Winter’s Bone Feat. Alberto Felix

January 7th, 2013

We first met Alberto at one of our Articles of Style reader parties last year. What stood out was his ability to combine interesting textures, patterns and colors in a way that was eye-catching but strangely subtle at the same time.

“I was formerly a sneakerhead and although I still have an appreciation for an OG pair of Jordans, my first corporate internship compelled me to evolve my style … Articles of Style helped make the transition a lot easier.”

Here, the Baruch College finance student highlights one of is favorite winter fabrics –  herringbone tweed.

    1. Seasonally Suited

    On a mild day you don’t need an overcoat, just a badass winter suit.

    The biggest advantage of a heavily textured suit is it’s versatility. It’s sharp enough for a business environment, but looks much less “corporate stiff” when you leave work, take the tie off, and hit a swanky bar.

    “What I like most about this herringbone suit is the way it effortlessly transitions from a full day at the office to a night out in the city.”

    This look is also a great example of how to properly mix patterns.

    With oversized trouser cuffs trending, it’s refreshing to see a mini cuff…especially on top of a beautiful pair of shoes.

    • Grey/Navy herringbone suit by GANT Michael Bastian
    • Blue stripe contrast collar shirt Custom made
    • Red/grey/white stripe tie by Brooks Brothers Black Fleece
    • Cotton plaid pocket square by TheTieBar
    • SIlver tie bar by Kenneth Cole
    • Red dress socks by J.Crew
    • Brown leather/suede spectators by Barker Black

    2. Ballsy Business Casual


    “Here’s to pushing the limits of casual Friday.”

    A herringbone tweed blazer in a staple color (like brown, navy or grey) is a wardrobe workhorse.

    Not only can it be dressed up or down for just about any occasion, but it can also serve as a go-to piece of outerwear for the Spring and Fall.

    Another good example of pattern-mixing here.

    Check-on-check with the bold gingham shirt and the subtle blackwatch trousers.

    Slippers to the office is a bold move, especially in the winter (even if they’re tweed).

    Ultimately, when taking style risks at work you have to understand your office culture, as well as your perceived role within it.

    “You’ll either get props, or you’ll get sent home…haha”


    • Tortoiseshell sunglasses by Persol
    • Brown herringbone blazer by Club Monaco
    • Brown gingham shirt by Ovadia & Sons
    • Navy knit tie by J.Crew
    • Camo pocket square Handmade
    • Blackwatch plaid trousers by J.Crew
    • Tweed slippers by Rugby Ralph Lauren
    • Tie Clip by TheTieBar

    3. Cold Weather Color

    “I like the versatility of this charcoal herringbone coat. It’s the only topcoat I need since it goes with everything and it’s short enough to wear casually on the weekend.

    It also effectively mutes a bolder jacket/trouser combo, like this plum windowpane blazer and royal navy pant.”

    As Alberto proves here, you can pull-off color in the Winter…just a different type of color.

    Naturally, colors that are cooler in temperature are better suited for winter weather – avoid brights and pastels.

    Normally I wouldn’t recommend a pocket square in a topcoat, but Alberto pulls it off as a nice dandy touch.

    • Charcoal herringbone topcoat by J.Crew
    • Beige/pink pocket square by Armstrong & Wilson
    • Plum blazer by Paul Stuart Phineas Cole
    • Cardinal stripe shirt by GANT Michael Bastian
    • Brown print tie by Ralph Lauren Black Label
    • SIlver tie bar by Kenneth Cole
    • Watch by Timex for J.Crew
    • Blue trousers by Incotex Slowear
    • Pink socks by J.Crew
    • Brown Leather Archdale Wingtip by Barker Black


    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Articles of Style


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Jordan

      shoe game is on point

    • Mike

      I admire this kids courage, but wearing any of the above outfits to a corporate (let alone finance) setting would be the quickest way to get fired. You cannot wear a white contrasting collar until you hit Managing Director.

    • Carter

      Mr. Felix,
      Well played my friend! I love your creativity and self expression in all three kits. That’s what true style is all about. The third look is the stuff of legend. Happy new year and continue to be a forward thinker with your style.
      Be well!

    • Tjay

      Not going to mention the suit in look 1 because everybody’s already commented about how it’s tight (which it is) but this guy is definitely on point. Especially his shoe game. Ha, it’s like he went from a sneakerhead to a broguehead or something.

    • savannah

      I am not sure how I feel about the tie bar (it seems a little long for the tie) AND pocket square on the same outfit, but apart from that I am all for just that checkered pocket square on its own, and all for the colour combos.
      Lord Ashbury.

    • Brian

      Can we recognize his dope pocket square game?

    • Andres

      Loving the use of different colors, patterns AND materials here! I would totally rock each and every one of those looks, thanks for the teachings. I’m of similar build (fuller upper body) and it IS hard to find a perfect fit all the time, that being said the look in #1 is just at the limit, and still passes in my book. The use of the wide collar just accentuates his physic. Thanks for not always thinking we are all meatless scrawny Abercrombie and Fitch models. That is one of the BEST qualities/highlights of this site and why I keep coming back!

    • Layton

      Those shoes are sexy

    • Jack

      The jacket in look one is too tight, and the contrast spread collar isn’t doing him any favors either. That said, it’s a bit of a relief to see a misfire thrown in the mix. Looks two and three are close to perfect.

    • Miguel

      All outfits look good to me, the Blazers fit like they’re supposed to, that’s just his body type, his build on top, loved all the different mixes of pattern.

    • Peter

      OMFG!!! He looks like he’s about to explode on the first outfit! That’s a terrible fit – he could die from a loss of blood circulation! It looks very painful, please save him.

      The elegant and legendary Luciano Barbera once was quoted regarding a Jacket fit: Do not make it too tight. If it’s too tight, you will look like a MATADOR. Any time I see a man playing golf or tennis in his jacket, I know he and I could be friends…

    • Chad M.

      Hey Dan, I was wondering what your opinion is on the “quilted blazer”? I’ve been seeing it pop up everywhere. Thanks, Chad.

    • Gazman

      I know that slim fit is all the rage but his jacket in shot 1 looks way to tight – look at the shoulders, waist and sleeves. He even looks uncomfortable in it. This slim-fit trend gets out of whack some times. Not much point in having your kit cut close to the bone when it makes you feel like a tightly wrapped spring roll and gives you a look of constipation. Since reading style blogs I’ve bought a ton of slim fit outfits, jeans, shirts, jackets, and many just sit in my closet because I feel too constricted wearing them. By all means keep to a slim silhouette but comfort is still the key to dressing well.

    • David.O

      perfect !!! very good !!!

    • Alan

      Good post. With regards to Look #1, yes the jacket is too tight but I’m not sure that full spread collar is particularly flattering either, and I think the contrast draws too much attention to the neck. Anyway, I think he probably should size up and let the tailor nip stuff in as necessary – more Connery and less Craig! +1 for the red socks though.

      Look #2 is great. I would wear all of that – though I have much paler skin so that might affect the shade of brown. I need to find me some blackwatch trousers doublequick.

      Look #3 is more of a mixed bag. The semi-spread white collar isn’t as dodge as Look #1, but I’m not sure it’s the best choice for Alberto. I like the purple mixed with pink though, and I also like the charcoal top coat – he makes a good point, one good topcoat is enough for most of us and he is right to suggest that a blue topcoat might have made the ensemble too bright.

    • Sergio

      That Club Monaco blazer fits perfectly, the jacket in look #1 is way too tight, the shoes in all 3 posts, simply amazing! Great to see more readers being featured Dan!

    • Brooks

      Excellent, excellent post. The Phineas Cole jacket is really cool, but he killed it with look #2. I was left yearning for a herringbone tie or pocket square or something–perhaps you’ll throw us a bone next time (ha ha ha).

    • cam

      hey dan, do u think pants are trending back to this look? i know u prefer no break but I think this slight break and the slightly wider leg opening (looks to be 16″ in diameter) looks perfect here. i was a little thrown when u stated to stay away from bright colors in winter months and he’s wearing bright pink socks and pocket square. i love it and think it works great. with the dreary days of winter, I think it adds an uplifting touch. i think i understand what you mean though about pastels. i believe the key is to keep the color minimal with an accessory verus a shirt, pant etc. on another note, i’m still anxiously awaiting some video posts! thanks as always

    • Kool Chiefrocka Dave

      The first look is nice but the jacket make’s him look too barrel chested and throws the whole outfit out of proportion, in my humble opinion. Though to be fair he looks like he has a body builders physique, which might be difficult to cater for unless he goes up a size and then the fabric might billow (spelling?) out, if you get what I’m saying.

      The second outfit shows that this gentleman KNOWS style. It’s one thing to put pieces together that fit well and are smart….it’s a whole other kettle of fish (to coin an old English phrase) altogether, to have the eye to put those colours and fabrics together and to know it can be pulled off.

      I never would have even THOUGHT to put brown with dark blue and this has given ideas of more colour schemes I can get away with.

      Look 3 is just so effortless. I really like it (of course he’s probably put a lot of thought into it, it just looks so effortless).

      A very stylish guy.

    • David

      Liking his style. Sure, #1 jacket doesn’t fit but the material and patterns mix are great…just don’t try and button up ;)

    • John

      I don’t really like the mix of purple and pink in the last look, but maybe that’s just me.
      Look #2 is awesome and it’s something I would wear, even though I’d get a lot of comments about the slippers. I bought the church’s slippers you featured on the christmas gift list and all of my friends thought they were too gay (I don’t want to offend anyone by that though), but I like them!
      I also love the camo pocket square.

    • Brian

      #2 is killer. Awesome shoes in #3 as well. Like the gold metals; looks great on him.

    • TO

      This guy has some badass blazers; herribone is one of the best aspects of menswear. Didn’t even notice the blackwatch pants. Good post.

      • Brian

        I know you’ll appreciate this, TO. What’s the first thing that jumped in your mind when you took a look at image 1?

        Apart from the balling shoes, I though “internal rotation.”

        Ever hear of the hold a pencil in each hand test? Poor Alberto would fail pretty hard.

        It’s a shame, he’s got a great frame. Probably strong as a mule.

        Did I mention dope shoes?

    • doug

      I don’t mean to disparage but does the coat in look #1 appear tight?

      I like #2

      • Dan Trepanier

        A little, especially through the sleeves.

        Alberto is a relatively difficult fit. That muscular football player frame with sloping shoulders makes things tricky with off-the-rack jackets.

        This post is a great example of how differently off-the-rack jackets (of the same size, all “slim fit”) can be cut, and how much of a difference it can make when you find a brand whose base pattern suits your body type.

        In Alberto’s case, all three look good, but the Phineas Cole fits better than the Gant x MB, and the Club Monaco fits better than both…

        Thx for reading.

        • Brian

          I’ve a similar frame — haven’t bought off the rack in years — and thought number one looked a bit tight.

          Those shoes though — wow. Amazing.

      • David.O

        For me (European base), the fit is perfect ! The coat is NOT tight at all!

    • Wayne

      The herringbone tweed blazer and blackwatch trousers kills it!
      By far the best look of the 3.