“The Air Tie” feat. Olivier Rassinoux

July 28th, 2012

Olivier Rassinoux has a unique sense of style. I would call it “quirky tailoring”. He finds a perfect balance between his bespoke gentleman side and his eclectic hipster vibe.

As the general manager of DBGB, chef Daniel Boulud’s downtown kitchen and bar on The Bowery, Olivier gets suited up for work, but not in a way that would get him confused for a Wall Street banker. He’s also been rocking the “air tie” long before it became en vogue.

Here, the hospitality vet with experience in San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Caymen Islands, shows us how he gets down at the restaurant and at his awesome man pad in Brooklyn.

 1. Downtown Commute

Some industries, like hospitality or nightlife, require a suit, but not necessarily one that looks stiff and corporate.

Give it some personality, like Olivier does here with this double breasted windowpane suit with colored buttonholes, cut-away collar shirt with his signature air tie and cool retro glasses.

Most importantly, he pulls it off because he’s confident and doesn’t take himself too seriously. (Yea, a badass vintage bike helps too)

2. Tailored on the Move

Here’s an example of a tailored look that is comfortable and easy to move around in.

A waistcoat with peak lapels is a great alternative to wearing a jacket, for those who need to stay cool and be active in their tailored wear.

Olivier is also almost fully tatted up, but he does a great job of covering up and looking professional when he needs to.

“On the clock” his tats are easily hidden, but off-duty he has plenty of wicked body art to show off:

A slightly shorter hem,  a cuffed trouser, a little sock and a shoe with subtle detailing.

3. The Comfy Suit

37 copy

Olivier has all these suits with unexpected details. This one, for example, is built for comfort.

For a guy who’s running in out of the kitchen all night, comfort and range of motion go a long way.


It doesn’t get much more cozy than a soft fabric with an elastic waistband on the trousers!

40 copy

Carrying dress shoes to work on a rainy day is a hassle – just get some mid-cut dress boots.

In a medium brown, they’ll work with almost anything.

41 copy

Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • http://undefined Jeanscuffed

    He reminds me if Andy Dick had a much cooler, older, badass big brother. He makes “not trying too hard” look simply easy. His accessories (the bike, frames, and mug) and also lack of accessories (no tie) make his look HIS and he stands out. Awesome feature and would like to see more of him.

  • Anonymous

    where’d he get that mug?

  • http://ramalhoni.com Miguel Ramalhão

    The beat up old brogues look amazing. And I’m also loving the tie less buttoned up shirt more and more!

  • Anonymous

    loving those frames. any idea where i can look at them?

  • Shafi

    Where can I find the boots worn in “Straight-Forward Stripe”???

  • George Knox

    I love this look, were can I find it?

  • Leo

    Love the looks, esp. those glasses frames in looks 1 and 3. Any idea of the manufacturer of those?

  • Anonymous

    coolest dude you’ve ever featured

  • m

    no info on where the socks came from?

  • Dani

    Inlove with his expression!!! ;) Look #5 is a winner!


  • nonna

    Hndsom dude ! ! I like the closes too !

  • Nonna

    HUNDSUM DUDE and iliyke the closes too !

  • Style Linguist

    Love the variety! SB, I’ve never told you how much of an inspiration you are to me. A few years ago you reenergized my interest in style. I thought if he could do it, so could I. ;) Thank you, sir. stylelanguage.wordpress.com

  • Anonymous


  • Alexander Clifton

    What’s nice is that he looks stylish and well dressed yet comfortable as himself, not trying to dress up as someone else/over accessorizing-like a lot of guys I see around.
    Great stuff Monsieur Rassinoux!

  • Its about time…

    …to put the word swag to rest. Enough.

  • SHendrix

    What a babe. I can say from personal experience that not only does Mr. Rassinoux have sweet style swagger, but an amazing, sweet personality to boot. Great post.

  • Uli

    My personal fave is the Action Suit, No 5.
    Love how the squares of the button-down are repeated on the waistcoat.
    That, and his quirky expression.

  • Tee

    How far should a DB blazer fall?

  • Al

    these posts keep getting better and better . people still failing to realize style is personal to the man/women in the clothes . this man has some serious taste

  • JHenry

    Best post of the year I would have to say so.

    This gent brings it. And I mean IT. on every level of it. lol.
    seriously, great style, poise, and effortless execution. I am greatly impressed and inspired.

    Olivier Rassinoux is a gentleman for sure! #Kudos.

  • TTG

    This guy has great style. I love every look. From his formal look , with the button up collar and no tie (which i do often) to his effortless casual looks. Just awesome, looks like he doesn’t care, but then again he does.


  • Aaron

    Would love to know what type of hair product Olivier is using in most of these photos.

  • TT

    The guy’s got a look, you’ve got to give him that. Looks a little typical L.E.S./Brooklyn, imo. You can walk into any restaurant below 14th St. and find “this guy”. Meh. He’s got money and he used to be a badass. Kinda a snooze.

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      “Assumptions are dangerous things to make, and like all dangerous things to make — bombs, for instance, or strawberry shortcake — if you make even the tiniest mistake you can find yourself in terrible trouble.” -Lemony Snicket

      • TT

        You don’t believe in the universality of the human experience, SB?

        • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

          Sounds like a justification for prejudice and stereotyping to me.

          Have you heard this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vET9cvlGJQw

          It really struck me when I first listened…

          “The exact same experience can mean two totally different things to two different people given those peoples’ two different belief templates and two different ways of construction meaning from experience.”

          • TT

            I hear you, SB. Subjectivity is a bitch. I generally don’t take life advice from a guy who hung himself though. But your point is fair. I simply disagree. We are 1000 times more alike than we are different. By that logic, this guy is 1000 times more likely to meet my own presupposed assumptions, as you called them, then be radically different. The world is a small place.

            • Khalid

              “He’s got money and he used to be a badass.”
              Based on the photos, you can say he’s got a bit of money, OK. A “badass” in the past? If the mere existence of tattoos and motorcycle (and some swagger) make you a “badass”, then ok, you can say there’s some objective truth to that too. Neither of those things are particularly laudable nor worthy of condemnation, so I wouldn’t embrace or dismiss him based on these alone.

              “Meh. Kinda a snooze.”
              Here though you’re extending yourself, and telling us a lot more about YOUR limited imagination and YOUR need to peg/control others, than about Olivier. Maybe there’s not much more to Olivier than his appearances, or maybe there’s a whole lot more to his character than any of us know — there’s no way to tell based on these photos alone, and so the intelligent/correct/decent thing to do is presume the latter. I can already tell though that meeting Olivier would be much more interesting and enjoyable than meeting you. :-)

              • Seth

                He’s my cousin. He’s a badass.

          • Justin K

            DFW ftw.

  • Eric

    Really like this look

  • LP

    I still like your posts better, Dan, but the features are getting better and better…

  • Gian

    Interesting style.

    Love the italian bike!!

    Take care
    Consultant Style Advisor

  • Emanuel Iuhas

    I DO like his style.
    Very inspiring, thx!

  • cam

    it must be that i don’t live in NY…

  • Kien

    Love number 5, please do a future post on waistcoats and vests.

  • sky seveni

    Here’s a man who can woo crazy go-go dancers AND still meet the standards of their conservative fathers! Buttoned-up, of course.

    It’s also kind of neat how he can blame any perspiration stains on that salivating wolf.

    More seriously… everything’s well-proportioned and coordinated here. Give the man his coffee.

  • Aitor

    Husband material alert!

  • Desmond

    All of these looks are pretty solid. I love seeing different guys and they’re unique styles. Its would ne awesome if you gave each a brief interview just to find out a little more about them.


    • TTG

      The interview thing is a great idea!

  • Daniel S

    Great looks, but I love the hair. How do I put that together?

    • Arron

      His hair is a bit wavy. Looks like he just throws in some moose and maybe blow drys it. What pix are u exactly talking about?

  • Tyler

    This guy’s a boss. He plays the look of a corporate so well you forget he’s covered in tattoos. Love it.

  • Gazman

    Body art: looks like he’s been rolling around on a wet comic book. Nice threads though!

  • Drew

    What’s with the coffee mug? Haha. Love the fully buttoned shirt style.

    • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

      A little through-story :)

      Thanks for reading

      • Adyna

        I was wondering the same thing: what`s with the coffee cup? :) unique, interesting style!

  • G’dup

    So Fresh! Agreed…real style shows no matter where you are or what you’re doing

  • Arron

    Ha crazy looks like a post of everything I wear. Weird that tsubi had to change it to ksubi because of a shoe company. All the old jeans and clothing do say tsubi thou. I love the jeans and all the posts man. Right on with everything.