A Sartorialist from Miami feat. Angel Ramos

January 11th, 2013

Miami has its own style, as does Angel Ramos – a fellow athlete, tailoring enthusiast and “Best Dressed Real Man” (Esquire, 2010).

“I’m just a kid from Brooklyn trying to inspire. I currently live in Miami and run my clothing company Angel Bespoke.

I like to take Miami’s color palette and infuse it with sartorial elegance. My goal is to embody a style that conveys classic Italian elegance mixed with the comfort and fun of a social outfit.”

Here Angel gives us a taste of his personal style.

    1. Power Tailoring

    “My clients often ask me if double breasted is back. A double breasted jacket is a staple in your closet if you take menswear seriously.

    It’s such an elegant, yet powerful, piece.”

    Although we shot this in NYC, the Miami flavor is evident – the bold tortoise eyewear, the colorful jeans, the slippers…

    I love how Angel keeps it sharp and simple. He really conveys confidence.

    “Pairing a navy jacket with orange, red, or yellow jeans and a pair of slippers is one of my trademark looks.”

    2. Cashmere Rules Everything Around Me

    “If you know me personally, you probably know that I’m in love with cashmere. This jacket is 93% cashmere and only 7 ounces in weight. It’s like wearing butter on your body.

    I’m so passionate about this fabric that my clients tend to buy it based off my enthusiasm alone!”

    Angel is a former athlete, and even though he recently lost 40lbs of muscle, he still knows how to complement his broad, muscular build. Spread collar, full cashmere tie, windsor knot, soft shoulders…the details set a man apart.

    “I’ve always been a slipper fanatic and I’ve bought them from all kinds of different vendors. When I started my bespoke business, I was presented an opportunity to create my own private label slippers – that was a no brainer!”

    3. Brown Around Town

    “When I first saw this jacketing fabric (brown with a medium blue windowpane) I immediately knew what trousers needed to be paired with it.

    Love seeing vibrant blues paired with neutral colors!”

    Underrated detail: Angel’s eye glasses have transition lenses, making them shades when necessary.

    Why carry a second pair of eyewear, especially when you have a trademark pair?


    So Anglel, if our readers are visiting Miami, any advice on what to pack?


    Keep it light.

    1. Pack those slim white jeans

    2. Leave the socks at home and pack some slippers or casual loafers

    3. Obviously some sick colored bathing trunks.

    4. A well tailored dress shirt. Add some darts in the back to eliminate some bagginess.

    5. And an unconstructed sports jacket that’s either a royal blue or light brown for those evening dinners at the Forge.


    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Angel for participating.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier


    Photography by Alex Crawford.

    • Anon

      In the third page, does anyone know where to find the skull bracelet set?

    • TimL

      Great thread…. would like to see more of AR’s choices.

      Thanks Dan.

    • Chris Reetz

      That brown blazer is fantastic. All three looks are great. Yes, I am gushing. Want, want, want.

    • Joey Dee

      All are solid looks. No. 3 does it for me, i have been debating adding brown for so long, this post has finally convinced me. Thanks

    • http://www.thetreasuregentleman.wordpress.com TTG

      Great feature. I’m already a huge fan of Angel as i follow him on instagram. He’s a hard worker, a man of faith, very stylish, and has a hot wife..lol. All three looks are great. Keep up the good work bro.

    • anaramos225@hotmail.

      Muy elegante, continua con tus suenos. Mami y papi

    • TO

      This is dope. I’m curious if Mr. Ramos knew about Dan’s come-up; guy’s obviously doing his own thing- but if not, what a crazy coincidence! Just being such similar situations.

      Feel like I could learn a lot about warm-weather fabrics from this shop’s brain trust! If you happen to read this Mr. Ramos- do you have a blog sir?

      • TO

        I realize now that the shop is your own website, didn’t catch that the first time- kudos sir!

    • logan


    • Herbert Morrison

      I’m proud to say AR is a former colleague of mine, and even though we only chatted once (I’m in Canada eh) he took the time to answer my questions meaningfully and his humility outshines his high style–a true gentleman. Angel you helped me out tremendously by referring me to Bill White who was able to accomodate clients’ requests; your success is due in large part to your passion, yes, but also to your tireless efforts for your clients as well. Yourself, much like Dan, are a continuous inspiration to me in life, work and play, and for that I am eternally grateful. Big ups and congratulations on your newest endeavours; we do this for fun eh!

    • Miguel

      Really love all three looks, great fit, materials, Blazers, shoes, well done TSB and AR.

    • Shawn

      Really digging the third outfit! Brown and blues really compliment each other! Need more of this guy in the future!

    • Reginald

      You guys better watch out for this man. He has been dressing like this for years. One of the BEST DRESSED MEN on the EAST COAST!! Thanks for featuring Angel.

    • Gazman

      Nice, but can’t dig slippers. Slippers belong in the house.

      • Alan

        Agreed. I mean whatever, Angel clearly digs it – but nah.

        His cuff unbuttoning is a bit ridiculous – I mean, you can already tell he’s wearing nice gear; just no need for it #tryhard

    • cam

      angel deserved more than 3 pages but ill take it. been waiting on this once since it popped up on tsbdaily

    • Deacon228

      Love the looks, fit and style are great. However there’s no way I could pull off the blazer/no socks while walking down here in Miami. Unless I’m jumping from ac to ac lol.

      Keep up the tight work.

    • Suav

      Dripping with swag. Love the tailoring and Angel nails the details.

      Fresh to death.

    • Carter

      Mr. Ramos,
      Well played with the kits selected for this collaboration. I admire the way you infuse color into your wardrobe! I saw a photo on your tumblr of a salmon blazer you posted some months back…need that! Just wondering if you could shed some insight on the width of the taper in your slacks? Can’t seem to get the width right on my slacks. You have also converted me into a lover of patch pockets. Congrats on your bespoke endeavor as well. Respect!
      Be Well

    • TW

      I think he might need more bracelets. Yep, definitely needs more bracelets.

    • Chris

      Inspired me to cop some skull slippers. Love the simplicity behind the outfits….especially the plain white pocket square.

    • sam

      after seeing skinny dude after skinny dude in skinny suits, its great to see a well built guy lookin fly reppin his own style.

      • http://Angelbespoke.com Angel A. Ramos

        Hahaha, MY MAN…. Good looking out.


    • Daniel

      Loved the post.

      Question: how does Angelo reconcile veganism with wearing cashmere, an animal product? [see http://www.veggieboards.com/t/107850/cashmere

      • http://Angelbespoke.com Angel A. Ramos

        Hey Daniel, hope you’re well. While you are correct in your comment I technically don’t consider nor refer to myself as a “vegan” clearly because my lifestyle of dressing and their beliefs are in line with each other. However I typically tell people I keep a strict plant based diet, which is to the extremity of a vegan diet however I’m doing it more for the health aspect than the radical views aspect. I truly understand their views however my convictions for not eating animal or any animal products don’t coincide with a vegans.

        It’s a very touchy subject that I always try to explain thoroughly rather than come across as someone who contradicts himself. I hope that cleared it up.

        Thanks for reading,


        • http://tsbmen.com Dan Trepanier

          Ah. Sorry brother, didn’t mean to misrepresent. I should have clarified that with you.

          I updated the post and removed the blurb about veganism.

          Hope all is well!

          • http://Angelbespoke.com Angel A. Ramos


            No worries at all. It also allows me to explain to others that someone who stays clear from animal products isn’t necessarily a vegan.

            Hope you’re well brother!


          • Brady

            Just another example of why your one of the best blogs out there. You care about the people you feature and the quality of posts. Keep it up gentlemen

        • Daniel

          Thanks for clarifying; those cashmere jackets are beautiful.

          Sorry about messing up your name earlier. I greatly enjoyed this feature and hope to see more in the future. Best of luck with your clothing company!

    • Chica Summersett

      Fresh to death! Straight from my home town, Williamsburgh Brooklyn! Angel has such a humble spirit and warm presence. Honored to be doing life with him & his beautiful wife!
      Proud of you Angel! Got get’em!

    • khordkutta

      Dudes on Pzoint!!!

    • Kristopher

      I remember seeing Angel for his Best Dressed Real Man run and not being overly impressed (biased because I was gunning for Wale to take the crown). Following this post my initial hesitations have most definitely been wiped clean. Dude stays killing it.

    • TY

      Jordan x Pippen
      Thomas x Dumars
      Frazier x Monroe
      Trapanier x Ramos.

      • http://undefined Steve


    • Brady

      Wow. Style, confidence, and his own bespoke company.. That’s a recipe for success right there!
      Another great post, look 2 is off the charts!

      • Brady

        Cashmere jacket.. serious stuff there

    • John

      The first look is my favourite. I like to wear navy jackets with my yellow pants and I can see myself wearing an orange pair.
      A somewhat related question: I have a pair of black velvet slippers (the Church’s one you featured on the Christmas Gift list) and I’m looking for ways to wear them casually. I’ve thought the obvious one (jacket and jeans) and some more controversial looks (like leather jacket or something more “rugged). Your thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      This guy drips confidence. Mr Cool.