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White Background Burgundy Worsted 3pc“After having my first suit made by the AoS team I can honestly say that the customer service throughout the entire experience has been absolutely second to none. Dan and the team really go above and beyond when it comes to making sure their clients are happy, and you can tell it comes from a real passion about what they do.

The entire process of ordering and fitting is really simple and easy, and the quality of the final suit is breathtaking – the finished garment fits like a glove and you can tell just by looking at it that it’s been made with love and attention, with absolutely zero corners cut. I have a lot of Italian friends and they have the unanimous opinion that “that’s how you make a suit”. Fit aside, it also looks like no suit I’ve ever seen on the rack. I wore it to a black tie event and kept getting told I looked like James Bond – I don’t look like James Bond, but this suit is something that guy would totally wear, and it made me feel like James Bond.

I’ll also say this – when the guys on AoS talk about versatility, then aren’t kidding. I never thought a worsted wool suit would work with anything other than other worsted fabrics, but my burgundy jacket and trousers look good with literally everything in my wardrobe – denim, chinos, leather jackets, you name it. The unstructured jacket (and side adjusters) are an absolute game changer for me, I can never go back to the fusty old padded shoulders of my usual suits.

Thanks once again guys, you’ve got a customer for life and I can’t wait to order my next suit!

– Jon, very happy client from Australia.”


White Background Navy Hopsack 3pc (1)“First off, massive thanks for the navy hopsack 3-piece. This thing’s a killer. Frankly, I had my doubts about the entire online-bespoke-suit thing. Even with MTM-shirts not all of my experiences were smooth and positive. And here’s a suit – a waaaay more difficult piece of clothing to tailor. Plus the distances (with you being based in NYC and me in Russia). But all the doubts vanished, when I received and tried on the final garment.

It’s not just the quality of the fabric or tailoring (both are top-notch), it’s The Feeling. It fits just…right. It is slim-fitting but not restrictive, very comfortable to walk, sit or work in, but not baggy.

When you are a lanky 6’5 guy with ex-handball-player thighs and ankles the struggle to get the fit right is something that you get accustomed to. So, it is beyond me, how did you manage to get the fit spot-on by reviewing a bunch of cellphone photos. Must be black magic, I guess.

Tell you one thing, you got a customer for life here.”

-Kirill, Russia



“Hey Dan and team,

I wanted to write you a note about my experience with AoS Tailoring — when I first saw your announcement on the blog last year that you were unveiling a bespoke tailoring service, I had never seriously considered such an undertaking myself — that was something that only people with greater means than I could manage. But after being a longtime reader and coming to understand the seriousness with which you take your work on the blog, and the incredible amount of effort you and your team had clearly devoted to making your online bespoke concept work, I was confident enough in you guys that I jumped on the opportunity to participate without any reservations.

I’ve had the final suit now for a few weeks, and I now feel completely obligated to gush a bit about the quality of the garment I received, and how much it has surpassed my expectations. I couldn’t be more pleased with how well my suit fits and the quality of its construction; there’s simply no comparison with certain retailers of off-the-rack suits and last-mile (sometimes rather slipshod) tailoring that I have bought from in the past. This is especially true for a guy who is a very lanky 6’6″ tall, who consistently struggles to find well-fitting jeans, let alone a full suit! (any plans to branch out into bespoke denim in the future? ;) I have no doubt that the 3-piece suit I received will end up being one of the highlights (and certainly the best value for my money) of my wardrobe.

Finally, I wanted to thank you and your team for simultaneously providing me with the tools and advice I previously didn’t realize I needed, in order to better express myself as a man with his own style. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received when busting out pieces of my new suit as separates at my work, or every day by simply taking the advice I’ve received from AoS to heart. I’ve come a long way from how I was in college a couple short years ago, and your blog has helped me with that in a very big way.

I adore the ivy glenplaid, just as you predicted.”

-Stephen, Connecticut


hopsack-windowpane-3-piece-2“To Dan & the AOS Team:

Firstly, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I made my first purchase… So today I am so happy to say that after receiving my first (of many) suits from you guys, I am BLOWN AWAY!

I’ve tried just about every “online tailoring” brand, and even visited a couple of the NYC in-person bespoke shops that you’ve mentioned over the years on TSBmen/AOS… Long story short, I’ve never been satisfied. I either received junk suits that looked (and admittedly, were) cheap, or I paid $2,500+ for “bespoke” suits made in China that left me feeling stiff and corporate (and frankly, ripped off).

The combination of your basted fitting process, your unstructured construction, your selection of premium fabrics, and your American manufacturing truly sets you guys apart – in a BIG way. After receiving your product – and shopping in this market for a few years now – I’m actually shocked that you are able to deliver this level of quality (product and service) and your price points…

Anyway, I could keep gushing…it makes me very happy to see your level of garment production as high as your level of content production. Let me finish by saying that you’ve scored a client for life, and I’m already planning to take advantage of your bulk order discount to re-do my entire wardrobe.

Keep up the excellent work. Keep innovating and putting these other brands to shame!”

~Ryan, New York City


Ivy Glenplaid Suit


I just wanted to say thank you.

I tried on my Ivy Glen Check suit today, and I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a thing, since I got my first Gameboy.

I’ve tried on other suits before (though this is the first I’ve ever owned), and I always feel like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. I’ll admit I was even a little worry with the fitting garment. The suit looked cool on other people in you blog posts, but I felt silly in my fitting photos and I didn’t really know how to articulate what I wanted, so I figured, Welp, maybe it’s not the suits; maybe I’m just a goof.

Well, I tried on my suit today and couldn’t help but think, Damn, I look fly. So, thanks for that. 

Thanks for putting effort into what you do. Thanks for making a good product. Thanks for being dope.”

~ Mark-Anthony, Washington DC


sand_linen-5-2“Dear AOS,

I am writing to tell you that my Sand Linen suit just arrived and it fits great.
I am very satisfied with the product and the service provided, even with the extra cost of the exchange rate, making it an expensive product in my country. You certainly won a long-term customer, and I am already recommending Article of Style to several friends here.
I also would like to tell that I am ready to purchase another suit, whose details I would like to discuss. I am looking for a grey suit that is versatile and can double as a sports jacket or just the trousers alone – which is your specialty. I am thinking about the Cotton Silk Herringbone suit… What are your thoughts and recommendations about it?”
~Rafael, Brazil


Oversized Glencheck 640 (2)“Hey Dan,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my coat last week and absolutely love it.

I’ve worn it out a few times and its the perfect coat for a mild San Francisco day! The coat in person is 100X better than in the pictures.

I wanted to attach some photos of it on and get your opinion as to whether you think any additional tailoring should be done. I’m wearing it over a t-shirt, but I think that’s fine since I typically wear it over a dress shirt which is just a bit thicker.

Overall, it’s incredible and its really hard for me to believe how a few measurements and pictures can get a garment fitting so well like this.

Much appreciated and already saving up for my next pieces!”

~ Alex, San Francisco


Olive (1 of 5)edit“This suit is f*ucking awesome!

The fit is perfect and the quality is superb.

I’m actually shocked that you are able to be so accurate with just photos and emails.

Thanks for everything you do, and answering all my questions through the process!

Will be ordering more soon, looking at the 5 suit deal discount now (probably 4 suits + 1 overcoat), might need your help putting together the best fabrics for a complete wardrobe…”

~ Ben, UK


GreySuit (1 of 4)CharcoalDear Dan,

I just received my new suit and I want to let you know how excited I am about it.

Rarely did I ever have a suit that fits so well!

Your fitting process, etc. just works sensational, even between the USA and me over here in Germany.

Once again, thank you very much.

Looking forward to receiving my next orders…

Your happy customer,

~Markus, Germany


Cherrywood Flannel Trousers“Dan, Wes, Will and Alex, 

I wanted to thank you all for the hard work and the exceptional product that you have produced. I have followed the site since it’s inception and have seen the many changes Dan and the team has been through. When it was first mentioned that a line was being produced for his online clients, I have to say I was a excited and a bit skeptical. I have seen and purchased ‘online’ tailored clothing from other vendors in the past and was never as satisfied as I have been with my local tailor. 

I reached out to Dan with a specific request for two pair of trousers, that weren’t on the site, and he has been very accommodating in helping me find exactly what I was looking for. Karyn and Will were also readily available to answer questions through email in a prompt manner. Now that the garments have arrived, I am more than impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of these trousers. For anyone on the fence I would definitely suggest AOS as their clothier of choice. Dan has a true passion which is something I have found amiss with other vendors. I look forward to commissioning more garments in the near future. Thank you again and continued success. 


P.S. I will be sending fit pics soon.”

~ Cameron, Kentucky 


Rust Hopsack 3-Piece Suit“AoS Crew,

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my new suit, shirt and overcoat from you guys.

I’ve experimented with just about every made-to-measure brand online and have been disappointed many times. As we discussed, they either don’t cut it properly for my shoulders/posture, or the garment just feels cheap and doesn’t have that “bespoke feel”.

Having gone through the full process I now totally understand why the fitting garment is so important! …I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have actual experts reviewing my garments and listening to my feedback.

Sorry for the long email, but as someone who’s been called a “particular client” more than once, I just wanted to say that I am totally sold on your fitting process and impressed with your attention to detail both in terms of garment quality and customer service.

You have a lifetime client here, looking forward to my next orders…”

~ Marcus, Toronto



“I received my Natural Tweed 3-piece Suit and couldn’t be happier. Definitely the best Christmas gift I got… even though I bought it myself.

If anyone is considering a fall or winter suit that will stand the test of time – this is it. The pictures don’t do it justice. In person you can really see the intricate weave of tan and brown hues, which creates this wonderful earthy, warm tone. It’s a poor analogy, but the suit looks like it was carved from a cliffside of the Scottish isles. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s rugged, manly and sophisticated at the same time. The fabric is a work of art.

Also, Dan and the team did a fantastic job of altering and tailoring the garment to my unique shape. I have a closet full of custom tailored Brooks Brothers suits, and this suit just fits better. It’s slimmer in all the right places, but not tight or restricting. I don’t know how Dan was able to craft a suit that fits so well based on some grainy IPhone pictures, but he did. After trying on the suit, I felt like all my other suits were baggy, sloppy messes. Kudos.

The garment is also surprisingly interchangeable. So far I’ve paired the jacket with navy flannel, forest green wool, chocolate wool and cream twill pants. They all match beautifully.

To wrap it up, definitely worth it. All the way. Once you try this on, you just feel like a country gentleman.”

~ Nick, Ohio

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