What I Wore Today: Winter Casual

December 13th, 2012

Rule #1 of the Articles of Style Office: Bring Your “A” Game.

“Winter Casual”

A new feature on Articles of Style Daily is #WIWT – what the staff wore to work today.

Comment below to let us know which outfit is your favorite!

1. Alex

“This is my super casual winter go-to. Vans, Barbour, and my favorite vintage piece (the plaid overshirt).”

2. Dan

“All about the Bs today. Bengal stripe, Braces, Badass Bomber…”

 3. Wes

“Heading out for drinks after the office, nothing too fancy or casual, just straight up comfortable.”



Thanks for reading,

The Articles of Style Team


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • mon

    this was hard! but i gotta give it to alex.
    wes is a decimal point away though!

  • Joe

    Wes just barely edges out Dan. Fun post.

  • Grace

    From a lady who reads this blog to keep my man stylin’, definitely Wes.

  • http://www.backdownsouth.com Back Down South

    Dan – the bomber jacket puts it above. Alex gets second.

  • ian

    1. townsend just because he owns his style and has a great sense of self
    2. dan, so close to a great look but it always seems like he takes it one to far, it probably could have done without the braces but the rest is spot on
    3. alex, simple casual cool
    4. wes, he just looks like he is trying to hard I can’t get behind his newsboy obsession, but the rest is on point

    • Marcus Forlan

      Dan took it too far ?? He is wearing a shirt, slacks with a a leather jacket. The braces a little pizzaz wo going over the top.

      Toss up between Dan and Townsend for me.

  • Jim


  • erica

    Alex. Love the Barbour.

  • http://exis-collecti.tumblr.com Josh

    Dan! Clean and tough look there ha.

  • Kevin

    Definitely go with Wes….by the way, who makes the coat Wes is wearing?

    • cam


  • Xavier

    Wes and Dan ! Nice work guys !!

  • Jerome


    • http://tsbmen.com Townsend

      Finally, Thank You! Thanks for reading!

  • Dylan

    Alex, that is essentially my go to outfit for going to class (georgetown undergrad) everyday

  • Ben

    Wes, then Alex. And Townsend, please tell me you weren’t skiing in jeans!


    This is an awesome feature.

    Dan rocked it.

  • J. Lambert

    I must say Dan. Those trousers are very nice and the pairing with the bomber is right up my alley. I like Wes casual vibe a lot though. Keep them WIWTs comming!


  • Anonymous

    Suggestion: Try embedding a poll/survey.

  • Brian


  • Keaton

    1. Wes
    2. Alex, I love the relaxed overshirt layering and the Barbour of course

  • Jake

    Wes, then Dan. Townsend looks like a trucker today.

  • cam

    so what happens when one of you breaks rule #1 of the TSB office? i spot a few rule breakers today ;)

  • Kevin

    1. Wes. Diggin’ the color palette.
    2. Alex. He seems to achieve the nonchalant “oh, I just threw this together” while still looking great.

  • DJ


  • TO

    Wes today is my favorite- nails the details and something I would wear!

    Nice bomber Dan…:)

  • http://www.joshua-gold.com Josh

    Diggin alex’s barbour.

  • Sam

    Dan. Definitely in for the braces.

  • Bob

    Wes is my pick, 3 times out of 3! Brown suede chukkas, colorful socks, OCBD shirt under the sweater. Nicely done, sir! I’d have gone with a v-neck sweater, but that’s just me.

    Keep the WIWT going, fellas. This is fun :)

  • Dave

    Wes for me

  • Hugo

    hands down…WES!

  • Dave

    Wes for me.

  • Luke

    Wes again for me today.

  • Brady

    Good looks today! Tough choice.Barbour jackets all the way!!

    Goin with Wes, very clean

  • http://the-bigwig.blogspot.com/ The-Bigwig

    That’s a hard choice. I really like these Barbour waxed jackets..so Alex is the first.

  • Alex D

    Wes then Dan

  • Dustin

    All fantastic! But I vote Wes.

  • MORO

    I like all this outfits but my favourite is Wes’ outfit.

  • Daja

    1. Dan
    2. Wes

  • sam

    braces win it for me. dan.

  • http://mensstylepoint.com Kevin G.

    Wes. Simply because we’re kinda dressed alike today.

  • http://www.kingbrosclothiers.com Danny

    1. Wes
    2. Dan

  • Jakob

    Dan, totally. That jacket is badass!