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All Linen Everything

June 10th, 2013

It’s starting to feel like summer in NYC, which means it’s time to break out one of my favorite fabrics: linen.

Some people say you shouldn’t wear linen on linen. I think those people are missing out.

There’s nothing cooler. 

    1. Tropical Business Casual


    This has been one of my hot weather go-tos for years: 100% linen short-sleeve shirt + 100% linen trousers. It doesn’t get much breezier than that. There’s a new addition to my look this season though: the wide-brimmed panama style fedora.

    I usually wear sunglasses just about every time I step outside (to the point where I squint aggressively without them). Lately, however, I’ve been leaving the shades behind and grabbing a straw hat to keep the sun out of my eyes (I rarely wear both, since they serve the same purpose).

    A fedora is one of those high-risk/high-reward moves. Most of them will look silly or try-hard, but when you find that one with the right crown shape, brim proportion, fabric, (etc.) it can be a transformative accessory. The key is trying-on plenty of hat styles before settling on one…then, of course, wearing it with confidence.

    I should also mention, a hat is better suited for days spent outdoors (since you should always take it off inside, which leaves you with a squashed hairstyle, and nowhere to store your hat).


    Fit is absolutely what makes-or-breaks the short-sleeve shirt. The body should be trim, the shoulders should fit properly, and most importanly, the sleeves should be narrow and hit around mid-bicep (mine tend to “crinkle up” and land a little north of mid-bicep).

    Keep in mind a linen shirt can sometimes feel (and look) looser than a traditional cotton shirt because of it’s dry and stiff texture. It’s part of the reason linen is so cooling: the natural “creasing effect” physically keeps the shirt away from the body.

    I know some guys who tailor their linen shirts extra-slim to compensate for this. Personally, I think a linen shirt looks natural with a little more air flow.


    Some of the linen trousers that I wear on a regular basis are actually part of a suit. Storing them separate from their jackets in the closet will remind you of their versatility.

    As we recently touched on, kiltie loafers are making a comeback!


    • Straw fedora by Stetson (courtesy of Fedoras.com)
    • Plaid linen s/s shirt
    • “Stella” Watch by Brera Orologi
    • Brass railroad spike cuff bracelet by Giles & Brother
    • Slim brown leather belt Vintage
    • Navy linen suit trousers
    • “Woodstock” Kiltie loafers by Allen Edmonds

    2. Summer Suited


    If you have to (or want to) look all-business on a hot summer day, going all-linen makes a world of difference.

    A linen suit is going to wrinkle. Absolutely no doubt about it. Don’t let it shake you. Press it in the morning, then embrace the wrinkles throughout the day – they make the suit, and you, look cool.


    Another great property of linen is it’s visual texture and the way it takes color. The organic roughness of the cloth looks masculine and rugged, even in a aqua/teal color.

    The tie and pocket square are linen as well – why not?


    With a tan suit I usually go with dark brown shoes to create a strong contrast within the same color family.

    So with a brown suit, tan shoes make perfect sense.


    • Tortoise shades by Matsuda Eyewear
    • Chocolate brown linen suit jacket
    • Teal linen shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna (vintage)
    • Linen stripe tie by J.Crew
    • Tan leather monkstraps by Scarpe di Bianco

    3. BeachTown Getaway


    Linen isn’t only for tailoredwear. It can also be knit into a “summer sweater”.

    It’s hard to explain how lightweight this hoody is. The wind literally passes directly through it.

    A linen knit is a great pop-over for a day at the beach. It stays cool and dry, you can always shake the sand off of it, and your skin can even get a little sun through it. It’s also the perfect piece for a summer night out.


    With white linen pants (like these from my white linen suit) keep in mind your undergarments might show through. So keep your tightie whities, well, white.

    On a separate note, the leather gladiator sandal is a summer getaway essential.


    • Tortoise shades Vintage by Hugo Boss x Carrera
    • Green linen hoody by Polo Ralph Lauren (vintage)
    • White linen suit trousers in INC
    • Brown leather strap sandals by Mercanti Forentini


    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • LS

      this is really great linen shirts are really great for men. i always buy linen shirts from thestiffcollar.com. they offers best quality linen shirts in india

    • Gary

      I remain one of those “just say no to linen” people, even though the looks on this page are great. I just cannot “embrace” the wrinkling that sets in within minutes of putting on something linen. It’s not that it wrinkles–every material does. It’s that it wrinkles exceedingly; and regardless of whether I might feel cool temperature-wise, I feel uncool mentally because I feel–whether I really am or not–like a big mess.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Being a big mess but performing with confidence is like the definition of cool! :)

    • Kyle

      Anybody have any tips on where to find a leather strap for a watch like the one in look #3? Great post as always Dan, fascinating stuff!

    • http://Dapperadvisor.tumblr.com Akil

      I’m feeling all 3 looks especially that brown linen suit. I have also been looking for the perfect straw hat for a while now but still no luck. Maybe it’s just one of those things that I should appreciate from a far.

      • Nussbuss

        Artofmanliness.com has some good articles on hat wearing, hat etiquette, and hat styles/colors for particular head shapes and sizes. I would reccomend checking them out. I, myself, have been doing quite a bit of hat research.

    • Marcus Forlan

      Really diggin the brown linen suit! Gotta get me one of those.

      I didn’t know some people disapproved of linen on linen. Why is that ?

    • http://www.thecufflink.com Jarrod King

      Linen on linen doesn’t hardly look as bad as many would have you believe. And you proved this with this article. Great job!

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Thanks Jarrod! Stay cool.

    • Brent Kuz

      Awesome post. All looks are fantastic. Nothing crazy over the top things generally normal guys can wear and fit in basically anywhere. I still will never wear white pants though.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Why not?

        • Brent Kuz

          I just don’t have the fortitude to wear white pants in the great state of Rhode Island. Still haven’t seen a male wear them this spring yet.

    • http://undefined Daniel

      “All linen everything… don’t believe me, ju’ watch!” The looks are as great as the title. I particularly liked look 2. #boss

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Thx player

    • http://profblack.blogspot.kr/ Professor Black

      There it is, white on bottom and dark on top. You killed it in those white pants in look three Dan. I have to agree with the other poster, Joseph. This is a definite return to what has made this site appeal to me personally. I agree with your comments, Dan, about fedoras being a fine line to walk sartorially. I can look like a million bucks in one hat and another hat makes me look like a complete douche.

    • Joseph

      Yes! This is the old TSB I remember! Dan, you KILLED all three looks. Killed them.

    • Isaiah G

      The shoes in look 2 are pure sex.

    • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South

      That second look is perfect

    • http://themodernprep.wordpress.com Marshall Mulherin

      Right when I saw the title I was like, “Linen all in my…” haha
      But awesome post Dan! I’ve fallen in love with short-sleeved shirt too this summer.
      (as you can see on my blog themodernprep.wordpress.com)
      …..(shameless plug)

    • http://undefined sam

      ook i want everything in look 3.

    • John B

      I was expecting an all black look when I saw the title! Great post nonetheless!

    • http://www.gent.ro Viorel

      I always considered sandals as beachwear but those gladiator sandals are just awesome; so simple and masculine.

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        I wear them everywhere in the summer. With suits sometimes even

    • Bob

      That third look is SICK! In Austin, it’s all anyone should wear from about May till September.

    • cam

      hey dan great post as always. the site keeps getting better and better! do you, or anyone on the team, have any experience that you can share with Gant Rugger linen blazers? thx guys

    • Ben

      All great looks! I recently bought my first linen shirt (a long sleeve button up in lilac) and have been getting a lot of use out of it. I hope to get some more linen in my wardrobe soon!

    • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

      Good looks! I have been one of those “can’t wear all linen” people, but this is making me thing again……

      Good job ;-)

      • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

        think, not thing :)