The Best-Dressed Men at the 2017 Golden Globes

January 9th, 2017

Award season is officially upon us; the time of year when the best of Hollywood comes out to showcase the best of formalwear.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite looks from last night, along with some expert tailoring notes, of course, to give you some inspiration for your perfect tuxedo.

    Chris Pine


    Interesting to see a 4×1 double-breasted tuxedo, they are rare. Got some slight lapel bowing on each side, and would’ve like to see a half-inch more of shirt cuff, but otherwise the fit is solid here. That said, I simply can’t get behind the sockless thing with a tuxedo, especially in January with a wintery beard.

    Donald Glover


    We’ve been listening to “Awaken, My Love!” almost everyday at the AOS office, it’s maybe our album of the year. But like his music, Gambino’s style is hit-or-miss, and sometimes hit-and-miss. As much as I love this retro 70’s cotton velvet suit, there’s a couple details that make it lean more kitschy, less suave. Why a ticket pocket? Three pockets, especially with flaps, seems like a lot of embellishment for a sleek minimal look. The oversized bow tie is distracting. The black patent leather captoes don’t make sense to me either, and a little more room in the chest would keep that lapel sitting down…

    Milo Ventimiglia


    As a purist, I’d prefer a true midnight blue. This royal worsted suiting fabric makes for a tuxedo that you’ll only wear a couple times – it’s not what we call a “lifetime piece”. Fit wise, I’m seeing too much pulling around that front button – his tailor should have lifted the button stance above the naval toward the narrower part of the ribs – here it highlights a subtle “beer gut”, even on a guy who is in great shape. I would have preferred a white pocket square, as opposed to black. Extra points for the bell-shaped mustache. All in, a valiant effort.

    Rami Malek


    Traditionally, a bow tie is supposed to be cut from the same fabric as the tuxedo’s lapels & trims – here we see a contrast that is distracting and makes the bowtie look cheap. Also, a bowtie is supposed to over the points of your collar, not your entire collar. This whole kit is super trim, which looks good on him, but only emphasizes the silly oversized bowtie. Lastly, those buttons edging the bottom of the vest make it look like it was shortened after-the-fact, and makes me think ‘why have four vest buttons on a one-button tuxedo anyway’?

    Ryan Gosling


    Leave it to a Canadian to bring back classic Hollywood elegance. Gosling has become one of the best-dressed gentlemen in the business, and it has certainly impacted his career. The sleeves on this white dinner jacket are a 1/2″ too long, but let’s focus on the little details that set him apart: the bowtie is velvet (which is very difficult to tie), the shoes are also crushed velvet but lace-ups not slippers, and the boutonnière is in his breast pocket, rather than pinned to the shawl lapel. If you think any of these details are by accident, then you’ve probably never created a great brand.

    Evan Rachel Wood

    BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 08: Actress Evan Rachel Wood attends the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

    And the winner is… You know we love a woman in tailoring.

      Who was your favorite? Did we miss anyone? Use the comments below to share.

      Thanks, as always, for reading. 

      Yours in style,


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      • Jeanscuffed

        Evan……my GAAAWWD!!

      • Christopher


        Been a fan of your website forever. Even after you opened your online store, I was intrigued that (at some point…can’t remember when or where) there was mention of a ‘casual’ line coming out with more comfortable clothing. And when people commented that you were only pushing the AOS line and your products, I didn’t buy it because the articles (pun!) always discussed the principles, not necessarily that you need to buy this specific suit. I’ve learned a great deal from this website and it really helps me guide my purchases.

        But man, what a change.

        My constructive criticism Dan is this: this site is now seemingly obsessed with suits, tuxedos and jackets. You and the team have transitioned away from the everyday person to a much more affluent clientele and it’s starting to show. Think about it – no posts since December 9…not a post on how to carry oneself as a gentleman during office parties – or a rehash on an older post of what to wear at holiday parties…no year in review, where it would have been amazing to hear the success of the AOS business, challenges for start-ups and responding to criticisms of your line. The first post of 2017 is a critique of gentlemen at the Emmys(?). C’mon Dan, this site is much more than this.

        I miss the posts about tailored sweatpants, or using flannel pajamas as a layering option, jean jackets and vintage finds! Topics could be ‘5 dress shirts every man must own’, or ‘5 trousers to get you through a ‘business casual’ environment’. Or bringing back the Capsule wardrobe! Other topics could include ‘how to maintain your shoes’- educational posts on Mink Oil, how to moisturize your leather. Heck there could be so many topics on just maintaining your investments – and tips for what guys should wear to the gym(!). Guys also seem to be lost on ties (what patterns work/don’t work), what tie should work with what shirt, etc. And on the ethical clothing piece, perhaps more time looking at what distinguishes a well-made garment than one from H&M so guys could be made more aware of what they are purchasing. What is it about H&M cotton that makes it feel so ‘cheap’?

        I guess I’m a purist and I get that things change, but I really do miss the old days of this site and the Style Blogger. I get Dan that your heads down in the suit game, but I thought the point of having Wes on board was to have regular posts and even a video series on YouTube.

        I’ll cut you guys a lot of slack because, maintaining this website while running your own business is a serious mission. I get that and I get the hustle big-time. I’d just like to know that I don’t need to wear a suit to keep being stylish. After all Dan, you’ve taught me to buy smart, less is more, and focus on classic timeless investments. It’d be great to have that as the focus once more.

        Much love, my Canadian brother. -C

        • Owen

          One word…time.

      • cam

        its very nice to see someone who knows what they are talking about. everyone i talked to was in love with glover’s look and i think it was executed terribly for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

        i was really hoping you would feature aaron taylor johnson as i loved the fuller cut tom ford he wore.

      • maximus

        Any tips on picking/choosing a bowtie? I have a largish head/roundish face, should I be going for something slim fit like the batwing or a bigger butterfly?

      • TO

        Ryan definitely won the night (judging here, didn’t watch the actual event- though I just happened to catch Pharrell’s god awful outfit). Love the subtle twists Gosling displayed which you highlighted (boutonniere in lapel [amazing], velvet oxfords…) . Truly the cliche “classic with a twist”, in a subtle gentlemanly execution.

        I think Chris Pine could have tied him up, however, with some socks and a correction of his sleeve/skirt lengths. Love a 4×1 DB! No one else was really close, imo.

        • Westley Dimagiba

          yeah Pine was definitely a close second just for overall fit, couldn’t get past the no socks move.

      • AdamE

        Good Rundown of the looks. Glover’s would have been killer if he ditched the ticket pocket and added a peak lapel… As he wore it it was styled more suit, than tux… I like Malek’s look, save for the oversized bow-tie (if he had gone slimmer with the bow-tie and matched the material to the lapels, he would have knocked it out of the park…)…

        Gosling killed it in white! Was stuck watching the “arrival special” with the wife before the show, and as soon as he arrived I called it as being the best dressed among the dudes.

        I’ll note that the misses that you guys called out were the near misses… the looks that were mostly good, with a few flaws in execution… There were plenty of dudes in puddling pants, one guy with a completely butchered bow tie (massive on one side and skinny on the other, can’t remember who, I just remember seeing it), etc…. And of course Pharrell doing Pharrell…