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Menswear for Her feat. Jenilee Thornton

June 24th, 2013

If you’ve been a longtime follower of Articles of Style, you certainly remember Jenilee Thornton.

She was the first person I ever “hired” (as a photography intern) back when the site was small peanuts and desperately needed some artistic direction. She believed in the concept early on and it was her enthusiasm that really encouraged me take the site seriously and grow it into a full-time gig.

I knew she was the right person to bring on. Not only was she smart and talented, she also had inspiring personal style and wore almost exclusively menswear. “If you peeked into my closet you might think I was sharing it with a boyfriend or brother. Ties. Bucks. Tweed blazers. Braces. Cardigans. Etc.”

After a summer of dramatic growth with the site she went back down South to finish her studies, but before leaving introduced me to another photographer: her friend Alex.

Last I was on the site I was living in Nashville finishing school, after which I gravitated back toward menswear. About two years ago I took a position at Taylor Stitch, a menswear brand making all our clothes here in San Francisco. I have been juggling customer service, online and custom operations, all around problem solving and loving it! Though San Francisco took me some time to adjust, I’ve been enjoying a new culture, a new job, and consequently a new-ish wardrobe.”

Here Jenilee shows us how her “feminine menswear” style has adjusted to the West Coast.

    1. Vintage Blackwatch


    There is a surprising amount of cross-over in men’s and women’s fashion.

    Lately I’ve been finding alot of my inspiration (color palettes, fabric-mixing, accessories styling, etc.) from womenswear, which has far less “restriction” and far more innovation. On the other hand, our female readership on Articles of Style remains strong as women continue to draw inspiration from us gents.

    Influenced vs. authentic:

    “There is a difference between wearing men’s inspired clothing and actually wearing men’s clothing. I do both. And some of my favorite looks are a combination of the two. Ladies: don’t be afraid to wander into the men’s (or  boy’s) department of any store or resale shop.”


    “I have to say, I was pretty bummed to hear Rugby was closing their doors. I love the way their button down shirts fit! Luckily, I have this one in my possession and I’m not letting it go!

    The blackwatch jacket was picked up from a thrift store in Dallas for $11 and, after some master tailoring, one of my favorite coats was born.”


    We’ve featured some sexy footwear on the site, but these captoe brogues might take the cake.


    2. Chambray On Denim


    “For work, a button-down shirt and my Imogene + Willie denim (representing my first love, Nashville) tends to be my fall back.

    In the San Francisco summer (which is a cold season here) I can’t leave the apartment without a jacket as heavy as this orange anorak.”


    I love Jenilee’s menswear-inspired shoes.

    Her three pairs in this post are all takes on “versatile staples” that we’ve written plenty about in the past (captoe brogues, suede tassel loafs, and brown penny loafers).


    • “Downing” Tortoise Frames by Warby Parker
    • Orange Field Jacket by Old Navy
    • Blue Polka Dot Shirt by Taylor Stitch
    • Blue Jeans by Imogene and Willie
    • Blue Sued Tassel Loafers by Dolce Vita
    • Brown Canvas Backpack by JCrew

    3. Tweed & Plaid

    27edit copy

    “It’s masculine inspired, not just masculine…

    When wearing a heavily menswear-influenced outfit I usually try to mix it up with feminine items such as heels, skirts, jewelry  lipstick, etc. Makeup and hair are also easy areas to add a womanly touch.

    On the rare warm day in San Francisco I try to take full advantage by ditching the tights and wearing a dress or skirt – even with a men’s blazer, button-down shirt and penny loafers.”


    “I’ve started acquiring quite the collection of custom shirts and this was my first!

    I love the fit and the ability to monogram never gets old.”


    Guys: when looking at women’s fashion, pay attention to the details of the clothes and notice what elements of the outfit make it appealing.

    Jenilee is a beautiful girl, no doubt, but she also understands aesthetics (colors, textures, silhouettes, etc). Women are the masters of fashion and beauty – don’t underestimate how much you can learn or interpret from observing their visual expertise.

    For example – how about the combination of a tartan plaid shirt, grey tweed blazer, dark green trousers, and brown loafers for early Fall? Could easily be used as inspiration for a men’s outfit…


    • Grey Herringbone Blazer by H&M
    • Red Plaid Custom Shirt by Taylor Stitch
    • Green Lace Skirt by JCrew
    • Brown Leather Loafers by Cole Haan
    • Green Leather Wallet by Kate Spade
    • Pearl Necklace by JCrew

    Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Jenilee for participating! We miss you.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • http://angelbespoke.com Angel Ramos

      WOW!!!! I love this post!!! 1st and 3rd looks are absolutely stunning and perfect!!!! I pray there are women around america reading and taking notes on this post. 2nd look says comfort, chic and classic in a fantastic way.

      Great Post. All post are great obviously, but honestly GREAT POST!!! Would love to see a winter post on Jenilee.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Angel! Jenilee will appreciate the kind words :)

        All the best to you brother, let’s get up soon.

    • Dani.

      Nice to see classier menswear borrowed/inspired looks. :). Many of them online seem to be basically jeans and tshirts, haha.

      For that great mix of masculine/feminine, it’s fun to dress by toning down 70s Glam/Rock/Punk looks. (ex: Johnny Thunders. Who, incidentally, actually might be an interesting inspiration/jumping-off point for a post here. Post NY-Dolls, he wore all sorts of suits with amazing attention to fit, detail and accessorizing prowess).

      Oh, actually, a question for Jenillee (or anyone who could give advice, really):
      What would you ask for from a tailor/look for in a store in a shirt to look menswear-y, but to also flatter an hourglass? I’m around a 35(C)-27-35, with a shorter torso and medium build. And I often feel like I’m either looking pregnant or else as though I ought to be street walking (’cause the top fits over the chest and not the waist, or vice-versa).
      Then, even if the shirt fits somewhere in between, the buttons tend to gape badly over the chest But if I get it tailored to fit quite closely, then I lose the menswear look I want to convey. I’ve tried to just wear a nice vest but oh god finding a nicely fitting vest is a nightmare that hasn’t yet ended.
      I’ll give a lollipop and undying gratitude to anyone who can help, and a virtual lollipop(?) to anyone who doesn’t mind that I might have just gone on a three paragraph rant about girls’ clothing on a menswear blog.

      • Dani.

        An hourglass figure, that is.
        I don’t know why you’d want to dress an actual hourglass.

    • Jordan

      Great looks, really like the last one. The femininity of the pearls with the country masculinity of the tweed jacket play off each other so well. I also like this Tumblr a lot for menswear-inspired women’s looks in a similar vein: http://boy-inspired.tumblr.com/

    • LouCaves

      I like the menswear-inspired brogues she’s wearing. Her and Amber Boyle know how to work ’em.

      Thanks, TSB, my girl is becoming a reader too.

      2013 BLACKHAWKS RULE!!!

      • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

        2014 RANGERS RULE!

        • LouCaves

          LOL! Awesome. We’ll see.

      • Brady P

        That game last night was unreal!! The cup is back in CHI! GO HAWKS

    • Steve

      She has such great style.

    • Vic

      Even though I’m a guy I always loved these Menswear inspired articles on TSB. Nice to see one again! Keep up the good work.

    • franck

      damn.swag on thousand trillions

    • http://undefined Mack1

      Looks great in all the pics.

      I also know why she is not married, two three piece suits at the altar ;)

    • Gazman

      A lot of men style these days are heavily influenced by women style. Two examples: the sock-less dress shoe look with rolled up or high hemmed pants showing plenty of ankle and the loose tee worn with high cropped blazer. In some photos on the web, if you scroll down so that the head is off screen, you can easily mistake a pic of a man for one of a woman.

    • Ahmed H.

      The Thirst Is Real!

      • Poofy

        The thirst is strong…

    • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

      The first look is so perfect. Respectttttt

    • Stile

      Stop being so thirsty guys. You’re ready to marry her just because she’s pretty and knowing nothing about her? Lord help you.

    • Jerm

      I spy a Texas DL in the last picture. Is she a Texas girl?

      • Jenilee

        I am from the Lone Star State originally. There’s still a Texas girl in there.

        Clearly I need to take a trip to the DMV though..

    • Ethan

      Whoa, she’s got it. I’m getting an East Coast Emma Stone vibe by way of Nashville. Not surprised people are calling dibs. Well done!

    • http://undefined sam


    • AK

      Beautiful and inspired. I’m referring to both Jenilee and her clothing, of course.

    • Pete

      Oh my god marry me.

    • http://undefined TimL

      Hey, I remember Jenilee from the old site. Nice to see you again. Hope all is going well.
      Love your crossover outfits. It suites you well. Very cute.
      I just don’t want see it go the other way around…..right Dan ? ;)

    • cam

      welcome back jenilee. no female, ive yet to see, does menswear better. dan, are you seriously telling me no one has put a ring on this girl?

      • Ali Naaseh


    • Levi

      Now if only I can find a girl like this!