Who Wore it Best: Captoe Dress Boots

October 9th, 2013

Just in time for Fall, our friends at Johnston & Murphy laced our team with their new Tyndall Cap Toe Boots.

We all love a versatile dress boot, so we thought this would be the perfect piece for our next “Who Wore it Best” style-off.

Towni, Wes and I each put our own spin on them – use the poll at the end of the article to vote for your favorite look!

    1. Wes – Casual Cool


    Wes is a pro at the in-between game. His casual looks can pass as dressy, and his dressy looks always look easy and natural.

    It took some practice, but the kid has come a long way!


    He’s also one of the craftiest vintage shoppers in the #menswear game.

    Check out this thrifted flannel vest with metal buttons that he had nipped-up by our boy Franklin at The Tailoring Room.


    White jeans after labor day? Of course.

    They really highlight the beautiful tan color of these Italian calfskin boots.


    2. Towni – All Business


    Towni took a different approach with the Tyndall boots. A more serious, all-business approach.

    He’s been recently upping his suit game at Michael Andrews Bespoke and looking more and more like a boss. Samurai bun and beard included…he just moved to Brooklyn, after all.


    Showing some expert pattern-mixing with the subtle glenplaid suit, bengal stripe shirt, and silk knit tie.


    These boots are definitely sharp enough to keep up with an expertly-tailored suit.

    Their flexible rubber soles also make them a perfect choice should you get caught in the rain, or snow.


    • Glenplaid suit
    • Blue Bengal stripe shirt by Ralph Lauren
    • Navy silk knit tie by JCrew
    • Brown “Tyndall” Italian calfskin boots by Johnston & Murphy

    3. Dan – Casual Friday


    I’ve been big into separates lately, like this windowpane blazer with the pants from my burgundy suit.

    Using solid trousers to pull-out an accent color in a textured blazer is one of the oldest tricks in the menswear book. Usually I’m not so into the “matchy matchy” thing, but I think this works well.


    It was a very hot day in NYC when we shot this – hence the deep neckline on the shirt. I have no problem showing a little chest hair in warm weather.

    As you can see from the small magnet inside the collar, I’ve been back to using Wurkin Stiffs to keep my collars standing upright. What a great invention…now if only someone could find a way to cover the magnets by sewing them directly into the shirt (so people can’t see them, and you can’t lose them).


    Once again, I was surprised at how comfortable these J&M boots are.

    The leather lining and padded insole makes for a smooth ride, even through the first wear.




    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    This post was sponsored by Johnston & Murphy.

    • Badger

      I think you all look great in the boots, but Dan just peeks ahead because of the rest of his ensemble. I actually quite like the magnets on the inside of the shirt, bizarrely.

    • http://stylethroughmyeyes.com StyleThroughMyEyes

      I can’t decide between Wes and Dan..

      Wes kills it every single time. Doesn’t fail!

      Dan..I love the color palette but the Miami Vice style unbuttoning of the shirt throws me off =P

      I’m giving this to my fellow Filipino Wes! Thank you for always and continuing to inspire me. I see you..keep it up, sir!

      • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

        thanks man, appreciate the love.

    • cuponoodles

      Those boots are terrible…

    • Big Jon

      Say yes to the Wes!

    • Troy

      Wes on this one.

    • Troy


    • TO

      Dan, been thinking about the wurkin stiffs too… Maybe have some options to buy some in standard colours (e.g. white, light blue) so the metal doesn’t stand out on the inside of the collar.
      …Why can’t I help but think about these things? I don’t even own any!(yet)

    • http://undefined Charles Patrick

      Really nothing in it between Townie and Dan. Dan’s use of colour is fantastic but there’s something about the way Townie carries off the suit and boot look that just about shades it for me.

    • Lil Boo

      Dan straight obliterating his own team . U wrong for this Dan.

    • Rich

      Dan, you got my vote today mate, awesome work. Shirt is buttoned a little low but hey – nitpicking (and as I don’t have chest hair could never do it). Awesome content of late, keep it up!

    • Martina

      Dan, I like your style, but what about buttoning that shirt a bit more? I mean come on, this is not Backstreet Boys music video.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        hahaha. No, it’s so much cooler.

    • http://keyboardandcompass.com/ Jeff

      Towni’s current grooming is really, really great. Still me vote had to go out to Dan with that Autumn palette.

    • Michael

      Going with Towni; the boots with a suit look is interesting.

      Have a question about the Wurkin’ Stiffs – how strong is the magnet? I just seems that if you tugged at your collar by accident, the magnet would fall and you’d lose it.

      • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

        They’re actually really reliable. I’ve worn them on a night out and the next morning they were still on my shirt, mind you it was also a crazy evening…

    • Miguel G

      Had to vote for Dan, maybe I’ve been feeling the burgundy/oxblood/maroon color palette with fall returning. The chest hair almost made me reconsider my vote though. Excellent work.

    • Dave P

      Towni is killing me with the hair. I’ve had my hair long a few times and he’s making me want it back. Not sure I can handle the getting there part though.

      Also, he is wearing some amazing suits at the mo. Keep it up Towni…and the rest of the guys.

    • Dan.Lish

      I went with Towni. Just look at that first pic – straight mean muggin’.

      While i like the clean look with no belt, I think he could’ve pulled in the color of the shoes with a similar hued leather slide belt. Come to think of it, could’ve done the same thing with a lighter colored brown leather watch strap.

      It was a tough choice between Towni and Dan…

    • Steven S.

      Wes won this one for me, I always love a thrifted piece in any outfit.

    • Greg

      Dan looked best overall, but I want to steal that vest Wes is wearing, seriously.

    • John B

      I liked all the looks, but in the end I went with Dan. Burgundy did the trick! I don’t really like the shoes though. The vamp looks too long in my opinion.

    • Rob —

      I repeat… Wes? YES! I like the high/low mixup game.

    • Daniel Moretz

      Can you use the Workin Stiffs powerbuttons (magnetic buttons) with the MAB collar stays instead of purchasing their brand of collar stays?

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        As long as the stays are metal, the magnets should stick.

        • Daniel

          I just didn’t know if MAB used a non-magnetic metal. I wouldn’t think they would.


    • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

      Wes killed it. Granted I am extremely partial towards white jeans and vests. Still deciding on whether Towni’s samurai bun is the dopest thing ever or if it is just terrible.

    • cam

      i just want to say thanks for all the amazing content lately…I voted for towni from my laptop and dan from my phone ;)

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        THANK YOU Cam.

    • http://undefined TimL

      It’s a 3 way tie for me, you guys all look great.
      Wes, I like the vest and white jeans combo.
      Dan, I love the jacket and the white shirt and Burgandy pants really make that jacket pop. Great fit on the jacket.

      • http://undefined TimL

        Oh, and the boots are ok but I like the outfits better.

    • Herbert Morrison

      Dan: ooof buddy, u lookin’ good buddy!

    • Ali

      By default, Alex wins because I wasn’t a fan of any of these

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Cool. Thanks for reading Ali.

        • Ali

          Don’t take it the wrong way! I think it’s because I’ve been on a hard streetstyle kick lately, and suits just aren’t cutting it for me

    • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

      This was really hard again. Now I know how judges feel on the X-Factor. It was between Wes and Towni for me mainly because it was how Wes’s white and Towni’s grey made the color of the boots stand out. Trust me it was a hard battle but I went with Wes because I dig casual/dressy fits, although Towni’s pattern X pattern X pattern is super sick.

    • Brady P

      Tough choice today, anyone could have got my vote. It was Wes in the end for me

    • Suits

      Dan – Big Fan! The best products are born from the simplest ideas. The Wurkin Stiffs now offer magnets in different colors to blend in! Set of 3 (Black, Blue, and White) 15.00.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        That’s a nice tip! Thx

    • LouCaves

      All the looks are straight-up nice. Tough choice today.

      Wes, since I have on pretty much the same thing today.
      Dan, because that jacket is sweet.
      Towni, the business look mixed with that hair is da bomb

      In the end it was Dan for me today.

      We need more beards, men!

    • Ben

      Dan’s is the best look overall. The boots in the other shots are also too shiny in a way that makes the leather look cheap, and doesn’t fit with their colouring or style.