What to Wear to a Spring/Summer Wedding

May 15th, 2012

Just in time for wedding season, the Articles of Style Team got together to present some ideas on what to wear to different types of Spring/Summer weddings.


    1. No Particular Dress Code

    A khaki cotton suit is a Spring/Summer staple because it can be worn a hundred different ways, each of which looks formal but not stiff.

    It would be hard to look “out of place” at any warm weather nuptials looking like these two studs.

    2. “Semi-Formal”

    Whenever an event calls for “semi formal” I immediately think ultra classic: black suit, white shirt, black tie. It’s a can’t fail outfit – just ask the Rat Pack or the Reservoir Dogs.

    A very dark charcoal or midnight blue suit would also work with a white shirt and black tie (and both are more appropriate options should you use the suit for business as well).

    3. Country

    If the ceremony is held on grass amongst nature, try a lighter shade of navy and don’t be afraid of small country touches like a chambray shirt, linen bowtie, vintage pocket square or suede bucks.

    4. Casual 

    The invitation may say “casual”, but it’s still a wedding.

    I suggest wearing a tailored jacket and dressing it down, like Wes does here with white jeans, leather walking loafers and an open madras shirt.

    5. Evening Formal

    No more embarrassing rentals, wedding season is a great excuse to buy a proper fitting tuxedo.

    You’ll save money in the long run and you’ll be glad you did it (as will the ladies at the party).

    6. Beach

    If there is ever a time to wear a white linen suit, or a suit with sandles, it’s a beach wedding. Don’t forget a nice pair of shades to complete the look.

    If white isn’t for you, try a light cream linen instead.

    7. Outdoor

    Nothing says we’re celebrating an outdoor wedding like a brown linen suit.

    8. Church

    When in doubt keep it simple and classic. Townsend puts together a look with a summer grey suit that will never go out of style.

    9. Daytime Formal

    If it’s a formal occasion (“black tie”) before 6pm, I recommend a light colored dinner jacket like this cream hopsack number.

    What to wear with a white (or off-white) dinner jacket? Try black lightweight trousers (cotton, linen, tropical wool, etc), a white hidden-placket shirt, a black bowtie and some swanky formal slippers.

      10. Crash in Style…

      If you’ve been shy about breaking out your seersucker suit, this is the perfect time to do it.

      Just remember the old adage: “The better you dress, the worse you can behave”.

      Crash in style…

      Thanks, as always, for reading.

      Yours in style,

      Dan Trepanier


      Photography by Alex Crawford.

      • Anonymous

        What a post! What a blog!

      • Lauren

        Thank you thank you! I have been struggling with what to suggest to my husband for what to wear to a wedding we’re headed to soon. This is so helpful!

      • Mr. Abc

        Great post!

      • Ambyr

        Omg I love way too many of these looks! The No Particular Dress Code, Nautical/Southern and Beach/Resort are my favorites. Great styling and I love all the fun “photo-booth” like shots!


      • Vio

        I love the photos but… a suit with sandles?! Never!!!

      • Matty j

        The post turned out awesome! Props on the photo selections. I was in a wedding this weekend and some dudes could have really benefited from seeing this beforehand…

      • Charlie

        Do Americans not wear morning coat for a daytime wedding? Over here in the UK you never wear black tie before 6pm.

      • Nancy

        Nautical/Southern is my favorite. Great combo, and good looking.

      • Adyna

        Happy BirthName Day, Helen! Here in Romania, we celebrate today the Holly Saints Constantine and Helen. Have a great day!

        Best, Adyna

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think that I’ve seen such stylish designs before…

      • Caroline | Back Down South

        So many men need to read this post. Great job!

      • Johnny

        LOVE THE POST! all really cool and interesting looks, but i was wondering if you can do a post for some extremely hot summer looks, see i’m from texas and for me to wear even a long sleeved button up is just suicide it gets like a 100 degrees out here, and i cant do like any cool layering
        … HELP!

      • ashi paul

        i like the casual wear style ..thanks for sharing it..

      • Leroy

        SB its like you read my mind. I attended my boys wedding last weekend and I wanted to shoot you a tweet beforehand on what to wear. And one week after my boys wedding, boom! Here you go with a related post. I’m pretty proud of myself because I went with a light grey suit similar to Townsends H&M getup. I also went sockless being the fact that it was a hot summery day here in Orlando Florida. Every one of you guys killed it on this post.

      • Jake

        Really into that INC linen suit. you pull it off perfectly

      • Costin

        Very very useful post …. what can I say you’re a PRO . KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB MAN !

      • Anonymous

        I want to say two words about this post, absolutely glorious..:)

      • Sean

        Townsend + Helen killed this shoot!

      • steve

        One of the greatest posts yet! Thanks Dan! All the looks are excellent, classic, and well put-together.

      • AAJR

        You know, although I like the looks, the drinking theme just turns me completely off. Sorry, very untasteful. :-(

        • Shawn

          Isn’t the point of a wedding party? Having a little drink and some fun?

      • Maciek

        Sixth one rules. That is my style…. no I need to find a beach wedding. Or persuade friends to make one in hawai style :D


      • Tomas

        Shit! All of these photos and suits look super good. Great taste, I love the quick stop-in.

      • Kyle Norville

        I Love. This. Post

        Simply because I will most likely be attending a summertime wedding. This is the page I will be coming back to look for… That is the truth. Amazing advice and looks.

      • Jon

        Where else could one wear a brown linen suit? This is the first time I remember seeing a brown suit modeled on this site.

        I’m always a sucker for seersucker, that is my favorite look of this post.

      • Rodion

        Just awesome work. Keep it up.

      • cam

        i was looking back over the post and it jogged my memory on something ive been meaning to ask before. regarding wearing a watch to a formal/semi-formal event, ive heard differing opinions on etiquette here. one side says its rude because you have nowhere better to be and wearing a watch portrays that you are concerned with the time. the other side says thats hogwash and you can wear one but it should be very sleek and formal. your thoughts? thanks guys

      • Tommy

        I started reading this blog about to two months ago and I have to say, everything I have seen has been brilliantly insightful and entertaining. This just might take the cake.

      • shey

        hahahahaha I looove the picture of the girl catching the flowers that picture is hilarious! Among my favorite the daytime formal, and I loved the linen suit but not the sandals, take those ugly things off!

      • Shawn

        Best post ever featured on the Style Blogger!

        I love Townsend chambray tie (look #1)

      • Nathan

        What a fun photo shoot! All of the outfits looked amazing! It’s great to have some ideas for weddings. That Brooks Brothers bow-tie is probably my favorite piece.

      • Carlo-Antonio

        Loved this one! Even if I hate weddings! It’s still great to be the best dressed person there :P. Excluding Bride and Groom of course!

      • macdonmt

        Great post and great photography. Keep up the good work!

      • aramze

        What other Khaki suits would you recommend besides J-Crew in the $400-$700 range?

      • Anonymous

        flasks?!?! gosh….

      • Vidal

        Awesome post! From reading your previous posts on summer suits/jackets I decided to step my summer suit game up this year. I’ve never bought or worn anything but worsted wools before, but am currently awaiting the arrival of three summer suits from my tailor (one khaki cotton, one grey linen and a blue/white seersucker). This post just makes me wish they would be ready even sooner!
        My favorite part of this post? The “random fabric swatch” pocket square Townsend rocks in the first look. Goes to show, labels don’t have to make the look! Thanks for another brilliant and timely post!

        Peace & blessings,

      • Adyna

        Helen, you are Forever divine!
        Luv your No.7 and 11 outfits, especially the flower print dress from Banquet Hall.


      • Sam

        Having grown up in the south..you Yankee boys make me proud in the way that you’re sporting your summer attire! Crisp and well done!

      • Carl

        Can’t seem to find the white linen suit at Macy’s. Anyone have any leads?

      • TO

        Wow- a lot of thought went to this SB Crew… And the result is amazing!

        All the looks are tremendously articulated. But, my favorite look is #2- simple and classic.
        (Reminds me of the show Magic City, which one of my current style inspirations.)

        Are black suits not really appropriate for work? Is it simply because of their longstanding association with funerals and weddings? I want to challenge this conception- it worked in the 60’s, no? Thanks in advance:)

      • Seb

        The best article yet. I have just bought a J. Crew ludlow suit in wheat, can’t wait to wear it. The bow ties are awesome as well.

      • Doctor Style

        What a great post. Bravo photographers- great shots!

      • Anonymous

        Love the casual look, my family or friends rarely make a formal (heck, semi formal is formal here) wedding. I’ve had the same idea for a while, but seeing it comes together…just love the look of dressing down a tailored jacket

      • Oli

        That chocolate linen suit is fantastic

        • Oli

          My favourites have to be 4, 6, 8 and 12. All classics

      • buck

        Winery/Vineyard is my #1 &
        Outdoor Country is my #2

        If I could pair them i’d really like to see the brown linen suit with the red chambray shirt.

      • AJ

        I posted this question in the double breasted with jeans article as well, but it applies even better here. I recently bought a pair of Levi’s white jeans, which fit perfectly except for a too-big leg opening. Can this be tailored? I believe the jeans are the same as Alex is wearing in look 9 (514s). If not tailored I will try to exchange for a skinnier Levi, which I declined to buy originally due to relative tightness throughout the upper leg. Thank you to anyone who can answer this question!

        • TO

          @AJ: Go to a tailor and ask him/her for a taper down the leg- that way, the pants will end up having a smaller opening at the bottom.

          You will need to figure out what size opening you like (based on previous fits, etc.). “Normal” lies somewhere approx. in the 7″ to 8″ range (think 7″ more fashion-forward and 8″ more casual, of course you can also just think of this as a matter of preference).

          The measurement in this case comes from measuring across the hem (literally representing half the opening’s circumference). So, if the tailor talks in openings of 14″ or more, he is referring to the distance around the whole hem, or opening. To find this current “half” measurement, lay your jeans flat and even and measure across the front bottom. 514s actually have an 8.5″, or 17″, leg opening.

          Since you said they fit well everywhere else, you probably want to insist to your tailor to start the taper below the knee, so the upper leg/thigh area doesn’t end up becoming any slimmer. Dan once mentioned that sometimes tailors can make this type of alteration look unnatural, I’ve always had good experiences. Just in case try to get a referral to a reputable tailor from someone you trust. Let me know if this helps!

          • AJ

            Thanks a lot for the detailed reply! I will try this soon

      • Steve

        Between Townsend in #1 and SB in #12, these would have to be my two favorite looks. I’ve pulled off something similar to #1, but #12 is definitely great for a summer wedding. Nice post.

      • Adyna

        I couldn`t wait to see this post! :) If it`s the best? definitely one of the best! My favorite look is No.6 : I live near to the sea so I always and always will love weddings held near to the beach as well as the outfits for a wedding like this. Congrats to the entire team, the post is superb!

      • Anonymous

        Hahaha the 2nd photo of look 11 is so glorious!

      • Desmond K

        My favorite looks are Townsend in #1 and Dan in #10. Yea I think u can safely call this u guy’s best one. I enjoyed everything about it. Its funny because I had a wedding look in one of my recent posts. U guys are delivering some strong stuff. Om excited for the next one.


      • Emanuel Iuhas

        Great looks.
        Congrats guys!
        Dan, you are the MAN!

      • Neil

        Brilliant! More of the same please!

      • maveric

        all the looks were looking great. but #3 and #8? first glance told me something was off and after I took a better look, I figured it was the neckwear that faltered.
        3’s bow tie was way too slim for those lapels, and 8 had it way past the point it should fall.

        but they’re just details right? agree disagree.

      • Khalid

        Splendid array of suiting! All that’s missing are a bride and groom. Looking forward to SB & Karyn’s sartorially stunning big day! :-)

      • Rdevorse

        Looks like you guys had a lot of fun here and that’s awesome. Photos are great. Some really good ideas here and will be returning in the future for more wedding attire referencing.

      • Riz

        Great post mate, really fresh. I personally loved the off/white hopsack dinner jacket… Very suave!

      • Michael Volz

        Great idea!

        I like the look, especially the Nautical / Southern and Country Club. Here, take the most wedding couples classic black suits and white dresses.




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        Yep, best one yet Dan…and having Helen in there didn’t hurt no how.

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        Awesome post, guys. Good looks all around, lots of ideas here. Y’all had a lot of fun with this one and it shows. Keep it up!

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        #6&#11 hands down for me and anything with Helen is always a bonus. looks like u guys had plenty of alcohol on hand for this one. nice job dan!

        • cam

          i meant #6&#12

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        Dan, your tie in the “Winery” shots seem unusually long. This was a great post with many great ideas. Keep up the great work!

      • Michael

        The number 11 photos are priceless. But nice looks all around.