh, this is amazing. I have a very similar frame to yours and have such a hard time finding pants that fit!!! How do you do it at a Goodwill nonetheless? Every time I go to Goodwill, the pants section is basically off limits, since it seems tall, skinny guys never donate their pants…

    • Jireh

      Haha, pants are rare for sure, I only have a few pairs from goodwill that fit straight up without any tailoring done.

  • John


  • Mustafa Kacar

    Way to show them how it’s done (on a budget) Jireh! One of my favorite posts in a while. Just shows that when you truly want to look your best, you can, with out spending a fortune.

  • http://undefined TimL

    Great topic. Love thrift shop stuff.
    Great looks in all of these pics.

    I just picked up about 12 mixed sweaters and sweater vests last week for about $30 total. Good brands like Tommy Hilfiger,Vanhusen and Nautica.
    I can find ties for about 50cents to a dollar. The Metro Detroit area has alot of thrift shops.
    Dan, I know you like leather coates. They have lots in my area for an average of $10 each.

  • Derric

    I really appreciate the budget for each look. This guy is a serious professional.

  • MN

    Great looks.

    As a slender 6’3″ guy myself I’ve always found thrifting doesn’t work out because everything is too small or cut way too full.

    Did you tailor a lot of these items?

    • Jireh

      I don’t think I got any of the items here tailored actually. I’d have included that in the prices if I did, it does affect the budget after all.

  • Gazman

    Great outfits. I keep reading about the wonders of ‘thrifting’ in America, about how you can score a top brand suit, full canvassed sports jacket or pants for not much more than a sandwich. I envy that. So I tried it here in Australia but all you find in our thrift stores is crap. I guess there are the odd gems but you’ll need to devote a lot of time and energy before you unearth that rare item and when you do it isn’t that cheap after all.

    • A

      It really depends on your location. The thrift shops closer to affluent areas will have higher end items. The ones near me are pretty much useless.

  • Zach!!!

    Dude looks great in all of these shots!
    Just a quick edit on the tie situation in look 3: if a lot of 70 ties was purchased for $40, each tie cost closer to 60 cents than $1.75.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Damn, hah. You’re right. Jireh – I trusted you on the math in that quote! :)

      So even better than advertised.

    • Jireh

      Haha yeah I had realized that too, was hoping no one would catch it.

  • BougieHippie

    Dashing style! But that belted cardi is the best of all time!

    BTW he’ll be a designer’s dream they way he’s able to fit superbly in second hand clothing!

  • Adam L.

    “Vintage Knit Tie (eBay Lot of 70 for $40, so $1.75)” Actually, that would be $0.57, not $1.75.

    I love that pullover in the last look. Been trying to find one for myself.

  • http://undefined TO

    Jireh, I think the length of the sleeves on the tweed blazer look great! I wouldn’t change them.

    Was a fan of the navy 1×4 DB the moment I saw it in the contest, one of many of your great finds !

    • Henri

      The sleeves are definitely a cm or two too short. Otherwise the fit is spot on.

      • Dan Trepanier

        We talkin’ bout cms.

  • Esmetjie

    Yep !

  • Jeff H.

    I really envy all of you guys that are “normal” sized and can actually find clothes at thrift stores that fit. I am 5’10 245, 50″ inch jacket and can never get anything second hand that comes close to fitting.

    • Nick McCann

      I have the same problem, except that I’m too small. I wear mostly kids clothes and haven’t been to any thrift shops that have them. If they do, it’s usually nothing good. Does anyone know of any good thrift shops in NYC that might have a decent selection of kids clothes? I’ll be there for vacation in December.

  • Kool Chiefrocka

    Harris Tweed


    ….enough said.

  • Michael

    I’ve found my share of good to great items thrifting at Goodwill, Salvation Army & Value Village but at 5′ 8″ I’ve also come across great vintage pieces I had to pass up because it was too big. You larger / taller dudes, take advantage!

    • Jireh

      Yeah, definitely sucks to find great pieces that don’t fit. It’s a bit tougher for me too since my length/height usually matches up to a size Large, but I’m skinny, so that matches up to a size Medium. In my opinion, it’s just a matter of being thorough and persistent.

  • John B

    Not a fan of the loafers and boots on looks #1 and #2, but everything else is good! I really like the belted cardigan and the last look. Nice deal on the watch, where can I find a friend like this?

  • TTG

    Great piece TSB and Jireh has a great sense of style and a very good eye. The hat and DB Blazer in look 2 are really good.

  • Daniel

    Amazing that Jireh can dress so well for so little. He also looks comfortable in all the pics. Jireh, do you get your clothes tailored? Everything fits so well!

    Also, was happy to see that I got an even better deal on my bean boots – just $20 at Salvation Army

    • Jireh

      I actually have yet to find a good tailor around me. I usually just try to find pieces that already fit pretty well. Thanks for the kind comments, and it’s sweet to see you got such a steal on great pair boots.

  • Brady P

    Nice looks Jireh! Always like to see thrifted items styled well. I must say, all goodwills are not created equal, CHI has some of the better ones I’ve seen. And the TJ MAXX in the suburbs are ridiculous!

  • Changingman

    Thats it, Im going to Goodwill this weekend.

  • Shawn

    Last look really is a win for me!