What I Wore Today: Staying Warm in Style

January 11th, 2013

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Staying Warm in Style”

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!



“New beanie-friendly haircut and winter socks in my boat shoes.”



“The guys have been ribbing me for wearing dad jeans and patagonia jackets recently…  It’s never a bad time to step up and suit up.”



“I remember the day I decided to sell my sneaker collection (more than 100 pairs) and upgrade to a more mature shoe game. This is one of the few pairs I couldn’t part with. Also, check out the world’s finest backpack.


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“I had this denim jacket tailored a long time ago, it’s taken on the fit of a sweater and has become my FAVORITE layering piece. ”


Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • Joel

    I still can’t get over the fact that Dan sold his trainer collection.

    • Robert

      Brilliant, being that those aren’t trainers.

    • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

      Times were a changing.

      I think it was the right move :)

  • Nancy

    Townsend – Well played! Gotta know the fabric. Do tell . . .

    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Hey Nancy, thanks! It’s a glen plaid wool flannel from the Ariston F/W 12 collection. Quite nice.

  • Joe

    Add me to the camo-haters group, but as is oft repeated here, style is personal, just I cause I don’t like it only means I shouldn’t rock it. That being said, my vote goes to Alex – mainly for the tan cardigan. That’s just how much I dig that perfect cardigan (acutally http://tsbmen.com/6703/all-vintage-everything/5/ is one of the best looks all time on this site). Also, I’m digging the cardigan over cardigan.

  • http://exis-collecti.tumblr.com Josh

    This one’s hard, all you guys are killing it! I’m gonna have to go with Dan. The all black/sports/tailored looks have become a favorite.

  • Changingman

    Towni. But i do love the jordans, reminds me of summer of ’88.

    • Anonymous

      Fantastic, being they released in the Fall of ’85. Also, Wes c0ckblocked Alex for the “W” on this one.

  • Marcus Forlan

    Town killed it.

    I am not a fan of camo – just don’t dig the way it looks with anything.

  • TO

    I’m gonna give a vote to Townsend today.

    Dan, I’m with Rory at his place in Toronto right now, and he gave you his vote!

    SO, +1 for both:)

  • Ty

    Wes wins. I never thought about tailoring a denim jacket. Way to live up to the bespoke lifestyle!

    Dan is a close second. As a fellow sneakerhead I like this look a lot.

    Awesome suit Towni. Alex is not bad at all either.

  • Dustin

    All great looks, but Towni wins this one for me!

  • Fromthepacific

    This one was tough.

    1) Wes
    2) Towni
    3) Alex
    4) Dan

  • Dave

    Wes for the win for me.

  • Jimi Brady

    Wes, then Townsend. Amazing, guys.

  • Max

    #1 Townsend: Perfect suit for january, the shoes round it up
    #2 Wes: Very stylish and authentic
    #3 Dan: Cool

  • Sam

    Wes, with Alex in second. Props on the nice suit though, Towni.

  • Jose

    Dan what are your top 5 favorite number J’s?

  • cam


  • Veronica

    tough call between dan and wes but wes takes it

  • Cody

    Towni for the win

  • Dhalton


  • Miguel

    Wes for me looks the part.
    Dan Second for me.
    All outfits check out though.

  • ian

    #1 is towni he is killing it looking waspy as ever. dan is second this is probably my most favorite fit of his it seems so much truer to himself and less of a “costume” than some of his other looks, wes looks good here I think he benefits from more simple outfits (actually almost everyone does *ahurm* alex)

  • Josua

    tassel loafers and boatshoes everywhere you look, it really needs to stop.
    Dan needs some CPs, something like the black bballs.
    Wes needs w+h dayton service boots

  • AK

    Gotta go with Towni today. Way to step up the game, brother. A nice return to form.

    I’m usually charmed by your down-home casual looks, but I’m having a hard time getting behind boat shoes in the winter, even with climate-appropriate socks. I guess darker tones go better than sandy tones at this time of year, but I find that they’re just so much more appropriate in the summer cause it’s, you know, boat season. I was looking for your personal opinion. Thoughts?

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      To be completely honest these mocs are just super comfortable, plus they’re the only pair of navy shoes I own so they get a lot of wear.

      • AK

        As good of reasons as any! :D

        I definitely hear you on the point about comfort. I always put the stress on those that fit best.

        I just purchased my first pair of navy shoes myself, so I’ll soon be sharing your sentiments. I anticipate they’ll be seeing plenty of use in these next couple of months. Thanks for the response!

        • Amsterdam

          I’d agree with the boat shoes comment but those are actually mocs. For whatever subtle differences there are, to me the mocs seem better with pants in the fall/winter than shorts/no socks in the spring/summer.

          I got a pair in navy from Oak Street and they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Perfect casual shoe and in an underrated (shoe) color.

          • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

            Agreed. The structure and beefy leather of a moc is typically more F/W-appropriate than a typical flimsy boat shoe.

            Cheers mate.

  • Harry

    Dan wins it for me! by the way, what jacket are you wearing? it’s killer.

  • kien

    Wes! Love the slim camo cargos and the beat up denim jacket, plenty of worn character. Its also one of my favorite layering pieces.

  • Rui Rocha

    This time Wes won … congrats to all of you for your work.

  • Xavier

    Townsend for the suit up !

  • Alex

    Townsend killed it, suit up

  • http://Www.greenlightrally.com Ryan

    Dan nailed it, love the sneakers, Wes a very very close second!

  • J Saltzman

    Wes killed it! The juxtaposition of..well..everything is casual cool.

  • Deacon228

    Dan then Wes. Jacket and shoe are A+

  • Eugene

    Dan kills it. Love the bred I’s, and that jacket is great.

  • Andrew

    Townsend brought it hard.

    And I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think anyone will convince me that camo looks good. I know it’s trending pretty big right now, but I have yet to see camo used in an outfit that I thought looked good. Be it pants, shirts, socks, pocket squares, etc., I just think it looks horribly out of place and fractures the look of otherwise good outfits. Sorry Alex and Wes.

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      no need to apologize, you make a great point.

      Thanks for reading Andrew!

    • http://tsbmen.com Alex Crawford

      I think camo is on it’s way out anyway, but to be fair, I’ve been rocking that ish since way WAY back. Proof: http://a2.4ormat.com/vfs/32365/thumbs/1980259/0x550.jpeg

  • Jim

    Towni, then Dan.

  • John

    I like the colours and the layering! Also, that casual shawl-collar jacket!
    All four look great today (I don’t like Dan’s beanie though)

    On a side note, how long should a cardigan be?

  • sam

    love all of alex’s individual pieces…just not sure theyre all working well together. wes takes this one!

  • Brian

    Townsend. No doubt.

  • Jake

    Townsend. Hands down.

  • Daniel

    Wes, then Dan.

  • Jerome

    Dan! Though all four look good today.

  • Sam

    The tailored pieces puts Wes in the gold medal position for me. Dan close second.

    Dan et al, you guys should revive the grooming post(s). I’d love to learn how (and with what product) you guys style your hair specifically.


    • Dan

      Can I second this? I have the exact same hairstyle as Townsend, and am trying to find decent product for my 9-5 look. Currently using Crew light hold gel and Crew light texture lotion.

  • Jakob

    Dan. That bomber…

  • Luke

    Towni killing it. Agree with the other commenter that the tie is particularly sweet.

  • Bob

    Towni, love the tie!

  • Eric

    Wes for the win – what kind of pants are those??

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      They’re Uniqlo from fall 2011, had them tailored.

      oh and thanks Eric!

  • Marc

    Towni… I mean, just look at dat smile!

  • http://www.twitter.com/iPodschun Derric

    Alex. Love the camo pants.

  • Cory

    Alex for the win! Great look.

  • Daja

    Love Dan’s look today

  • Andres

    Wes with Towni in a close second!

  • Matt

    Dan crushing it on this one. Doesn’t matter how refined a wardrobe can be, there is always room to wear a pair of jordans

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba


  • khordkutta

    Towni wins, hey Wes late night or early morning?

    • http://thestyleblogger.com Westley Dimagiba

      little bit of both hah

  • DJ

    all pretty strong looks, but townsend wins

  • Ashley


  • http://greenspree.ca Andy Collier

    Townsend again for me!

  • Jeff

    Wes for the win.

  • Brady

    Camo cargos and senim over the poped shawl cardigan.. killer! Wes FTW.. Alex and Wes are very similar today, but Wes pulled it together a little better.

    • Chris

      Wes Wes Wes

      • Brady

        Hope your eye for style is as sharp as your eye for blog posts.
        No comment on misspelling denim? I’m shocked