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Movember in Style: The Gentlemo

November 5th, 2013

As a brand ambassador for Gillette I’m doing my part to bring awareness to Movember this month.

Earlier this year I came together with some of the most talented barbers from across Canada (Toronto’s Mankind, Vancouver’s Another Fine Cut, and Montreal’s G&G) to discuss what it means to be a gentleman, the role that facial hair plays in style, and ultimately, the best way for men to rock a ‘stache this month.

Together we created the Gentlemo; a mustache style that harkens back to a golden age of manliness and celebrates the timeless qualities of a true gentlemen.


    Mustaches don’t have to be silly or ironic. There was a day when a gentleman wore a mustache proudly. It was a symbol of masculinity and integrity.

    As Zach from AmongMen wrote after our interview last week:

    “There’s two ways you can think about Movember. 1) A lark. A chance to leave your face unshaven and make beard/lumberjack/manly man/bear arms jokes for a month. 2) A serious moment to engage in serious conversation about what it means to be a man, and an attempt to raise awareness about the risks and requisite negotiations of manhood, both physical and cultural. Think of the moustache part of Movember as the outlet, the button, on a much larger opportunity to shape and consider one’s self as a man, a care-taking and consideration of manhood itself.

    The team behind the GentleMo harken back to a time when the moustache was a completely sincere and in no way ironic style choice. They attempt to resurrect such an attitude. Gentlemanliness is a lifestyle, not a style. The difference between having and wearing, and then wearing and being.”

    Inspired by the tough guys of yesteryear, the GentleMo is all about clean lines: a slight bell-shape coming down from the nose, a staight bottom abutting the top lip, and a light soul patch underneath to balance out its weight. It’s a look that displays care and character, exactly what a gentleman wants to give off.


    On another note, it was great to be back in Toronto this weekend!

    Now that I’m living in Los Angeles, I look forward to visiting places where I can wear a double-breasted cashmere overcoat over a double-breasted wool suit. All in the love of tailoring.

    For the record, that’s not a lapel flower – it’s a remembrance poppy to honor Canadian veterans.


    Finally, airports are a great place to sit and get a professional shoe shine.

    These pebbled leather kilty chukkas desperately needed a buff. I’ve been wearing them a lot since my man J.Fitzpatrick sent them my way.


    Thanks for reading and remember to sign up for Gillette’s Movember Team. It’s all for a good cause: raising money and awareness for all types of men’s health issues. Wear it proudly.

    Yours in style,

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    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Simon

      That is the most well-fitted suit I’ve seen in a long time. Nice!

    • TimL

      Dirk Digler…….porno

    • Shotcaller

      Looks Gatsby-esque, I think this is a great look. Even though you’re in LA now, I’m still looking forward to some posts about versatile overcoats because it’s getting cold here in NYC. That overcoat looks more relaxed-fitting yet it doesn’t make you look heavy, do you have tips on how to get that done at MAB?

    • AG

      Inglorious Basterds!

    • http://www.whitneynicjames.com Whitney

      You look very handsome. Impeccable style and the mustache is a keeper!


      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Whitney!

    • http://undefined Nate

      Hmmmm not sure. I WANT to like it, and I think it suits you, as far as moustaches go. Just not sure if I can get past the whole “ironic” thing. Want to be open-minded about it though.

    • Mark

      So glad to see the Werewolf Beard gone. The ‘stache is elegant and much more suited to suits.

    • Shawn

      Dan, I must say that this mustache style really suits you! I think you should consider sporting it year ’round. Also, thank you for wearing the Remembrance Poppy!

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Thinking about it. Have to get the gf on baord…she’s coming around :)

    • AM

      I never like your beard… but the mustache look perfect. Keep it…

    • jon

      with a slightly bigger soul patch, you’ll be looking like val kilmer in tombstone. huge plus

    • Andrew

      Not many people look better with a mustache than a beard. Definitely keep the stache.

    • Jack

      Huge upgrade after the pube beard. You should seriously consider keeping that stache all year round.

    • John B

      The mustache looks good and it’s for good cause, so it’s even better! I’m jealous of the tie and the overcoat! Is it the one with the contrast sleeves?

    • cam

      I applaud your efforts to raise awareness for the different issues here. Any updates to your kickstarter project from awhile back with the updated site etc?

      • http://undefined TimL

        I was wondering about this also?

    • http://undefined TO

      Stache looks great! Great attention to detail on how to get it looking ‘just so’ (i.e. badass).

      TSB team- did y’all see Austin also get picked up on the GQ Eye? Kid’s on a roll !

    • Juan

      Definite YES to the ‘stache, big no-no to the soul patch!
      Great stuff as always!

    • Brian

      You mean “honour” Canadian veterans, eh?

      Great stuff.

    • MS

      I’m into it, for all the reasons you discuss DT. CANNOT get into the soul patch though, brother.

    • Tommy

      Great to see the poppy back out! Moved to the states, but head back to Toronto this weekend. Will definitely need to pick one up in honour of our veterans.

      Any trips to Boston in the near future? New to the area and would love to hear what spots you recommend.

    • MN

      Wow you are the exceedingly rare man who actually looks better with a mustache.