She Bespoke feat. Amber Doyle

April 17th, 2013

A bespoke suit is one of the sexiest garments a person can own – man or woman.

Amber Doyle, designer and co-founder of Against Nature and Doyle Mueser, proves this point by looking stunning in some bespoke menswear.

“My mother taught me how to sew, just like her grandmother taught her, so I started designed my own clothes from a young age. I moved from the suburbs of Chicago to attend the Fashion Institute in NYC and, around that time, my friend Jake Mueser and I began designing suits and accessories for ourselves and our friends. In 2009 Jake and I, along with jewelry designer Ryan Matthew and denim tailor Simon Jacobs, opened Against Nature… The following year Jake and I opened our own shop, Doyle Mueser.’

Amber is a student of the game who loves tailored menswear and wears a bespoke suit almost every day. Here’s three of her favorites.

    1. Double Breasted


    “This suit was inspired by Victorian cutaway coats and the oversized peak lapels of the 1940s…

    It’s a black/white wool nailhead, 2×1 with a shallow overlap, and the buttons are made of steel with little swords and shields on them.”


    “The blouse is also my own design, it’s made from emerald green pounded silk charmeuse.”


    “My favorite thing about these menswear-inspired shoes is the brogue detailing – they’re little stars.”


    • Charcol Suit by Against Nature Bespoke
    • Emerald green silk blouse by Against Nature
    • Black silk tassel earrings handmade by Amber Doyle
    • Silver Victorian Skull Ring by Ryan Matthew
    • Gold ID bracelet by Ryan Matthew
    • Silver & black stone ring – family heirloom
    • Black Wingtip brogue heel boots by Victor & Rolf

    2. Personal Flare


    “This suit is inspired by Katherine Hepburn and Howard Hughes, the pleated wide-leg pants give it a real lounge feel.”


    “The fabric is a really unique zig-zag pattern by Dashing Tweeds; a small fabric house in London known for making wild and unusual suiting cloth.”


    “The blouse is vintage Yves Saint Laurent, made of black silk charmeuse…

    The gold and black snake necklace is also vintage, from the 1930s,”


    • Deep Purple Suit with Tails by Against Nature Bespoke
    • Black silk blouse vintage YSL
    • Black silk tassel earrings handmade by Amber Doyle
    • Silver Victorian Skull Ring by Ryan Matthew
    • Gold ID bracelet by Ryan Matthew
    • Silver & black stone ring – family heirloom
    • Vintage snake necklace from the 1930s
    • Wingtip brogue heel boots by Victor & Rolf

    3. 70’s Swank


    “The third outfit makes me think of New York in the 1970’s – something Jimi Hendrix would have worn, maybe. It’s a little Biba’s Rainbow Room, a little Studio 54…

    Plush Bordeaux cotton velvet with leather knotted buttons.”


    “As for the jewelry, the black silk tassel earrings are my own design, an ode to Catherine Baba, one of my style icons.

    I’m also wearing a skull ring by Ryan Matthew and a silver/black stone ring that’s a family heirloom (it was a gift from my grandfather to my grandmother on a family vacation in the 1950’s…it’s so precious to me, I refuse to take it off).”


    I hope this post will not only inspire our female readers to explore tailored menswear, but also our male readers to draw inspiration from stylish women.

    After all, fashion is a women’s game and on their side there is far less “fear” and “restriction”. For example, Amber takes her color stories, pattern mixing, and texture combos to another level.

    Watch and learn.


    • Burgundy velvet suit by Against Nature Bespoke
    • Silk print blouse by Against Nature
    • Black silk tassel earrings handmade by Amber Doyle
    • Silver Victorian Skull Ring by Ryan Matthew
    • Gold ID bracelet by Ryan Matthew
    • Wingtip brogue heel boots by Victor & Rolf


    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Amber for participating.


    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Stile

      I think this is an interesting example of fashion, but I don’t find it sexy, nor would I want any girl I’m with to wear something like this. Suits are for men.

      • Alex Crawford

        Open your mind bro bro.

    • logan

      this is how I picture dagny taggart to look, all 3 looks are amazing!

      • Sebastian d’Anconia


    • Shaun

      Just how a BAWSE is supposed to look. Very sexy!

    • John

      Look #2 left me speechless! Well done!

    • Steve

      Great photos but isn’t this “TSBmen”? Can’t we have at least one website for and about men?

      • http://undefined undefined

        yea dude. It’s about menswear. Worn by a woman.

    • Zach

      Absolutely loved this post. Yes, it is tsbMEN, but I think the team here pulled it all together nicely… Go back and read the post guys, don’t just look at the photos lol.

      Although I couldn’t get away with the specific styling seen here, it certainly motivates me try just a little bit harder!

      Keep it up :D

    • Professor Black

      These are classy shots. I was transported in time. I love the high quality accessories she used and the feminine cut to the clothing. Her looks here are luxurious. You can really sink your teeth into these shots. I will draw a lot of inspiration from this posting, specifically the great pocket square combo in look two. Additionally, I liked the red velvet. I sometimes wear a red velvet blazer to lecture in during the colder months and I will be looking for a tan shirt to go with it after seeing look three.

    • Shawn

      Beautiful in every way. Gorgeous eyes in look # 1 (lenses?). I’ve always had a thing for women dressed in “menswear”.

      TSB, if you ever get a chance to make a post featuring Sarah Ann Murray of The Rake magazine, she is another pristine example of women in “menswear”.

      Loved this featuring!

    • Sergio

      Dan and team, my wife has been looking and trying to find a place that does women’s bespoke suiting, including us asking at MAB. I visited both the sites (which by the way the links are broken to) and although it does have information on bespoke suiting is on men’s suiting and not women’s. Any way I could get additional information, such as price range, etc.

    • Jimi Brady

      I absolutely love this article. Ms. Doyle’s sense of style is impeccable, and she looks simultaneously graceful, powerful, and regal. This is probably one of my favorite articles. And is it just me, or is Alex’s photography better than ever? Well done, TSB.

    • David B

      Each look was original. I loved the fact how Amber Doyle was able to translate menswear into her own style. Highly inspirational and a different angle to look at when wearing suits.

    • MB

      With that being said….is she single? She had me with the velvet suit as the look is on point. Seriously though…? lol

    • J Saltzman

      My girlfriend caught me reading this post and has a total girl crush on Ms. Doyle. Cool post and hot…everything.

    • S

      This was AWESOME. So good to see the appreciation of women in ‘menswear’.

    • LouCaves

      I always tell my girlfriend, ladies get to have more fun with clothes than men.

      Those brogue heels are unique…in a good way.

      Great looks Ms. Doyle.

      Enjoyable post!

    • Brady P

      Wow Amber, just wow! Each look has so much personality, yet still classic and sophisticated. Each suit has its own flare while still very grounded.. like those pleated wide leg pants in the fresh zig zag material, prob my favorite looks of the 3. I haven’t seen many women in bespoke suits.. you have definitely opened my eyes.
      Great post TSB

    • KC Krupp

      This was fantastic. I passed it onto my wife.

    • Patrick

      What about tsbMEN did i get wrong?!

    • popStar

      It’s awesome how Amber can wear a suit with more swag than all of us! Love it!! Great post. Look #1 is killer.

    • Bradley J.

      I understand the online and NYC fashion game is all about scratching each others backs and moving forward together but what happened to the normal stylish MAN? I mean putting other bloggers is one thing but what about the non-fashion industry guy that dresses well? Jeesh at least this was TSB Men before! Going down hill last good post was about the father and son team. Don’t try to be GQ.

    • Michael S

      This post was next level

    • Nick

      I appreciate the effort but this really doesn’t do it for me.

      • Jack

        It’s never my intention to denigrate any poster, especially one of the fairer sex, but I tend to agree.

    • Ian K

      Excellent Post. This is why you guys are the best at what you do! Excellent looks.

    • http://undefined TimL

      Wow, very cool and classy
      Very inspirational.
      Love the wide leg pants and the high heel shoes. Nice looks. I love a tailored suite look on women when its done right.

      Great thread Dan!

    • Joe

      Her blouse and eyes in the third picture of the first post are incredibly striking. Interesting post – the blurring of the gender lines and traditions in her designs are thought provoking, and yet it all comes together in a strong and feminine way.

    • Rough Bulls

      Dan, you killed it, once again! Brotha be turnin heads like the exorcist

      • Poofy

        Dear Rough Bulls,

        Her name is Amber, not Dan


        • Professor Black

          Dear Poofy,

          This is Dan’s website and he is the creative director.

          The Professor