What I Wore Today: Winter Fresh

January 24th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Winter Fresh”

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!



“When I walked into the office this morning Towni’s country club called to tell him that he’s on probation just for associating with someone who wears so much white after Labor Day.”



“Best thing about going to work with a bunch of stylish guys is that I’m always inspired… I just decided to steal Alex’s cardigan over cardigan look.”



“Black, Brown and Blue. Just to say: don’t be limited by all those old menswear “rules”. In fact, this overcoat is midnight blue with black lapels and sleeves. The secret is in the subtlety.”



“Not usually a fan of black, but this corduroy jacket is killer (fit is everything). Also, gotta love that Italian gentleman scarf game.”



Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • TimL

    This is a first time that I actually see all of your own personal style today and it shows. Lookin’ good
    Props to all!

  • tim


  • mon


  • Emin

    One thing I think I’ve not seen yet, on this site, is an all black look or at least black dress shirt being worn? What is your opinion of black dress shirt being worn by light skinned man? I’m qiute pale and not sure if I can pull it off?

    Thank you for your answer and great weekend

  • Simon


  • Victor

    Going to give it to Alex for the sense of humor and how he pulls of those white pants.

  • kien

    Toughest contest yet, but Wes gets my vote today. Lots of inspiring looks, this is now my favourite feature on tsb!

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South


  • Daniel

    Alex, then Wes, then Dan. Sorry Towni, I can’t get behind non-functional scarves.

    • Sam

      I can’t imagine it was non-functional on his way to the office…

  • Ben

    Wes, then Alex.

  • TO

    This was the tightest race in my opinion so far in #WIWT. Didn’t think I was going to steer any other direction when I saw Alex first, great look, but I am giving my vote to Dan! Seriously, everyone was majorly on point today though:)

  • Joe

    The bluesman Wes takes this one, but the competition is definitely tight here.

  • Daja

    Love Townsends look, but is that really the overcoat you wore today in those frigid NYC temps? :) I am pulling for Alex today for successfully pulling off white in the winter with appropriate colors and textures on top, like the felt brown fedora.

  • cam

    dan, ive always been a fan of mixing black and brown and/or black and navy. that being said, is there ever a time, in your opinion, where this color combo doesn’t work?

  • andrew


  • Eugene


  • Anonymous

    Wes? If I absolutely had to decide.

    You guys are making this harder every time. Really liked all the looks.

  • Sam

    Gotta go with Alex because of the classic workwear pieces and the excellent sense of humor. Super hard pick today, though. Dan, that coat is badass!

  • Jonathan

    WES AGAIN! I am digging that coat.

  • Jack

    Wild Wild Wes.

  • Archie

    Wes wins this round.

  • Alex

    Towni and Wes hands down today

  • cam

    mr smith

  • bk

    Wes for sure! Are those the 484s again? Perfect fit.

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      yeah, as you can tell I can’t stop wearing them… if you’re considering a pair, you should definitely pull the trigger

      • bk

        thanks man…think you’re right and i’m gonna have to go for em! really appreciate the consistently quick replies from you guys in the comments, too…so on point.

  • Sergio


  • Jerome


  • Tom

    I think it is really close today but I think im going for Alex (can’t beat a good barbour and denim shirt). Nice steal by Wes, badass scarf Dan, Towni looking classy…

  • Alan

    Good effort from all, but I am not totally convinced that the colour gambits of Dan, Alex and Towni completely play. Wes takes it.

  • Dave


  • Adam

    All good looks today, gentlemen. My vote goes with Wes, although Towni’s look is a little more along the lines of what I would wear.
    I love this series. Keep them coming, please.

  • Elbert

    This is a hard one…I’m leaning toward Wes though. The look is almost completely monochromatic in blues, but is broken up nicely with the brown belt just peeking out and the shawl-collar cardigan which helps the look overall to seem lighter. A great “steal” lol.

  • J Corinne




  • Keaton

    I’m going with Alex today. Rugged elegance!

  • Gary-A


  • M-O Amyot

    Towni +1. Classy as they come.

  • Gary

    Beard and fur..gotta give it to Dan

  • Mark G

    Gotta go with Towni (Dan’s dead animal doesn’t appeal to me, but the rest of his look is sharp)

  • Sundown aka Bob


    Remind me where you got that chunky white cardigan, please.

    • http://www.tsbmen.com Westley Dimagiba

      vintage store my friend.

  • http://www.joshua-gold.com Josh

    Towni’s got it today.

  • Luke

    Alex takes it today.

  • Kris


  • Lorenzo R. Mitil

    My vote is Dan. He brought his “A” game for this match.

  • Jonathan

    Has to be Alex. Wide brim fedora looks sharp and that jab at Towni was hilarious.

    • TimL

      And the comment from Townsend almost made me spit my drink. lol.

  • Brian

    Four way tie. Though if someone pointed a gun to my head… Wes.

  • Fromthepacific

    It’s Wes, duh!

  • John

    Dan. I thought he was going for (almost) total black and then I read the comment! I’d prefer some black boots, but an impressive look nonetheless!

    Towni’s just a bit behind

  • Brady

    Alex all the way! Never even considered white (denim I’m guessing) w/ a more country look like that. Well done
    Very inspirational..
    Towni looked great today also

    • Brady

      Not sure if country was the right word. You get the idea

  • Carlos


  • Greg

    Have to say, I’m really liking this series. The photograph examples everyday are interesting and very helpful.

    Particular question today, the topcoat that Dan is wearing is killer, what designer/style is it? Sold online or in-store only?

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Greg. I had it custom made.

  • Josh

    Can I choose no one? Dan? What’s under the coat! Lol ok ill pick Dan.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Canadian beaver fur.

      • Brady

        Keep it clean now Dan..

        • TimL

          That sounds personal…ha.