Casual Summer Feat. Jace Lumley

August 14th, 2013

Firstly, apologies for the slow posts this month. We’ve been on the road driving from NYC to LA to expand Articles of Style on the west coast…just found our way out of the mountains of Colorado. What a trip so far!!

Some of you might recognize Jace Lumley, he was the runner-up in the heated and controversial battle for our February Giveaway. In the end, Elkin pulled out the big win (but not without some help from his friends at NikeTalk).

Nevertheless, we ran into Jace the other day and caught up with the Butler PA native, who moved to NYC to pursue a career in the arts. As a photographer and actor living in NYC, Jace rarely finds himself in tailored suits or hard bottom shoes.

“My sense of style is simple and easy. I like to focus more on small details and wear items that I’ve kept around for a while… I always circle back to the same clothes naturally, because I’m most comfortable in them.”

Here he shows us how to keep it simple and casual with style.

1. Sharp Tee & Jeans


This is about as dressy as it gets for Jace: a sharp take on a white tee and blue jeans.

“Even when I’m dressed-up I try and keep it casual… If they fit properly, casual clothes can look dressed-up and presentable.”

This is a great example of one of those “in between” casual/dressy looks that we often write about. It’s appropriate for just about any occasion from morning to night.


“These particular jeans were worn across country in my most recent photo expedition. They have grass stains from Denver, a ripped pocket from Nebraska, and I’m pretty sure sand still falls out of the pockets from Malibu. It does add a certain value to them for me.”


2. Simple Things


“Small details can make a basic Summer outfit a little more fun. Layering a tank under a tee, letting a necklace hang outside a shirt, rolling up those t-shirt sleeves, etc.”


“The hat by Only NY is one of my favorites. I’m not a huge street wear guy but I would rock anything they put out.”


I’m not typically a big fan of “running shoes” or “cross trainers” worn casually, but this new fleet of low-profile Nike “walking sneakers” has been all the rage on the streets of NYC.

I would still prefer something a little less technical-shaped or symbol-tattered (like common projects, chucks, vans, etc) but I think I’m slowly coming around…

What do you think?


3. Hawaiian Heat Wave


It was the hottest day of the year in NYC when we shot this, so we didn’t have too many options.

A hawaiian camp shirt (I love how this one is faded and more subtle) with shorts is perfect for the heat, and Jace nails the fit once again.


“I rarely wear shorts because it’s so hard to find the right fit… Luckily I found these slim-fit khakis from Unis before the heat wave hit. Eunice (of Unis) basically took her tailored pant fit and turned them into shorts, with just the right inseam length”.


Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Jace for participating.

For those interested in the next Articles of Style Giveaway – we will be kicking off our best one yet on September 1st! Get your outfits ready!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford

  • Gazman

    Uhmmm, are not the shoes in pic #1 ‘hard bottom’ shoes?

  • The Confused Dasher

    Nice rigs, overall. Though I have to agree with someone’s comment above that in the first look, the henley looks kind of engulfed by the DB blazer. But then, I haven’t figured out what is the best thing to wear underneath a DB blazer.

  • Paul


  • Maru

    Love Nike sneakers! What’s the name of?

  • Thom

    AllSaints jeans are pretty cool. Anyone know some jeans that are very similar but have longer lengths?

    • The Confused Dasher

      Have you tried Reiss? They are another great British brand that don’t a big presence in the US yet (but they do ship to the US). I wear a lot of AllSaints, but have started switching to Reiss recently and found that their jeans/pants not as tight as those by AS in general. And they’re longer, in my experience.

  • Brent Kuz

    Very euro. Casual and I like it. Not over the top or peacockish. My only thing would be low top chucks in look three.

    • Brent Kuz

      Oh and one more thing. The jeans from look one have a great fit but not a fan of unnatural distressing and holes. Too Abercrombie for me

      • Westley Dimagiba

        I felt the same way before, but those natural whiskers and honeycombs on raw denim take a while to achieve… it’s always nice to have another pair to throw on. I’m sure Jace would agree.

    • Joe

      I would normally agree, but he’s tall enough that it looks good on him (which is manly talk for he’s got the long legs to pull it off). Look 3 was my favorite.

  • jack

    noice. (that db blazer looks grey!)

  • Bob P

    Blazer in the first look adds 40 pounds. Seems like it could be tailored in some to show off your slimness.

    • BF

      This is how DB jackets fit for the most part..

  • Ali

    Should’ve mentioned you were in Colorado – would’ve loved to grab a drink.

  • John B

    The first look is awesome. Henleys under blazers never work for me though!
    Grey and black outfits are my go to this summer, strange as it sounds, so I definetely like look two. I’d prefer converse or vans to be honest (I really like Jack Purcells), but I am tempted to buy a pair of Nike Lunar Flyknits. Worst case scenario, they’ll be my new running shoes!

    • Brent Kuz

      I feel the same with henleys. Maybe because mine are mostly slub jersey cotton. Just doesn’t work as well as a T or polo.

  • JM

    Does anyone know what style those black Nikes are?