Menswear Minutes: Posture Adjustments

November 21st, 2016

Good morning gentlemen,

Today we’re kicking off a new series of instructional videos on all things menswear. It’s called “Menswear Minutes”.

In our first episode we discuss bespoke posture adjustments, which is one of the major advantages of performing a basted fitting for a custom garment, rather than relying on the incomplete information of body measurements.

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Thanks, as always, for watching. 

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Dan Trepanier

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  • AdamE

    This is a great piece. I learned this with my last MTM suit, they used a straight measurement for chest (without looking at the ratio front to back, and if I recall the arm holes were just a tad low for my more upright, shoulders back posture) and ended up with some of the issues described. Their tailor tried to do a tweak to adjust for it, but after that only partially addressed the issue, their manager went and re-did all of the measurements including looking at posture, and had them make me a new jacket. When that one arrived for my next fitting, they nailed it.

  • Miguel

    Very nice guys.

  • JoeFromTexas

    The “Shop This Video” idea is brilliant. Reminds me of the Kingsman campaign. Would love to see more videos (“A day in the life of …”, general lifestyle, in addition to “menswear 101”).