What I Wore Today: Casually Tailored

May 16th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Casually Tailored”

Vote for your favorite look using the poll below and tell us why in the comments!



“You know I love them band collars.”



“I’ve really been feeling the wider legged pants lately. Easy and breezy.”



“What Alex said…slim-fit can be overrated.. #keepinitsteezyandbreezy.”



“All about the separates, and this summer hat, lately. No shades needed.”



“I’m back! Working on the next Articles of Style video episode…”


Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Tom

    Hey Wes,

    I’ve seen wear this suit a few times now and really the color of it. What’s the official name for it, sort of mix between navy and royal blue?


  • http://undefined Steve

    Wes had it until Dan came in with that jacket. Very close though! Love it

  • Marcus Forlan

    Wes today. Monochromatic blue is one of my faves and also band collars. Got my first band collar shirt from CK Tang HK and never looked back since.

    That blue shirt is also v. striking, Dan. Great color combo esp w the red pocket square.

  • Alan

    I like Dan’s look, but Alex gets the nod here for making loose fit, no break work. I have a pair of Watanbe vs Levis jeans that maybe could do with a bit of tapering, but I always resist cos I do like that little bit of breathing room.

    I know suits are awesome and will always have their place, but it is definitely a more practical choice to go for separates in the Summer months – you can put odd cotton and linen pants in the laundry, but if they are part of a suit then they need to go to drycleaning along with the jacket. And the jacket is even more likely to sit on a hook somewhere in the office, whilst the trousers take the strain. Makes little sense, though sometimes sense must be dispensed with.

  • http://wacavenue.blogspot.com Theguybehindthelens

    Dan, what brand is your hat? I am looking for another brimmed spring/summer and that one is perfect.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier


  • Pat

    Dan wins it today! I love the jacket and the hat. :)

  • Emilia
  • Rich

    I voted for John, good to see you back in such fine form.

    Question – why is it called the “TSB Daily” when the frequency of posts is nowhere near daily?

    • John Crossley

      Thanks for the vote man. It’s good to be back.
      At TSB, we work hard to create the best possible original content. Sometimes a post can take a little bit longer. It would be easy to rehash or repost what’s already out there. For TSB Daily, while our goal is daily content, we never want to quantity above quality.

  • Mr Saint

    I thought Wes was looking like he had it in the bag then I scrolled down to Dan it was like ‘bam’ !! Knock out blow! That jacket looks A1 over the dark shirt.

  • Nicholas

    I hate the full cut trousers and Dan is KILLIN it today.

  • http://ramblingsofawould-berenaissanceman.blogspot Joseph

    Haha, Alex you look a little like you might have ridden into town in a buggy. You always seem to bring a bit of rural to the big city. Maybe the other guys need it.

  • http://urbsuburbstyle.com/blog/ Paul

    Dan’s my choice – love the checked jacket and dark shirt – and the hat isn’t too bad either!

  • Jerico

    No love for the full cut trousers?

  • http://undefined TimL

    Dan gets it todya.
    Still diggin those hats!

    Wes,looking good but you gotta change it up. Seen alot of blue on you lately.
    Let’s see some pizzaz…

  • http://Dapperadvisor.tumblr.com Akil

    Wes that suit fits great and the color is perfect. That look has just inspired me to wear a band collar shirt.

  • Steve

    Wes-because he looks so suave today!

  • Hector

    Great looks all around. Great meeting y’all at the TSB/ Ted Baker function..keep doing what you do (because brothers need help out there!”) lol

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      lol thanks Hector, it was great meeting you. Hope to see you again!

  • Z

    Wes. Although it’s ‘only’ a suit, the subtle aspects of the look like the band collar shirt (originally a collared shirt, I believe?), and the peak lapels make the look that bit more exciting.

  • Marshall Mulherin

    Dan, for sure. I see that beard coming back in young man.

  • Anonymous

    I’m voting Dan for the jacket. No offense, but the ‘wide leg,’ ‘unfitted,’ outfits look like a bunch-a-yokels. Sweatpants are easy-breezy too but you won’t see me wearing them when I’m trying to bring my ‘A’ game!

  • Adam M

    Dan’s jacket monkey-stomped this one.

  • Gazman

    Dan, hands down! Love that checked jacket!

  • http://www.theseals.com.au Desmond

    Dan – brown is a great colour!

  • Jakob

    I’m really not digging the wider legged pants. The slim fit just looks so much better, and sexier. Mabye it’s because I’m European…

  • BF

    damn I usually like towni, but the MC hammer pants with the fitted blazer isn’t working.

    Dan’s pocket square/shirt/blazer/kmart belt combo is money..

  • Paul

    Hey Wes, is there anything particular you do to keep your hair so goddamn thick? I can’t even see your scalp through the break.

    • Marcus Forlan

      lol. tis the filipino genes man.

  • James

    All 5 are so good today, I almost thought it was too close to vote. I think Wes just edges it though.

  • Johann

    Alex, looks very comfortable. Wes second.

  • Kris

    Everyone doing a great job today, diffucult choice

  • Herbert Morrison

    Hats off to the crew dem–Dan, I need your help here bruh. My boy is getting married this weekend in Windsor and I don’t know what to wear. The venue is the Essex Country Club in LaSalle and no jeans allowed so the guide to spring/summer weddings (albeit very comprehensive–and alex looks great) won’t cut it. What would you do–I gotta represent in the motherland, feel me? Then again, the Windsy isn’t exactly NYC or T.O. and the last thing I wanna do is offend anyone…invitation said jacket and tie, so holla at cha boy. And tell Marwan to stop by Caesars Windsor for a drink–we got all kinds of bitties. Thank you in advance and much love, your buddy, John Blaze aka Jon Jon Phenomenon.

  • Mistahkelly

    Dan. The hat put him over Wes today

  • Joe

    Dan runs away with this one. I rather like the wider pant leg from time to time, but it seems to clash with the ultra short break.

    • Joe

      Oops, put the email on the wrong line, any chance yall can fix that?

  • Ian K

    Gotta agree and disagree with Jerk. Dans look is excellent with all the mix and match not easy! But Wes just a suit? Simple elegance

  • LouCaves

    Again, Dan gets my vote because of the pocket square.

  • Brady P

    Dan nailed it today, love the jacket. Wes was a close 2nd

  • Chris

    Dan got it again today.. Love that shirt color and the mix of jackets lately.

  • http://undefined John

    It’s good to see John back in the mix.

    Also, are loafers in this season…? Alex?

    • John Crossley

      Thanks man, we have a great new video coming up.
      It’s definitely starting to feel like loafer season, which makes laundry day that much easier.

  • Jerk

    Why ppl be voting for Wes? Just a suit.

    Dan’s look is creative use of many different pieces.

    Much harder to do in my book.

    • TheProphet

      You’re right, Dan’s look is much more difficult then Wes’, but it just doesn’t look that good……

  • John

    Sorry guys, Dan keeps winning! Also, I want a shirt in that color.

    You seem to wear those woven belts a lot lately!

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      KMart belt! $4