The Gentleman’s Sweat Suit

January 11th, 2017

Honestly, I hate wearing ties. They feel stiff, restrictive and corporate. But I love wearing tailored clothing. Whether it’s a suit, jacket, or trouser – a tailored garment is usually the central part of my look that I build around.

“Casually tailored” is that middle ground where the AOS team and I try to live. The idea is to blend the tradition, etiquette and long-term investment of classic menswear with modern cuts and fabrications that are designed to be paired with casual items and transition between any situation around NYC.

My job involves a lot of walking lately, so I’ve been sneaking out of the AOS showroom with our Ribbed Jersey Knit and doing some “product testing” out in these streets.

Here’s how I’ve been rocking it.

    Suave Sweat Suit


    Dan designed this suit to blend the “athleisure” movement with the “modern gentleman” movement.

    I have to say, there’s nothing quite like wearing a suit, but not feeling like a suit.


    You know me, I’m always blending tailoring with something vintage, or sentimental.

    This is my favorite scarf, it was passed down by my father.


    The New Blue Blazer


    Patch pockets are one of the most functional details in tailoring – I rarely design a suit or jacket without them.

    Being able to quickly drop my phone, wallet, shades, keys, etc. in my pockets makes life that much easier when I’m going from a train, to a flight, to a cab, to pounding the pavement.


    Performance Trouser


    This look epitomizes that “middle ground” I was talking about. All the tailored pieces float in-between “formal” and “casual”: a cable knit topcoat, a beefy oxford shirt, and a tailored jersey knit trouser.

    I can’t think of any place in NYC, or anywhere else, where this wouldn’t be considered appropriate, stylish, or approachable.



    Our Ribbed Jersey Knit is the most comfortable fabric you will ever find in a tailor shop. This is not a traditional suiting cloth, but we cut it like one, and the comfort and performance is unmatched. This Italian jersey knit fabric has a super tight micro-ribbed texture that provides incredible 360-degree stretch and a full range of motion. What also makes this fabric unique is its Wool (59%) and Cotton (41%) blend – providing the performance and temperature regulation of wool with the softness and comfort of cotton. This one is highly recommended as an updated and stylized take on the classic blue blazer, or as the most comfortable trousers in your wardrobe. See more here.

    Thanks, as always, for reading. 

    Stay Tailored,

    Westley Dimagiba

    • Rachel

      I believe this is what is generally referred to as “Jumping the shark”. You guys should team up with Hubspot.

    • Craigin

      I love the fresh, clean and cool look of it. Casual, but doesn’t look cheap nor tacky. A great men’s accessory from Deific Jewelry could also spice up that outfit, if you want an edgier air. :)

    • FT_TONY

      My experience with tailored stretch fabric is that after a while it loses its shape. How do you keep it from doing that?

      • Westley Dimagiba

        I’ve been wearing this garment frequently and will have to admit it has yet to lose it’s shape. This is probably a production of the blend of wool and cotton, but will definitely keep you updated if anything changes. Maybe Dan and I should play 1v1 again…

    • JoeFromTexas

      What a great article, great looks and ideas. Vintage AOS. I have to admit, I have a jersey knit blazer from Uniqlo that I keep in my office if I ever have to adult on short notice. It has served me well. So many options with the whole suit.

    • Jeff

      Great suit! I love the diverse set of fabrics you guys incorporate into your suits!

    • tommyjohn_45

      Man, great looking jersey knit. Love the versatility you’re showcasing, Wes, lots of inspiration. I definitely need to give denim layering a try.

    • AdamE

      Great suit! all 3 looks are on point…. -1 point for the hate on ties though… If you hate the feel, you’re wearing the wrong ties… You can hate the individual tie, but not all ties, there are some with a softer and less stuffy look and feel…

      • Westley Dimagiba

        oh absolutely, we have some great ties here at the showroom but as far as personal preference I would rather not wear one unless the occasion calls for it

    • Vincent Nappi

      Excellent looks. I love these, Wes. You nail the middle ground in each. I always love seeing how people break down tailoring into something easy and everyday.

      • Westley Dimagiba

        thanks brother, hope you already started Westworld!

    • gsihiller

      What a great piece!
      Really loving the idea, especially since I more and more am becoming a “t-shirt with a suit” kind of guy.

      • Westley Dimagiba

        glad you enjoyed this piece!

    • AustinM

      Love the idea of this. I’ve been obsessed with casual suiting lately. The Bball lows look fresh brother. I just picked up some suede achilles lows and am obsessed.

      • Westley Dimagiba

        Amazing quality right? I’m on Grailed a lot more these days just looking for steals.

    • TO

      Love this!

      • Westley Dimagiba

        I only have two pairs and I’ll say the quality of the leather is exceptional. I’ve even worn them a few times in the rain and fortunately they’re much easier to clean.