What I Wore Today: Last Bite of Winter

March 14th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Last Bite of Winter”

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!



“Suited up with the leather braces today…  Trying to dress up a bit more recently as my grooming habits have me looking like I just walked off the set of Game of Thrones.”



“This morning on my way to work I read this article about what the top minds worry about when they lay awake at night. Now, I’m worried about everything.”



“Still playing around with that blue color palette, never gets old. ”



“Three words: removable fur collar. #ThrowbackThursday”


Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Q


  • http://www.thetreasuregentleman.wordpress.com TTG

    Dan has my vote.
    Don’t listen to all the hate about the fur man, it makes the coat even cooler!

  • http://mensunderwearzone.com Noelh

    Dan by a mile without the fur!

  • Ryan

    Dan all the way…diggin’ the blue-on-gray-on-blue.

  • Bucky

    Dan’s got my vote here.

    It’s a shame to see all these comments about Dan and his style. He made it his own and it’s his passion. It is questionable whether or not his outfits are affordable for the average person, but he clearly doesn’t need to pinch pennies. The site IS inspirational, to myself and plenty of others who I’m sure are on a budget. I know Dan won’t lose sleep over the harsh comments, but it’s his site, have a little respect. Keep going hard gentlemen.

  • http://undefined LL


  • http://undefined Anu


  • Randy

    Dan by a mile!

  • Professor Black

    John, I love those ox-blood pants. The earthy dark red/hunter green combo is really nice as well.

  • Andrew

    then Wes

  • Kyle Leon Norville


  • Tjay


  • Alex

    I love Dan’s outfit!

  • Ben


  • chris

    dan…..wes then towni……love the coat dan

  • http://undefined Steve


    And Dan – removable fur collar? Remove it.

  • mon


  • Martin

    This time Wes!!! Dan, where is Clark Shaw? He was a very stylish man. Simple look here: http://tsbmen.com/outfits/business-artistic-featuring-clark-shaw-look-1/

  • http://www.theseals.com.au Desmond

    Alex – great colour combo

  • Marcus Forlan


    Clicked thru thinkin Dan all the way.

    Then I saw Wes – lol. Really dig the color play!

  • http://storniman.tumblr.com Alex

    Dan (but I don’t really like furs)

  • Dex

    This was so close for me between Wes and Dan. I’m going with Wes because he was quoted saying: “still playing around with that blue color palette, never gets old.” and i couldn’t agree more. I’m always partial to blue.

  • DP

    I’m gonna have to go Dan, maybe im biased cuz I’ve been reading the blog for too many years but he’s just always killing it. Shirt, tie and two-piece are all on point

  • Brooks

    Coin flip between John and Wes.

    Actually, Wes is doing fine. Let’s get John a win or two.

    • John Crossley

      Haha thanks man!

  • Deep

    John, where did you score the chinos? I think I’ve seen you rock similar pairs in other shades?

    • John Crossley

      Those are Club Monaco Davis Slim Fit. Good eye, I have them in a few different colors. I really like the cut and quality. I buy them a size down because the waist will stretch similar to denim.

  • Ray


    And what’s that coat?

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      it’s from Banana Republic, found on the sale rack a long time ago… hope this helps!

      • Ray

        It does (kinda :)

        Thanks, Wes.

  • Alex D

    John! As a bowtie guy there is no competition here

  • Gazman

    Just admiring Townsend’s perfect sleeve length prompts me to ask this question. On some blogs, they advise that when you order MTM you should measure your shirt sleeves so that it come down to the webbing between your thumb and finger – when unbuttoned. The idea being that when buttoned up it is the right length. Do you agree?

  • Rick

    While a bowtie is a near instant win, and while Dan is looking sharp here, I have to go with Wes. Wes’ use of a vest and brighter colors closes the deal today.

  • Frenchy2dope


  • Li

    Dan looks like a king, but my vote’s for Wes.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Kings don’t need votes. That’s why they’re Kings.

      • Marcus Forlan


        Clicked in here thinking Dan all the way.

        Then I saw Wes – lol. Really dig the color play!

        • Marcus Forlan

          Didnt mean to comment here. WTF.

  • Gary-A


  • Brian


  • cam

    anyone wearing braces gets my vote

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      I’m wearing braces here also, but I’ll assume you meant Towni for the clever jacket-push-over.

      • cam

        well then hell, its a tie!

  • Marshall Mulherin

    I’m gonna have to go with Wes. That look is cleeeaaan

  • JS

    My vote goes to Dan. He’s ahead of the game and constantly pushing the boundaries of men’s style. Minus the fur collar, Dan is wearing a relatively conservative outfit appropriate for any office setting. People, step out of your comfort zones, try something new and stop caring what other people say or think!

    Wes – digging the coat, what brand?

  • TO

    Dan. If he doesn’t win this one, it’s rigged. Hands down.

    The Ccllar transforms the coat!

  • CaptnCarlos

    Towni! … Lannister.

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      yes! Jamie Lannister hah!

  • Josh


  • Jimi Brady

    Going with Towni for the braces, but Dan and Alex are close seconds. Alex’s jacket is sick.

  • John

    I really like John’s look (a denim shirt with a bowtie? Awesome!) but I’ll vote for Dan. Love the tweed suit and the shoes (they’re the beaded longwings right?)!

  • Alec

    All of you are outstanding today. Towni is my favorite every day…. Today he’s giving me Gordon Gekko fever.

    However today Alex is the winner.

  • Rich

    JOHN – purely for the bow tie. Your pants are great too though.

  • http://undefined T.O Steve


  • http://www.srtailoring.com f’tony

    this one is real hard but the W goes to Alex today…

    whether you ever win one of these or not play on player!

  • Anonymous

    There’s no denying it, everyone brought their “A” game to the office today. Towni, that look is a classic, Wes the overcoat is top notch and John, the bow tie really brings that look together. Alex, I pretty much own that exact Barbour, but today my vote goes to Dan. You’ve been given a lot of crap on here today about not not being accessible for the “regular guy” (whatever the f**k that is!) I just want to say keep up the good work! I wouldn’t know why anyone would ever want to copy an exact style anyway! No imagination? I’m sure everyone feels a desire to be accepted, but for me It is by choosing from looks (like these) that inspire and challenge the norm and how I then incorporate them in my own style!

  • Dacian

    In Romania the bowties are overrated. They are everywhere. A nice tie … nowhere. Seems that is easier to wear a cheap hand made bowtie, then a cheap tie …

  • Tod C

    Dan, with Alex a second but I can’t get past those cargos.

    Love in gingham Dan

  • Stefan


  • http://undefined kevin


  • Gabriel

    Dan. By far.

  • Mark

    Towni is the winner, Dan is a close second….I would have made Dan the winner if I knew for sure that he was in a full three-piece, and not just the pants and vest.

    ALL of you guys were suited up today…coincidence, or big event at the office??

  • Matthew

    Sexy Dan Man.

  • Rj

    Definitely Dan.

  • Eric


  • Bob

    Towni. Classic is classic.

    Alex, man I love you, which is why I can’t *not* say this: those cargo pants *remove* inches from your perceived height. The side bulging from the pockets makes for an optical illusion that works against you. I do like the rest of the outfit though!


    • Brooks

      Seconded. Alex, you’ve been bringing up your game a good deal since your look with the salmon scarf a while ago. Keep the risk-takery that inspired you to pair the cargos with the knit tie, which I like a great deal. Lose whatever is making your pockets bulge.

  • Jerome


  • David

    Towni. Tied with Dan sans the fur.

  • Pete

    Towni’s looking strong but it’s got to be Dan for that beautiful flannel. Towni’s shirt collar is maybe a bit too small?

  • Rob A

    Danny boy, little boy, baby boy, i choose you

  • Veronica


  • http://undefined Ray

    Dan that look is flawless! Towni is a close 2nd though.

  • http://N/A Harrison

    Dan – nice fur & wool suit! Towni close second with the suspenders.
    John – Great jacket.

  • Orlando Lee


  • Johann

    Townsend, definitely.

  • Ian K


  • Ali Naaseh

    Towni gets the vote this time. I’d have said Wes, but that checked shirt is throwing it off for me!

  • Lorenzo R. Mitil


  • Wes

    Wes lookin’ fly.

  • Alex

    Dan! Perfect for a cold day here in NYC. That outfit just looks warm and classy.

  • Corin C

    Dan this time nice fit!

  • Bogdan

    Dan!!! You are amazing with this fur collar! Full credits to you this time :)

  • Sam

    Dan, I’m torn between loving and hating that fur collar. I’ll admit it does look pretty awesome, it’s so dandy that I can’t imagine any real person wearing it in public. You’re blurring the lines between being America’s best dressed ‘real person’ and a European fashion model, and quickly moving toward the latter.

    I’m going with Wes. First time I’ve voted for you. Everything looks nice and classic.

    • Ali Naaseh

      I’ve been thinking the same thing for about six months. Dan’s wardrobe is top-notch for an Internet presence – but it no longer seems “real.”

      • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

        Hmmm…how do you define “real”?

        • Blard

          I think what he means is – and I agree with this – is that a lot of what you wear looks great on the red carpet or in New York City, but for us regular guys? It’s a bit of a stretch to be walking around like that every day (or so it seems). I’d have no problem pulling off John’s or Alex’s look (or even Towni’s or Wes), but yours…

          This is not to say that they’re not great looks. They are. They’re just not for a lot of us.

          • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

            They’re not meant for anybody but me, Blard. Personal style is exactly that, personal.

            The looks featured on the site are not meant to be copied, but rather used for inspiration.

            I realize most people vote on WIWT based on what they could see themselves wearing…but where’s the fun in that?

            • Sergio

              I think part of the reason for this, is not that a person wouldn’t really wear this is that our society tells us if you wear a suit every day that you are the “odd-man out” when a few decades back a suit was the everyday staple. I’ve noticed that I’ve started thinking twice about wearing something to work because I think it may be “too dressed up” and people might say something at work.

              I don’t know why I retracted to that, as before I didn’t really let it bother me, what people will say.

              Thank you Dan for the comment regarding personal style is that personal. I need to remind myself of that, that style is personal and that it should only matter to myself not to others.

              • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

                Thanks Sergio.

                My advise is not to worry too much about what people say or think, especially if it’s “that guy dresses too well”. Just be confident and do you, eventually people will come around. And if they don’t, f-ck em’.

                If I listened to people telling me that coming up, I would be working at an investment bank and TSB wouldn’t exist.

                • Sergio

                  I agree, it’s all mental but that’s on me. It wasn’t an issue before for me, don’t know why it’s becoming one now for me. Thanks for the advice Dan!

                  Definitely appreciate the fact that TSB is around, definitely changed how I dress.

            • Rich

              Dan, that’s what I love about the site. It’s interesting how many people comment saying they wouldn’t/ couldn’t wear what you’re wearing..or criticizing other people’s looks as ridiculous/ inaccessible/ dress-upish, when the whole you’re saying it’s a matter of personal style – take it or leave it.

            • Professor Black

              Thanks for that perspective Dan. You have been one of the biggest style influences in my life. When I dress up I don’t look like anyone on here. That is what makes me enjoy this site so very much. Also, I have found you to be a genuine guy. Taken at face value, your looks do strike me as pretentious, but having been with this site nearly since the beginning and having watched your video series, you are real and your looks are an expression of your passion for menswear. Your before and after series is great as well. I would imagine that those looks are a team effort, but if you are like any other leader I have ever met, you are putting your neck on the line with every post and therefor those looks are yours. Keep up the good work men!

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Sam!

      • Joe

        I understand what they’re saying by “real”…most of your looks are like out of a GQ magazine – extra smooth, but monetarily unattainable by the average human being. You’re getting money though, so that’s to be expected now. Swag on my dude.

        • TO

          GQ is the most wearable magazine out. Agressively styled yes, but they formulate based on classics and archived menswear. People should just stop hating, or just enjoy clothing and get out of their own comfort zone once-in-a-while… Until it becomes comfortable:)

          • TO

            Joe I apologize, I misread your comment. I missed the monetary bit. Agreed, sir.

            • Anon

              Dan. For me, it is a tie between Dan and Wes, however, the fur collar transforms his outfit in a bold way that I really like. Cutting to the point of the clothes being expensive; they really are, but rather than say I can never buy something like that, I’m working toward making these things more affordable. That being said, I do not take my clothes so seriously to the point of having a fully custom wardrobe and probably wouldn’t even if I was uber rich. Being that this is a style blog (TSB duh!), its authors do and this is the right setting for them to show off their style. They’re obviously doing something right because they’re successful at what they do.

              • Anon

                Playing devil’s advocate, I do find it snobbish to say that the looks are not for everybody and that they are to inspire, not to be copied. Let’s be honest, there is a shop this look section on the right of most posts and I know that generates revenue. I don’t recall from which post I read this, but the site generates over a million views per month and those views generate money. Now taking the law of averages, the average reader can’t afford multiple $4000 dollar outfits, so being that they’re a revenue source, it is politically correct yet snobbish to tell them that the looks aren’t for them and that they’re meant as inspiration.

      • Sam

        You’re welcome Dan. Btw, didn’t mean to cause such a firestorm with that comment haha. Keep up the creativity. Even if a lot of people couldn’t see themselves wearing something like that, it’s definitely still inspirational.

  • DanC

    I’m going for Towni on this one, definitely not looking like you walked off the set of Game of Thrones.. I would I know I live next to there main stage haha

  • Neil Fortin


  • Magnus

    Alex, with Towni as a close second.

  • Jim A

    Going with Towni on this one, but John’s not far behind.

  • http://undefined Les Bryant

    Dan had me at “three words.”

  • http://undefined VB


    Fur collar is golden.

  • Zachary W


  • Sam

    Dan I love your fur collar what brand is this ?

    Dan have my vote !

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Thx Sam. No label, got it from a vintage store in the village.

  • Eugene


  • Matt

    Jon with Wes a close second.

  • ben rosen

    the removable fur collar has to be one of the worst accesories of all time, sorry dan.

    wes wins this round