The Articles of Style Mission Statement

January 17th, 2017

Welcome to Articles of Style!

Every great brand is born from a great mission and purpose.

Our mission is to inspire men around the world to dress like gentlemen, teach them the merits of investing in quality garments, and help them navigate the world of men’s fashion in order to achieve results that go deeper than fabric.

It starts with our core values:

Timeless Style


Fashion changes every season; it’s a cycle of trend-driven consumerism. Style is understanding who you are, finding what works best for you, and sticking to what makes you feel like your best self. “Fast fashion” is putting our good craftsmen out of business and killing our planet. We believe the remedy is a return to timeless design and quality fabrics that get better with age.

American Craftsmanship


We proudly make all of our garments here in America with the country’s oldest and most renowned tailoring factory, using only the world’s finest fabrics. Every purchase leads to American jobs, fair wages and benefits to experienced craftsmen, and continuing a tradition of American elegance.

Versatile Design


The “rules” of men’s dress are continually evolving as the workplace becomes more casual. Our garments are unstructured and designed to cross-over from formal to casual occasions, allowing our clients to get the most out of their investments and build interchangeable wardrobes that will have them ready for any situation.

Personal Service


We believe a great tailor is more than a cutter and sewer. He is a connoisseur, an advisor, and a confidant. Our goal is to personally help each of our clients realize their vision and become the gentleman they aspire to be. We are proud to say that we have personal relationships with each of our clients, from Ohio to Dubai.

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