Street Style: March 23rd, 2013

March 23rd, 2013

In downtown NYC there is style inspiration on every street corner.

Notice how the clothes, and the way they are worn, tell stories about the men in the photos.

1. Urban Dandy


2. Cold Weather Color


3. Simple In Style


4. Rugged Blackwatch


5. Like a Boss


While out shooting, Alex ran into our friend Grayson, as featured here and here.


Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

  • Thomas

    does anyone know where the plaid Peacoat is from? i have seen it on complex as well ands its so dope

  • Jon

    The no-break pant fad is really being pushed to the extreme of late. It must be as breezy as wearing a skirt.

  • Austin

    I wish you all had an office out here on the west coast, if you’re ever looking to open a branch out here in sunny southern California hit me up lol, I know one of the best photogs in LA and he’s dapper as well

  • Phil

    Nice pics! Please, make another post with Grayson..he looks just so sharp!

    • Mr E

      Bollocks to that!

      We’ve seen enough of Grayson Knight already.

      You need to track down ‘Urban Dandy’ and feature him immediately.

      That chap is style personified!

  • Desmond

    All looking great – I’m enjoying these posts.

    Number 3 would be perfect with a pair of good boots (IMHO).

  • joe

    Dude – digging the urban dandy (alliteration intended). Another example on these pages that jeans don’t have to be slim. Well fit and well worn straight leg jeans still have a classic appeal.

  • Rob A

    Urban dandy is a beautiful human

  • martin dingman

    Great eye Dan! Love the shots!

  • Ian K

    Look 3 definatly my favourite. Alex the shots (and the looks)just keep getting sharper!

    • Marcus Forlan

      Agreed. Ur killin it.

      One of these days u gotta head uptown tho :-).

      Curious to see how the looks compare.

      • TO


    • Alex Crawford