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Out & About: Double-Breasted with Jeans

May 5th, 2012

Your slim-fit double breasted suit jacket can also function as a blazer.

Try it with jeans for a very smart casual look that shows you take your tailoring seriously.

Here’s a couple examples.

    1. Date Night

    White jeans are both versatile and striking. They work with just about anything (including forest green) and always bring a Spring/Summer outfit to a new eye-catching level.

    If you haven’t already, I suggest making the investment.

    A modern double breasted jacket should be slim through the midsection and have a narrow panel overlap, meaning you don’t have to worry about the old school “never wear a DB open” rule.

    2. Cocktail Party

    Black suiting fabric holds some widespread associations that are hard to shake – formal events, funerals, ect.

    A dark charcoal jacket can look just as sharp, without getting confused with other connotations. It also allows for a nice subtle contrast when paired with black jeans (or trousers) for an evening occasion.

    Black jeans aren’t just for punk rockers. Dress them up for an evening cocktail party, theatre show, charity event, etc.

    3. Dinner Plans


    I love the contrast of the sharp suit jacket against the old beat-up Levi’s here. It’s unexpected, but I think that’s why it works.

    The key to wearing jeans with a tailored jacket is making sure the silhouette of the legs corresponds with that of the jacket. I had these vintage Levi’s tapered, to be consistent with the cut of my jackets.

    Another reason this works is because the suit fabric is a textured hopsack in a rustic brown, which has that sort of country feel to it.

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,



    Photography by Alex Crawford. 

    • smoothmoose

      The blazer rocks. Like the choice of buttons and patch pockets as well. Just tones it down to the right level.

    • Solisar.blogspot.com

      Just the way i love

      I heart your style

    • Mons Yale

      Where’s a good joint to shop for double breasted suits (mid price range)?

      I absolutely love them but don’t yet own any as they seem rare (at least in the affordable sense).

    • Emani

      Men should dress like you.

    • Anonymous

      Beautiful!!! Follow me on thebigglassesfashion.blogspot.com TKS! ;)

    • AJ

      For Dan or anyone who knows; I recently bought a pair of Levi’s white jeans that fit perfectly and snugly throughout, except for the leg opening, which is a couple of inches too wide. Is this something a tailor can fix, or should I return and look for another pair? Thanks

      • Salomon

        A tailor can fix it

    • Drew

      Snap, whether DB jackets are in or out, I’ve got to say you’ve got the fit nailed down really well. Makes me want to get one!

    • Brian

      A DB jacket is on my list of things to purchase this year. This is some great inspiration! Thanks!

      Would you advise or have you gotten the waist taken in on jeans or pants before? I have a pair that I need to make smaller by 1/2 an inch. Would the back pockets end up looking funny (too close together) once tailored?

      Thanks again.

    • Mark

      The loafers with the green jacket…NICE! Where can I find a nice modern db jacket without spending an arm and a leg? As always thanks!!

      • Tim

        Try a second hand resale shop. I’ve gotten about 20 sports coats there for an average of about $2 each. Beats paying $100 dollars each and they look great.

        I have a variety to choose from and I have about 200 ties for about .05 cents each. Great finds.

    • Arsene

      That green loafer look is BY FAR the sickest of all your looks. Sorry to admit but I’m in the process of copying that exact outfit (which I never do). Thanks for the inspiration…. again!!

    • an
    • MM

      You’re so fucking hot.

    • Nikia Chanel

      Great post! Love the pattern sock detail from look one and the effortless style shown in the last look.

    • Anonymous

      Where can I find an “updated” db blazer without having to spend for bespoke?

    • Mick Swagger

      Killed it with this one! Each look is better than the last one.

    • Desmond K

      Nice post. Great info on buying ur denim on the snug side. This is something I’ve been doing already and its worked great for me. However I kinda run into trouble when it comes to white denim. After about the 4th or 5th wear, they start to look a little dingy and I have to wash them. So any progress I made in ”loosening them up” is negated. So I’m guessing when it comes to white it should fit comfortably when I first buy them. Am I on the right track?


    • Lothar

      Two questions, Dan:

      1. The jeans, white or off-white, or does it matter?

      2. Does one tip a tailor for alterations done?


      • http://www.thestyleblogger.com SB

        1. I prefer white
        2. Not typically. Years back I tried to tip a tailor, he looked at me slightly offended and said “Do you tip your doctor? I’m a professional”.

        Thanks for reading,

    • Roger


    • Adyna

      Shawn is right. The look is perfect, one of my favorite for mens. The evening event is also great, very subtil, in betuin casual/ elegant. The green shoes from the older post are amazing..yes, women look at mens shoes :)

    • Shawn

      White jeans and brown shoes always look very neat! Thanks for the great post once again!

    • TO

      Shirt and tie combo in #2 is awesome and #3 looks so modern and chic!

    • EvanM

      sweet post sb team! Thanks for including the additional “db and jeans” looks too. it’s nice to get to see some of the old pics without having to look in the archives.

      keep up the great work

    • Tiago

      Amazing looks. That girl *_*

    • Felix

      Apart from look number three, which lacks a lot of visual interest and colour, I’m digging the look.

    • Jack

      Very nice. Not ventured into DBs yet but with the right fit it looks very sharp. Paul Smith is always the ‘go to’ for some sharp socks. Definitely a nice touch.

      The jean purchasing tips are golden too.

    • Anonymous

      Some great looks there. Is that karyn in the back of one of yourpics?

    • Arron

      I did the same thing with a pair of my nudie jeans, I brought them to a tailor with the tags still on them, since nudie only makes a 34 inseam I had to take them up to even wear them. Now they’re he best jeans thou, but ya very good tips on both tailoring and buying jeans a tad smaller. U also used to wear my jeans in a bath tub to mold to my body better. (weird but it did work with some levis)