The Versatile Burgundy Suit

June 5th, 2012

As those who’ve been reading for a long time might already know, I’m a huge fan of the color burgundy. It looks regal, confident, mature and flatters just about any skin tone.

Lately it’s also one of the most popular colors in menswear, so I couldn’t resist putting together a burgundy suit.

It’s more versatile than you might think – here’s three ways to wear it.

1. Formal Event

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Burgundy is a terrific color for evening wear. It’s subtle and looks especially regal in a dimly lit room.

It also looks very sleek against black accessories.

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2. Date Night

The best outfits, in my opinion, come down to simple pieces in solid colors that compliment each other.

No gimicks, no pattern matching, just the simple use of colors that flatter each other and don’t distract from the subject. Simple, mature, rakish.

3. Office Chic

Trying to be the most dapper guy at the office? The dark burgundy jacket will work with all your other suit trousers – navy, grey, khaki, brown, etc.


Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier


Photography by Alex Crawford.

  • David O.

    What brand/where did you find this suit!?

  • Dave Corey

    Dan, what shoes are those in the very last photo? I love the look of worn suede and it really matches well with the burgundy.

  • Benny

    I love burgundy!

  • George

    Hi i have just bought a burgundy suit from zara its a nice fitted suit a similar tone to yours. I have just had the legs altered slightly to bring them up and am planning on buying tassle loafers (black) to wear with it. Do you tinhk a black shirt would also work? Also what colour socks would you suggest me to wear as i think they will show more when worn with loafers than yours do on here.
    Thanks George

  • Brian

    Incredible! So sharp it hurts! :D Seriously, the suit and it’s color are wonderful. Although, I don’t know whether it’s the photo or my computer, but to me the color looks purple; eggplant to be exact. In any case, it looks great. I too love deep,dark,rich colors(as well as bright ones), but living in Miami I don’t wear them very much, other than at night or in the winter, when the intense tropical sun is not so strong or not there at all.

  • Wesley

    Looks very sharp – I love this colour!

  • JS

    The shoes in look 2, are those Martin Dingman for Salvatore Ferragamo? Look very similar SF Andrea lace-ups.

    • SB

      Martin Dingman. The clothing is credited under the photos in grey italics.


  • pavin

    awesome i love all the pictures,,, rocking


  • 9Sharp

    Nice color choice, its got a subtle pop without being too “statement.” I recently realized that my wardrobe is dominated by All Shades of Blue, Greys, and Whites so I have recently been trying to find ways to integrate pops of new color. I’ve chosen forest green for now, which I like against a white shirt and blue – but burgundy, that deep eggplant is a really cool choice. Sharp writing!

  • Yujesh Pininumaneni

    Swag KING KONG

  • Zach Raymond Boroff

    Gotta give it to you, last two looks are pretty cool.

  • Daniel

    Gosling/Simon Spurr swag. I love how this is bold without being in-your-face and without looking like a costume. Nicely done, Dan!

  • TO

    The other day I saw a pretty sweet burgundy blazer on Josh Brolin in Wall Street 2

  • juliemarg

    Nice outfit…Class.

  • Ness

    You’re awesome.

  • DCRob

    Great looks as usual. You should have copied the link to your boy Adam though, his wine cord suit is dope.


  • Carlo-Antonio

    Nice look! I wish I had seen this earlier! I had the opportunity to pick up that exact color the other day, didn’t think I could pull it off. This post however, does give me some ideas, I think I may have to go back :).

  • cam

    looking good dan. i think most should keep this color as a seperate as in look 2 and 3 versus look 1

    • SB

      Thanks cam. Agreed, the full suit might not be right for everybody.

      Hope all is well,

  • JT

    You stay classy San Diego.

  • Dom

    Digging the burgundy suit. Look 1 is a killer.

  • Anonymous

    KILLIN IT as usual. Your style simply amazes me. and I’m not the only one. love this site.

  • Kris

    Seriously looks like you’re wearing white socks in the first ‘Business Casual’ picture. To pull off a ‘sockless look’ you need to have a tan, if not it just looks weird, not cool.

    • SB

      Haha. Good tip.

      I just got back from a week in California and I’m heading to Florida for the weekend tomorrow…hopefully soon I can live up to your standards Kris!

      Thanks for reading,

  • Zac

    “Pungent look”? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

    • SB

      More commonly used to describe a sense of smell, but the idea is the same. It’s a play on words.

      Thanks for reading, and leaving a comment.


      • Sam

        No, pungent either describes a smell, taste, or a remark. If you’re not using it to describe one of those things, it means “acutely distressing to the feelings or mind,” which is probably not something you want your suit to accomplish.

        Great suit, though, man.

        • SB

          Exactly! That is the perfect definition, given the context. Thanks for clarifying my point Sam.


  • Den.m Bar

    This is awesome, the burgundy suit is something I’ve never really looked into. Thanks for the great article!


  • Ryan

    Dan, This is brilliant!!!

  • SP

    I want this suit!!!!!!

    • Brian

      Me too!

  • Iván

    Amazing!!Great way to get a three piece. I love when you’ve outfitted the blazer separately. Brilliant



  • Adyna

    World, Burgundy it`s a : “can`t take my eyes off it“ color ;) as my mom and I say: any outfit should have just a little bit burgundy! The business casual is no boring outfit, it`s actually the best.

    • Adyna

      Hope the guys from Apple will make that burgundy MAC for you :)